10+ facts about signs that will make you laught

Whenever I meet someone new, after a while, I like to ask them what their sign is. That usually says a lot about people, especially if they know other things like their rising or moon. Astrology is not about reading the newspaper that says "Scorpio will meet the love of their lives today" that is always fake. Astrology is about energy, and knowing what to do according to placements in your chart. Si if you now your sign, read the post below and tell me if you feel touched by some of the usual things I listed they do. Enjoy!



Air Signs


Someone: we have such a deep connection! Libra, Gemini and Aquarius signs: *ghosts them two weeks later*. Any air sign air has the trait of being hard to commit, or they will run away if they sense some deep feelings.

Scorpios and the mystery


Scorpios is probably the most mysterious sing of the entire zodiac. They thrive on secrets, they love to have and keep them. So if you like people to be an open book, they are not the best choice for you

When you tell a Capricorn you have feelings for them


Capricorn is an earth sign, and they need time to get to love you. They enjoy people that give them reassurance, so don't be quick with confessing you love to them. They will run away

When you ask an Aquarius for a joke


Aquarius is an air sign, which are the social signs of the zodiac. They always try to be funny around people because they like to entertain, specially the aquas, with their weirdness, that is so interesting to watch

When you tell Virgo something about their latest social media post


Virgo is an earth sign ruled by Mercury, which is the planet of communication. They are considered along Gemini the chatty signs of the zodiac, and they like to have a profile in every social media page existing

Signs and love


Taurus is mad because you don't talk to them on an hourly basis. Capricorn is mad because you talk to them on an hourly basis. Virgo pretends to be mad that you're talking to them too much, but secretly wishes you'd talk even more.

Leo and their ego


Leo..you simply cannot be you own crush! Leo's ego is usually of the charts. They love themselves so much, they are the Narcisso of the zodiac, definitely. A good thing is, you can't bring them down

Taurus Honesty


Taurus don't like confronting people, unless they are really, REALLY mad at you. But one thing they hate the most is lying, so they will always tell the truth, no matter what.

When you text a meme to a Sagittarius


Sagittarius is probably the funniest fire sign of the zodiac. They like to tell jokes, and they love memes. They are always trying to make you laugh, so if you want them to like you, show them some memes.

Aquarius season


Aquarius culture aka getting involved in your community aka being an incredible problem solver aka creating your own flow aka unpredictable but never dull aka being weird but still funny

Aries are badass


Scorpio: name someone badder than me. Aries be like: *honey, please*. Never, EVER try to make an Aries mad. Do not try to pick a fight with them, you will lose, they will tear you apart. Seriously, I don't want to end up crying, leave them alone

When you ask a Gemini to feel guilty about something


Gemini is the least likely sign to commit or even take charge of something bad they did. Actually no, they never become responsible for their actions, and will probably charm you so you'll forget about it

Indecisive Libra


Dear Libra, stop trying to seem impartial by asking everyone for advice but never making a decision by yourself without changing it, at least, a dozen teams. Stop being so indecisive.

They do whatever they want


Aries: should I do this? Aries' family and friends: NO Aries:*yes I will* Another thing you must never do to an Aries is telling them what to do. They will do it just for the sake of not listening to you

A conversation between a Scorpio and a Gemini


Gemini: *makes a joke that has nothing to do with Scorpio*. Scorpio: wow what the hell that wasn't funny at all. Gemini: it was just a joke dude chill .Scorpio: I'm CHILL. I'm the king of CHILL. You think I'm upset? U think i care? I DON'T

Mood after guessing someone's rising sign by their appearance and aesthetic


"OMG you are such a Libra!" If you tend to listen to people and then think about what their sign must be, then my friend, you are crazy about astrology. Welcome to the Dark side, we have cookies.

Air signs when you ask them for commitment


Air signs are the least likely ones to tie the knot. They are not huge fans of compromising, or anything that requires being deep. I don't think you should date them if you are a water sign, they will probably hurt you

Cancer retreating to their shell as a problem solving method


Cancer likes making a drama about everything, but when the tables turn and you try to say something they did wrong or ask them for an apology, they will run. They don't like being criticized

Taurus placements


If you know someone who loves to eat their problems or are excellent cooking meals or they try to solve your problems with comfort food, they must be a Taurus. Everything related to the pleasure of the senses is a must to them.

When you compliment a Leo


When you compliment a Leo they keep the memory of it in their minds forever so that whenever someone insults them they'll be able to say "that's not true because I've been told I'm super-duper great"

Capricorn’s emotional ability to function


This is probably the robotic sign of the zodiac. They are not such a huge fans of emotions, not because they don't feel anything, they just don't know how to express them.

Mad Aries


If you give Aries instructions, they will ignore them and then get mad at you for the outcome not turning out the way they expected it to. True fact.



Aquarius: so what's your sign?.Leo: I'm a Leo does that make us compatible ;). Aquarius: I don't really believe in labels. Aquarius is not a huge fan of labels or being tied to anybody in the world. Not even themselves

Scorpio assuring you that their revenge plan will be safe and legal:


Scorpios are fan of the deep, the mysterious, and the occult and of course, of keeping secrets. If you kill someone and need to call a friend to help you, call a Scorpio. They will be thrilled.

Drunken Pisces


Every week, Pisces will be asked to do an alcohol test for work. To the employer's shock, results reveal that 99% of Piscean employees suspected to be drunk are not in fact on drugs. They are simply Pisces.



At least 3 Pisces are socially tagged as "weirdo hippies". They enjoy everything related to nature and are fans of peace and love. Nothing will get them mad in life, but they will cry a lot

Gemini and their opinions


50% of Gemini suffers from something called "tweeting every opinion ever". Everyone with this condition have tweeted opinions that contradict each other because they couldn't decide on just one.

Taurus in a nutshell


Like I said before, Taurus usually doesn't get mad. But they are extremely jealous and possessive with their couples, so don't try to flirt with them, because they won't forget about it ever, not even in 100 years

When you tell a Cancer that you killed someone


You: I killed a person. Cancer: wait I have my mom on speed dial. Cancer people are alongside Taurus the family lovers of the sign. Both of them probably have their moms on speed dial, and when they have a problem is the first one to contact for a solution.

And when you tell a Pisces that you killed someone


You: I killed a person. Pisces: its ok everybody makes mistakes. Pisces are all about forgiveness. They will never hold a grudge on you, and that is a problem, because they will let you step onto their heads and will do nothing about it

Capricorn Moon


Capricorn moon has a dry or sarcastic sense of humor, makes detached personal jokes, and will hate being asked to explain a joke. So, if they make you a joke, just laugh, don't ask for anything

Cancer and jokes


Cancer simply cannot take sarcasm as a joke, always takes jokes personally, and will always want you to elaborate. Even if you made a predictable one. They are not funny people



Aquarius might actually drive to a coffee shop 67 miles south of where they live because it's "the best" and "not too crowded" and "no one from work will see me there". They don't like people from work.

Dating a cancer


Dating a Cancer is like having a Neopet. They're cute and caring, but if you don't give them enough attention they die. This is not recommended for air or fire signs.

Mixed signals


Gemini will not understand why no one is loving them after they explicitly stated that they don't like affection. And that is pretty much all of them summed in one sentence.

Fire signs


*Your squad rolling up to the function, two hours late, ready to take everyone's alcohol*. If they are like that, is most likely they are a bunch of fire houses. Party rock into da house tonight.



*Gemini cutting people off just because they were boring from the comfort of their own bed after not going out for two days*. And after a couple of weeks, they will appear out of nowhere, like nothing happened



*Cancer trying to figure out what someone is talking about when they hear someone say something that sounds a little bit like their name*. And if they find out you were not being nice with them, they will hate you. Forever.



Aries: being single is great I don't want a serious relationship. Aries likes on Twitter: *all about being lonely and needing love* Why I can't have a boyfriend I hate being alone please someone love me



Aquarius: what's your favorite ice cream flavor?. Taurus: vanilla. Aquarius: no offense but that makes sense. These two are quite opposites. Aquas love changes and Taurus are not adventurous at all.

Water signs


They are the known crybabies of the zodiac, especially Pisces and Cancer. Although Scorpio will not admit they do it but they will wait to be alone to break down.



Taurus birthday deal: make a big deal about their birthday, throw them a party, but them presents, and they'll strongly consider letting go of that grudge they've been holding about you for years.

Aries and drama


The Aries drama deal: do literally anything; they'll add drama to it for FREE. They are such drama queens, especially if they are bored, simply for the fact of having fun for a while they will pick a fight on you.

Leo and their ego, again


Some kid on twitter: you're not as cool as you think you are a. Leo: *what did you just say*. Do not mess with Leo's ego; they will defend their honor and dignity, no matter what.

Scorpio Stalkers


They love to keep secrets to themselves, but they will try to find out everything about you. They are the stalkers of the zodiac, and they will find out every little dark secret about you

Drunken Pisces


Me: hey uh could you try to be a little more responsible with your drinking? Pisces, Scorpio, Leo, and Sagittarius: *excuse you*. They love to party and they won't stop. Just. Don't even try.

When you try for a Virgo to open up


Virgo is known for talking too much about nothing. They do not like to be in touch with their feelings, but they will think about them A LOT or even become secretly obsessed

Aries and Scorpio males


Both signs ruled by Mars, males with this sun will love and adore a feisty girl, like Xena or Wonder Woman. Cute and quiet girls will bore them to death.

A Virgo and a Pisces convo


Virgo: hey after you get done telling me about your life changing experiences with drugs could you go ahead and tell me when the last time you took a shower was? Pisces: *starts crying*. Virgo: wait, no, I don't know what to do when that happens

When they are Sagittarius


Sagittarius is the optimistic and party girls of the zodiac. Name a club and they will be there, no matter what day of the week is. If you are sad, they are great people to cheer you up

Fire moms protecting their water sign kids


Fire signs like to protect their loved ones, no matter what. Do no mess with their family or their friends, because they will haunt you, and you will suffer. Trust me.