10+ extraordinary places to visit before you die

The world is filled with wonderful spots that most of us haven't met. We all know that travelling is one of the biggest pleasures us mortals can get to, and even though sometimes it may be hard to save enough money for a trip abroad, it's always worthy. This is a list of fifty amazing places you probably have never heard of or seen, that are so spectacular that will make you want to book a plane ticket as soon as you are done reading. So relax, sit back and enjoy a little travelling while you decide which one of these you would like to know first. There's so much beauty in the world and this 50 places will help you discover it




Martin Sojka

Located in Myanmar, a region filled with cultural, natural and Holy places to visit, is one of the most impressive spots in the area. The amount of trees and peace is outstanding and it's ideal for relaxing.

Zhangye Danxia Landform


These colorful mountains are in Gansu, China and they are built that way naturally, which make them a preferred extravagant spot for tourists to visit in the country. Simply beautiful.

Li River

Weerapong Chaipuck

The Li River in China can look like a science fiction movie set, but it is in fact one of the most beautiful natural settings on Earth. It's 83 kilometers long and surrounded by mountains and wonders.


Darby Sawchuk

Greece is probably one of the countries that have more beautiful spots in the world to visit: in this case, what you will see are houses built on top of high mountains and surrounded by nothing.

Salar de Uyuni


This natural Bolivian wonder is known to be one of the World's Largest Mirrors and you can't see the horizon line while you are in it. The country is filled with tourist spots, but this one is a favorite.

Tianzi Mountains

Richard Janecki

The Tianzi mountains are in China and their name means Son of Heaven, which makes sense because their height is so extraordinary they seem like if they could touch the sky.

Santorini Island


Santorini is in Greece and it's one of the most beautiful villages that you will ever see in your life. People are friendly, colorful and food is delicious. A definite must visit place to go before you die.

Angkor Wat

Randall Collis

This place set in Cambodia combines nature and human built constructions that can easily take your breath away: just look at the lake filled with floating Lotus Flowers next to that building.

Yosemite Valley


The Yosemite Valley is in California, one of the world's surfer favorite spots to visit, but there are more than waves for them to see. The valley is approximately 7.5 miles long and ideal for hikers.

Hitachi Seaside Park


Japan is a must visit country for all of us: either you are a technology fan, a history lover or just someone who appreciates nature at its finest, it's an ideal place to visit at least once in your life.

Bamboo Forest

Yuya Horikawa

The Bamboo Forest in Japan is just one of many wonders that the country has to offer: you may think that it can be boring, but look how impressive this road surrounded by plants looks.


Gloria Castro Salvador

Petra is in Jordan and it has some of the most amazing constructions and antiques in the world: surrounded by dessert, camels and history everywhere, is impossible to forget.

Machu Picchu

Lubomir Koulev

The constructions that modern humans will never be able to fully understand are must see places and this one in Peru is no exception: hiking there might be hard but it's totally worth it.


Bruno Carlos

This cave in Portugal is a natural given and it has survived hundreds of years in the same condition: next to the sea and with an amazing surrounding, we recommend it.

Halong Bay


One of the main reasons people visit Asia and more specifically, Vietnam, is Halong Bay: take a ride on a local boat around it and let yourself get amazed of how wonderful nature is.


Ahmet Sahin

Have you ever considered going on an extravagant vacation to a place like Turkey? Well maybe you should: places like Turkey hold wonders like these that can't be found anywhere else.

Mu Cang Chai

Thang Soi

If you have no idea what you are seeing in the picture, let us explain: these are the Rice Terrace Fields in Vietnam, a classic spot for tourists that is simple and very impressive to see live.

Monument Valley

Jouni Välkki

If all you can imagine when you think of the United States are cities, fast shopping sprees and musicals, you have it all wrong: valleys and desserts like these are there too and are stunning.

Naica Mine


Mexico is one of the world's favorite vacation spots: their amazing Caribbean beaches, their delicious food, their friendly people or natural wonders like these make it a must go place.

Hang Son Doong

National Geographic

Still unsure about visiting Vietnam? We are ready to give you plenty of reasons to book that plane ticket: not only is impossible to forget but also quite inexpensive once you are there.


Constantin Gololobov

Anyone who has ever visited Italy will tell you how the fell madly in love with it. If you go, you absolutely need to see Venice and its canals with gondolier and singing that will make you feel inside a movie.

Plitvice Lakes


Do you think that what you are seeing is a painting and there is no chance that is a photo taken anywhere? Well, that is Croatia, and its heaven on Earth. Don't miss the chance to see it.

Lençóis Maranhenses


Going to Brazil once is reason enough to go back every time you can: not only places are stunning, but people are some of the friendliest you will ever come across and will be glad to show you around.

Navagio Bay

Johan Björling

Have you gone practically blind looking at that blue water that looks as if it was photo shopped and are seriously considering walking out of your office and booking a plane? So are we.


Giovanni Allievi

When we think of France, we usually imagine the Eiffel Tower and wondering around the streets of Paris, but there is much more to see in that country, like Provence, a must see spot.

Victoria Falls

Vittorio Chiampan

There are very little things in this world that can be as impressive as seeing falls live: rainbows, tons of water and the feeling that we are very small in the world. If you can, go visit.

Bora Bora

Pierre Lesage

Dream vacation, anyone? French Polynesia is hard to compete with when you think of ideal beach settings: white sand, warm and calm water and extraordinary wonders that will surround you.

Moraine Lake

Thomas Spinner

This lake is in Canada and it's incredible: look at the mountains, the forest, the clear water…do you need more reasons to visit the friendliest place in the world? We sure don't.

Tulip Fields

Allard Schager

It's not a painting, my friend: it's the Netherlands at its finest showing off the colorful Tulip Fields that looked from a certain distance, seem as if the floor was carefully painted with bright colors.

Geiranger Fjord


Norway looks as if Vietnam and Canada just had a kid: the best of both areas combined make this place (that has some lucky people living in it) a great choice for your next trip.

Mount Roraima


What joins Venezuela, Brazil and Guyana is one of the most impressive forms of art nature has surprised us with: look how crazy and huge it looks. If you can, see it from a plane.

Vatnajokull Glacier Cave


In the last few years' people seem to have rediscovered Iceland as a place that you should visit at least once in your life: nature wise, it is by far one of the most impressive countries there are.

Batu Caves

Danny Xeero

Malaysia is another country we can't get enough of: see how natural wonders meet antique constructions made for religion purposes that have been conserved the same for thousands of years.


Gareth Codd

Faroe Islands are an archipelago located between the North Atlantic ocean and the Norwegian sea and even though they may seem like a hustle to get to, it's totally worth it.

Antelope Canyon


American Canyons are probably the best to visit if you have a chance to choose which one to go to: they are huge, usually surrounded by many wonders and perfect weather. Have you ever been to one?

Iguazu Falls


Shared in the frontiers of Argentina and Brazil, they have been declared as a World wonder and no question why: impressive to visit and filled everyday with tourist from all over the globe that don't want to miss out.

Giza Pyramids

Edward Ewet

Giza Pyramids in Egypt never had an explanation on how they were built, and they remain a mystery and a must-see attraction for anyone in the world. See the dessert and history like never.

McWay Falls

Helena W

These falls seem far more tropical than others and look like a perfect place to visit for the first time with your significant other during your honeymoon, don't you think? Keep this one in mind, newlyweds.


Beng Lieu Song

Another favorite spot for tourists in Turkey to go to: take a trip on a hot air balloon and inspire yourself with this outstanding view from above. A memory you will never forget.

Santorini Sunsets


We know that we are stressing the point of you visiting Santorini once in your life, but there is one particular thing you have to do when you go: watch the most amazing sunset you will ever see.

Leshan Giant Buddha


It is a known fact that there are many Buda sculptures and constructions in Asia, but this particular one in China is so huge that you should see it and visit it at least once in your life.



Greece has what are known as natural pools: meaning that there are constructions that were built around natural water to make pools for you to swim in like if you were in the ocean.



Either you are in Polynesia or just walking around Paris streets and its marvelous cafes, there is no chance that you won't fall in love with the country once you see it for yourself.

The Subway


It's not the same crowded Subway you use every day to get to work in: it's in Zion National Park, based in Utah and it's an underground natural wonder that will blow your mind when you go.

Infinite Pool


Singapore has some of the world's most luxurious places and the Infinite pool is one of them: a fancy hotel that uses natural water as their own swimming pool and faces an amazing city.

Angkor Thom – Baphuon Temple gkor Thom –


The Angkor Thom – Baphuon Temple in Cambodia is impressive not only for its size, but for its history: find yourself a native tour guide and get amazed from how much culture you will be surrounded by. Angkor Thom – Baphuon Temple gkor Thom –

Carrera Lake


Argentina is a country filled with amazing wonders of nature that deserve to be visited at least once, like Lake Buenos Aires in Santa Cruz, which its covered by glacial structures and clear water.

Capilano Suspension Bridge


If you have vertigo and are not the adventurous type of person, this may not be the right place for you: even though is completely safe to walk on, this bridge in Vancouver takes some guts.

Chang Jiang river


In Hubei, China there is a restaurant set on top of a river that is as exclusive as it is edgy: the view you can enjoy while eating a meal is unforgettable and if you can, you should definitely do it.



Bali is one of the most incredible places that Earth has to offer, and even though it may be a little expensive, it's worthy: the palce looks like paradise and it's perfect for relaxing and resting.