10+ creative t-shirts you will want to get

Aside from being practical objects that we need in order to not walk around naked, clothes also speak on our behalf and can be a fashion statement that tells the world who we are and what we like. By adding a different piece of cloth to our look, we have the chance to wear art, say things we think without actually using our voice and not less important, to have some fun with the possibilities that our wardrobe provides. The best part is that sometimes those additions don't require a big budget but to be creative in what we choose. Get inspired with these T-shirts and pick your favorite.



Grab me


This cartoon like shirt is amazing and it can be quite helpful to use after the Holiday season when you put on some extra pounds and you want your waist to look smaller, don't you think?



This amazing shirt of the universe being covered in white paint is great and it is a good choice for those who would like to add something extra to the wardrobe choices without going too far.

Skeleton baby


This shirt is awesome not only for everyday use but it can also work as a very creative Halloween costume for ladies who are expecting a child: not only you will show your skeleton, but your baby too.

On a boat


Ideal for those who love sailing and outdoor activities, this classic blue and white striped t-shirt has a little detail with a boat that makes it much more interesting, dynamic and fun without going too far.



Without the hanging painting doing his job, this t-shirt would not say much for itself: we love how the addition of a clever detail bring this one as one of the most creative clothing pieces we have ever seen.

It’s all good


For the eternal optimist or those who always have a love for irony, this blood stained white T-shirt with the phrase "It's all good" is hilarious and a good present choice. Who would you get this one for?

Optical illusion


Probably you have seen this black optical illusion done with makeup many times on instagram, but if you are not so good with that you can always go to the next best option, which is wearing it.



Octopus are one of the smartest animals on earth and they are really interesting to see: we love how they incorporated them on this plain white t-shirt with this ink look that almost seemed tattoed on the cloth.



If you have a small child around the house, you will probably know exactly what this image is about: how can you take a nap without your kids waking you up to play? This race track t-shirt maybe a good plan.



Not that you are going to cover your face with your t-shirt very often or at work, but this is amazing and clever and could also be great if it is used for a Halloween costume party. So unexpected.

Work out shirt


Anyone who works out knows that there is no greater feeling at the end of a work out session that to see you shirt covered in sweat as a result of hard work. This one allows you to measure it.



This is a great t-shirt because you can give different uses to it: without the addition of the necklace, it's just a grey shirt with a cage on it, but you can put anything inside with an accessory: from birds to hearts.



If you are looking for a present to get to your music obsessed friend, this is our top pick: they come with realistic images of headphones or microphones that you will need to see twice to make sure they are not real.



Everybody has a secret that they don't want the world to know about and it's a perfect symbolism of this shirt. And if you are not so much into overthinking like we are, it's a very fun one.



This is a great example on how can you add more fun to your clothes without colors or complex images needed: the black silhouette of a blind with a cord coming out of it makes this fantastic.



Confuse everyone around you with this plain white t shirt that seems as if you just drew on them with Sharpies: find your favorite drawing and see how it appears doodled on your new style.

Love this


This might be the answer to every parent who has a small child or regular adults who always manage to have stains on their shirts: nothing can get this one dirty and it is water resistant. So useful.



I'm about to give you some of the most important advice that you will ever get if you just started dating someone special: make sure that they have this type of sense of humor before you buy this.



Elephants are known for being a symbol of wisdom and intelligence and let's face it, they look great when they are drawn on something. If you are an elephant lover, tell it to the world with this shirt.



If you love pranks and practical jokes, you will love confusing people you come across on the streets by making them think that you are carrying a package on your side without holding it. So much fun.

Write on your shirt


If quotes are not your thing because you don't want someone else to speak for yourself or you simply have issues committing, this one is great because it works like a chalkboard where you can erase and rewrite.

At the zoo


This funny creative T-shirt is part of the staff's uniform at a Safari zoo just to be very clear on why you should never, ever approach or try to pet wild animals. You know, just in case you thought it was a good idea.

The solution


If you have ever regretted a haircut and could not wait until your hair grows back again, this T-shirt offers a solution if you are willing to be seen only from far away, giving an optical illussion.



Plumbers and cracks are two words that go together like cheese and crackers. Luckily, some plumbers have such a great sense of humor that are willing to put this shirt on before working to change what you see.



These frog meme has been a sensation on Twitter for quite some time now, and it never seems to get old. Would you be willing to borrow your nippls so he can have eyes? I'm not sure I Would.

Football fans


If you love football and can't wait enough for the next match, this one will drive you insane: ideal for celebrating your favorite player goals in the most creative way that we could possibly imagine.

Whip it


Chefs will love the detail on this shirt: a whisk with a 3d texture of cream that makes this t-shirt as simple as extraordinary. Sometimes it's the little details that make a huge difference on things.

Need a light?


Smokers that are constantly asking people for a light will love this white t-shirt with a drawing of an arm holding a lighter. Luckily someone thought it through and it does not work and it's completely safe to use.

This ad shirt


This great t-shirt actually is a part of a campaign concept that the water manufacturer "Evian" launched a few years ago, saying that all of us, deep inside, are still babies. What a great use of clothing in an ad.



This pregnant ladies shirts are great because they look regular, but they have the detail of little eyes coming out of them. Now that I think about it, I'm not sure if this is adorable or the creepiest thing.

Doggy face


Do you love you dog so much you wish you could take him with you everywhere you go, including your office, a movie theatre or anywhere else where they are not welcomed? Print him in a shirt.



We love the concept of loading when it is used for pregnant ladies: this one looks beautiful with the colorful feet printed on and it's ideal to use when your belly is so big that people can't stop asking when you will deliver.



If you have never heard this joke you are going to love it: "In the gym I'm like a Ninja, nobody ever sees me." Either you are a gym ninja too or you just love them and they remind you of your childhood, this shirt is for you.

Nerd barbecues


People usually think of geeks or developers as people who are unable to see the sunlight, hang out with other people or do anything away from the computer: they eat too, and this shirt combines both passions.

Work of art


A Robert Munsch t-shirt was a cool idea to being with, but the addition of this cat as the star of his most famous painting, "The scream" just makes it as cool as funny. And it is so colorful and full of life, too.



Do you have a friend who always praises about how vintage electronic devices were cooler? A friend who is a bit of a hipster? This walkman shirt is a great pick if you need to get them something modern and old school.



Not all clothing changes have to be drastic to be cool: sometimes a simple plain shirt with a little drawing on it can enhance your overall look without being too risky. If that is your concern, this could be the one for you.



Another great example of a t-shirt that without the detail that makes it special, would be just a boring yellow shirt with no personality: this one has a little cute monster in the pocket that appears to be sleeping.

Game on


This board game incorporated shirt is great for all the people who get bored easily, and love this type of geeky interactive t-shirts. A little hard to play while using it, but still does the trick and we love it.



It's simple, it's elegant and it is still a very special t-shirt. The texture and color of this origami piece is outstanding and can be worn even with a colorful patterned skirt or pants and look incredible.

Inspirational quote


Are you one of those people who can't seem to get enough on sharing their positivity with the rest of the world and wish they would let everybody know better times are coming? This is the shirt for you.



If you think that other t-shirts for pregnancy are cheesy, you will love this more romantic approach: a cloud that is raining over a sprout as a symbolism of how your baby is growing inside you.



You may have not had the same idea we did once we saw this snake t-shirt, but this reminded us to that performance of the VMAs in the early 2000s when Britney danced with a snake on her shoulders.

Rapper’s delight


Ok, so this is probably the winner of them all if you get this joke: this cup of rapper Ice-T filled with tiny rappers Ice-cube is the funniest rap t-shirt that someone could have ever made. Simply amazing.



Are you one of those couples that want to tell the world that you belong to your significant other or you are looking for funny shirts to wear on your wedding? This Mr. and Mrs. set could work for you.

Color block


Kids often have the most colorful clothing available and it's very hard to pick one among all others: we love how simple and bright this color block frog is and how it seems to pop from the red cloth.



Pockets in t-shirts are not always in use (they are usually very small and it's hard to save anything inside them) but they are decorative: we love how they added these little simple animals to them.



The future has arrived, my friends. This is not only a regular T-shirt with the image of a camera on it, but also comes with a led mechanism that you can touch and make it look like flash.

3D Shirts


This reminds us of a children's book illustration and that is what makes it so cute to see, but also has a foldable spot where you can open the windows and get a whole different experience from it.

Colorful dog


Simple, classic, probably not as impressive as those that comes with lights or textures but nothing in the world can be cooler than the image of a dog using headphones, especially if it's so colorful.