Hey, It happens to all of us. We are working hard, really hard, and then… chaos. Our mind starts going all over the place and we are suddenly playing backgammon in our coworker's cubicle or eating lunch dressed as a Game of Thrones character. Concentration it's a hard job and these 50 people decided to forget about it and just have fun. Take a look at this list and get some ideas for next time you are bored at your office. If you think you get bored at work, you should see these people.

China is one of the most exotic destinations of all. It is a country that is completely different to others, even to those that are really close. It is a whole new world of strange traditions, customs, products and places. We gathered fifty photos that show how strange, incredible and bizarre living in China can be. You won't believe what they can eat, where they can live and what they can do. And the funny thing about it is that they are so used to it that don't even care about eating eggs boiled with piss. Take a look at these fifty images, they will certainly amaze you!

When the time of making a prank comes to your life, you suddenly become the faster learner of the world. You gave everything in order to make the best joke ever and be remembered as the king or queen by your friends. Thanks to the internet, now it's easier to find great ideas to practice at home. Of course, once you decide to make one of these pranks, you should be prepared to face the consequences and the revenge of your friends. And you know that these things tend to escalate really fast. With that said, enjoy a great list of pranks captured by the lens of a camera.