Have you ever found a sign so funny you laughed until you got tears in your eyes? What about a sign that's so wrong that somehow that makes it right?

We've selected 50 signs that prove how some things don't have to be perfect to be good. Sometimes the wrong label in a supermarket product can make our day. There are also signs that are ridiculous and hilarious, while others kind of make us wonder what's the story behind them. Could you imagine a reason why someone should warn people not to sit on a crocodile or stand on a turtle? We can't, either. But such a sign exists! And what about needing a sign to let people know cat milk doesn't come from cats? That exists, too!

Take a break and have a good laugh with these 50 signs and labels that are so wrong they are sort of right.

Celebrity fashion is a great way to find new outfit ideas. Of course, they are usually assessed by professionals, but for us, the commoners, following their looks and styles is a really great way to make our closets feel new again, without having to spend a lot of money. Try new things, combine different fabrics, accessorize, and you won't need to wear Chanel to achieve the perfect outfit.

It's not about the last trends you NEED to copy, it's about choosing timeless pieces that you can wear a hundred times in different ways, and on different occasions, and still look amazing. The best style you can choose is your own and as you change throughout your life, so does your style. So, it's good to find things you like and that make you happy.

A lot of people love dolphins, and why wouldn't they? They're these amazing, lovely, beautiful and intelligent creatures (they're considered one the smartest animals out there!) But how much do you know about them? They're aquatic mammals, which means they live in the water but the female nurse their calves with milk they produce thanks to their mammary glands.

But did you know that they sleep with only one hemisphere of their brains? Or that they have a two-chamber stomach? Would you believe us if we told you that the killer whale is actually part of the dolphin family? And what if we told you that the female dolphins are called 'cows'? Did you know that they have names for each other and that they're great at both verbal and non-verbal communication?

If you love dolphins as much as we do, read on and learn more about these amazing and interesting animals!