An irony is an event or phrase that is radically different than is expected meaning. Like a statue paying tribute to freedom that is locked in a cage. Or a fire extinguisher setting on fire. Or an alignment shop with an unaligned sign. You can find these ironic moments in your everyday life, like in an accident on the road, in the newspaper adds, or in the unexpected doings of your dog. It's good that there were people around to catch on camera this hilarious 50 pictures that will show you how ironic life can be and make you laugh in the process.

There are times historians find some mysterious objects they can't even explain. Relics from all over the world, some very old (we are talking about several centuries ago) some quite modern, but unexplained. How did they get there? Who built them? What are their meanings? All mysteries unsolved. Even after years and years of rigorous study and research, scientists have no clue. Here are some of those objects, all together so you can be the judge. Be our favorite detective and try to find an answer, as a character from a mystery novel would. Have fun! And don't forget to share! Here are some mysteries unsolved by scientists from all over the world, some of them are just unbelievable!

These days it seems as if we just can't get enough of spicy foods if you are already a lover of hot and spicy flavours you'll be pleased to learn that your favourite curry, chilli or even hot wings could be giving you some serious health benefits as well as a taste sensation. If you are not such a heat lover though, don't be disheartened, it's not just the hot spices that are good for you. Milder spices such as cinnamon garlic and ginger are also full of health benefits.