Who told you that every time you go to work you can't have a little fun while doing your tasks? Aren't you tired of all those bosses that demand you way too much of what you are supposed according to your paycheck?

Yesterday I went to the movies and watched Tag, a movie that explains that the only way to stay young is playing and the only reason that makes us grow old is to stop playing. So why don't we play a little more with our colleagues?

Here you will find a few ideas to play jokes on those co-workers of yours in order to star an amazingly fun war at the office. Beware of the consequences!

We love creative signs at parades and marches, they make everything better. Pride parades are full of hilarious signs with quotes and puns that will make you laugh so much that you won't believe it. The LGBT community really knows how to make original and really beautiful and funny signs while they fight for their rights. If you are part of that community you will identify with this phrases, but if you don't you will also enjoy how creative and true they are. Here are 50 hilarious pride parades and marches signs that will make you think that the world is not that bad. Enjoy!

Cats are so weird! I mean, don't misunderstand me, I really love them (though I love dogs more) but they can be very weird sometimes! Every time you want to show them some kind of affection or take a selfie with them, they just show you they hate you! Lol. Some of them are silly and cute but others are just mean and hilarious! So if you love (or hate) cats you should definitely read this article. I have made a list of 50 beautiful but mean cats that really really hate taking selfies with their humans! Enjoy it, please!