Facts About Dinosaurs That You Didn’t Know

Dinosaurs were the living creatures that inhabited the Earth tons and tons of years ago. They were huge and tremendous monster and some of the ate meat to survive, while others fed from the plants they found (that seems nice, but they ate the size of a truck to keep themselves full…these vegans) When it comes to describing several aspects of them, it is quite hard to figure it out. And why is that? Simple, there were no humans to witness dinosaurs. For example, were they loud? Did they walk or run? Were they terrifying or cute as a corgi? It's impossible to tell. But the scientific communities alongside archaeologists do their best to find out new stuff about them every day. And we made you a list of the most interesting facts.





What kind of animal were Dinosaurs? Well...it is hard to say. Pretty much they were some sort of reptiles that walked down the Earth around 230 million years ago to 65 million years. So they are as old as the Queen of England.



The period of time when the dinosaurs lived in the Earth is called the Mesozoic era. It means "middle life", and it is divided into three other periods itself: Triassic, Cretaceous, and Jurassic. That's right...like the movie. You wouldn't believe they came up with that name right?



The dinosaurs fed on different kinds of food, it depended on the species. For example, the ones that are meat are the Theropods (beast foot). Why are they named like that? Because they had sharp claws on their toes and they used it as a weapon.



They were vegetarian dinosaurs, which are the true millennials if you think about it. An interesting fact about their diet is that the biggest ones ate almost a ton of food per day. It is almost like eating two trucks full of tomatoes every single day



There is a species named Dimetrodon and it is commonly mistaken as a dinosaur, but, as a matter of fact, they weren't (technically speaking). The term of dinosaur refers only to reptiles that lived on land and had certain structure

Huge size?


Many people have the idea that dinosaurs here gigantic animals with massive legs and they would eat you from just one bite, but many of them were the size of a normal person or even smaller.



If they weren't that big, how come the fossils exposed in museums are gigantic? Well..some of them were THAT big, just not all of them. And larger bones are easier to be fossilized



The dinosaurs had what we call skills today with large holes or some sort of Windows that made them lighter; some of them were as heavy as a car. Yeah, their brains were heavy.



There is no specific data about this, but scientists believe there were more than 1000 species of dinosaurs that weren't able to fly and more than 500 that did. Can you imagine a human being amongst all those terrifying monsters?



There is no chance they will find out how many species of dinosaurs existed in total since we depend on discovering fossils, but scientists believe there are more than 2000 kinds of dinosaurs that weren't discovered yet



The state of Colorado in the United States of America is nicknamed as Stegosaurus State because the first fossil discovery of these species was found out in Morrison, Colorado.



Something I like very much about the body of a dinosaur is the tail. It always seems gigantic when you took pictures of them. They must have been painful to carry a tail that could reach 45 feet long behind your back every single day. Poor dinosaurs.



What was the most important use of their tails, besides getting annoying animals out of your way? Well, most of the tails were that long because they were really big and the tail helped them to keep the balance and not falling when they were running



The first existing and recorded description of a dinosaur bone goes back to 3500 years ago in China. People didn't know about the existence of those animals back then, of course, so they thought they were discovering the existence of Dragons. Now THAT would be cool.



From the type of dinosaurs that fed on meat, within their skeleton structure, their bones were filled with air and they were huge, but they weren't as heavy as they seemed. Birds also had the same kind of bones.



The eyes of a human can face forward in a way that they are able to see images in 3D. The dinosaurs that fed on plants, like the Triceratops, had eyes those were able to look to a different side each One, so they could watch out for danger while they were eating.



The dinosaurs that fed on meat could walk with their two feet. This is what made them faster to walk and run, and they could have their hands free to grab their prey.



The dinosaurs that fed on plants walked in four feet like most of the animals we know these days so they could move better while carrying the heavyweight from their bodies.



The earliest dinosaur found so far is named the Eoraptor which means "dawn stealer". It was named like that because it is considered it lived right at the dawn of the Dinosaur Era.



What was it like? Its main diet was based on meat, from the size of a German Shepherd and the first skeleton was located in Argentina at the beginning of the nineties.

An elder dinosaur


There is another species of dinosaur that was found and located in Madagascar and it is apparently much elder than the Eoraptor, although it doesn't have a name yet. Sorry my friend, the Eoraptor still wins.



The dinosaurs are generally divided into two groups of them according to the structure from their hip bones. They are the lizard hips and the bird hipped. See? They weren't that different from us, the image mattered back then, too.



Scientists believe that some dinosaurs had colorful skin, but there is no possible way to figure this out for sure. It is believed that most of them had either green or brown skin, like lizards these days

Leg bones


The dinosaurs had the same set of leg bones, all of them, no matter the type of species. Some of them even had feet like elephants or birds these days.



The biggest footprint ever found from a dinosaur was as large as 3 feet. They were that big that some of them could even swallow large rocks that stayed inside their stomachs to grind food. They were insane.

Prehistoric crocodile


There was the father of the crocodile and it was named Deinosuchus. It was probably the dinosaur with the strongest bite of all and it was the size of 8 current crocodiles.

Corythosaurus and Sauropods


The Corythosaurus had a huge crest they had it connected to their nose and it made a terrible noise, while the Sauropods were the tallest dinosaurs ever existing.

T. Rex


There are some scientists that believe the Tyrannosaurus Rex was pretty fast when they were running while other believe this is impossible since they were so big to achieve it.



Depending on the type of dinosaur they were, they have a different self-defense mechanism. For example, the ones with sharp teeth were the meat eaters. The plant eaters had horns or even bony plates.

Baby dinosaurs


There is an estimation of trillions of dinosaur eggs being laid during only the Mesozoic era, but it is extremely weird to find eggs with embryos nowadays



Current animals like birds or reptiles have only one opening destined to urination and other things. It is called a cloaca. Scientists believe that dinosaurs had the same design for mating purposes.

Order of appearance


Apparently, the first dinosaurs to appear on earth are the ones that fed with meat, later the plant eaters appeared and then the omnivores (they eat both plants and meat). Pretty much like humanity then.



These dinosaurs are probably the most known species. Even if you are a kid, you heard about them at least once in your life. They had the biggest skull with the most solid shield of all dinosaurs.

Dumb dinosaurs


The species of dinosaurs with the smallest brain size were the Stegosaurus. They even had a brain that didn't coincide with the size of their bodies, that was as big as a Van. The brain they had was the size of a walnut.



It is believed that the dinosaurs that fed on plants used to live together in a sort of community and to seek protection like most animals do nowadays. It is almost cute to think.

Biggest and largest


The biggest flying dinosaur was the Quetzalcoatlus, the one with the longest claws was the Therizinosaurus, the fastest one was the Ornithomimus and the tallest one was the Deinocheirus. Such cool names, they must be a Kardashian.



Where does the word dinosaur come from? It was invented by the paleontologist called Richard Owen back in 1842. The word comes from the Greek and it means terrible lizard. It doesn't imply they were terrifying, it refers to their majesty.

First ones


The first dinosaurs that appeared within the Triassic era were quite small, actually. They weren't that heavy either. The bigger ones are a matter of evolution and appeared the next period.



Many of us tend to believe that humans are the kings or owners of the Earth, but in comparison to the Dinosaurs, we've been very little time around. The dinosaurs dominated the Earth for over 165 million years.



Many scientists believe (although there is no possible way to prove this) that a massive group of meteorites hit the peninsula of Mexico (Yucatan) about 65 million of years ago and that is what provoked the extension of dinosaurs.



Many scientists thought about a few theories regarding the extensive die off from the dinosaurs. One of them proposes that the small mammals ate dinosaur eggs until there was no more and they starve to death.

Another one


There is also another theory that is quite more popular that says the bodies of the dinosaurs were too big for the small brains they had, combined with starvation and the climate change led then to the extinction

Mary Anning


Mary Anning is probably the most famous archeologist of all the fossil hunters. But her work was never taken seriously because she was (surprise) a woman with a *man's job* and came from a poor background when scientist are usually loaded with money



Some scientist has come to believe that like the reptiles they were, dinosaurs were cold-blooded, and others were warm-blooded. There is also the possibility that there was a group that wasn't part of the previous division. I don't know, Were they vampires then?



Probably the vegetarian ones that weren't that active since all they did was eating plant were cold-blooded, most likely. The warm-blooded probably were the ones that fed with meat and they needed more quantity of food than the cold-blooded with the same size

Rory Chapman


The known explorer named Rory Chapman Andrews was the one to find the first dinosaur nest known by science in 1923 in the Gobi Desert of Mongolia. Before finding it the scientists didn't even know if dinosaur babies were born.



The crater caused by the meteorites measured 112 miles and there was no possibility for any kind of animal living on land and heavier than a large dog with the chance of survival. Although animals like sharks, fish, scorpions, and lizards survived.



Nobody can possibly tell how long dinosaurs lived if they had a normal life. There is a theory that says they could live up to 200 years and that is why they reached such gigantic measures sometimes



The record of the largest eggs from dinosaurs found to this day is as big as basketballs. The bigger the egg, the thicker was the body of the shell. That means if the babies were really big they couldn't get out of the shell. Maybe their moms helped?



There is a tribe of Native Americans called the Peigan. They are from Canada and they thought the dinosaurs were the fathers of the buffalos. Before that, English people used to think that dinosaur bones came from a gigantic animal like the elephants