You are not very photogenic? Welcome to the club! I understand you. We are the ones that take a selfie thinking that we are looking fine and smiley and when we see it it looks like we are some kind of monsters. These 50 people took that to another level and asked Jamie Fridman, Internet's favorite photoshop troll, for help. They were going to find out not only that you can't ask a stranger for help, but also that they should accept themselves just as they are. Take a look and laugh at the awesome work of this photoshop genius. These people asked the wrong guy to improve their photos.

Getting old is mostly seen on people: it is easy to notice how much we have changed with time and how aging has affected us. However, time passes for everyone and everything and these pictures will show you how. It doesn't matter if it's a toy, a home or even our skin, it will probably give you some perspective on how everything changes and we have to appreciate what we have as it is now instead of waiting. Every second counts and nothing will ever be the same as it is at this very moment. Are you ready for some picture time traveling? Time is unstoppable and this pictures will show you why

You love taking selfies and we don't judge. I mean, who doesn't? There's a few lessons you need to know to be a master of self photos. The first and most important one is: Always Always ALWAYS take a comprehensive look at you photos before uploading them. Check that your hair, makeup and outfit are ok, check that you look pretty as usual, but please, we beg you: Watch if there's a naked person in the back, or a dog, or a horse. You can thank us later, first take a look at these 50 photos of people that forgot to double-check their selfies before posting them online. These poor people took a selfie and didn't check the background.