10+ facts that make twin peaks an amazing show

We're talking of maybe one of the greatest TV shows of the modern life. Twin Peaks made a great impact in culture, and with the years it became a cult production, that was a must see for everyone. In 2017, David Lynch and Mark Frost made everyone happy, bringing the third season to TV, with 18 hours of the story behind Agent Cooper, Laura Palmer and a particularly set of events that take place in the mysterious town of Twin Peaks.



The most remembered prom photo


Many fans thought that Laura Palmer's picture was actually Sheryl Lee's real life prom photo. But it was shot by photographer Kimberly Wright for the show.

Who would remember that name?


Despite the fact that the show's name is really catchy, the show was originally intended to be called Northwest Passage. Fortunately, it didn't come through and Twin Peaks won the batle.

From Washington to LA


The pilot of the show was shot in Washington, but Lynch and Frost had no big budget so they had to move to Los Angeles an film the rest. The town of Twin Peaks actually had to be re-created with sets.

Quite obsessive


To avoid the spoilers, David Lynch and Mark Frost originally shot three different versions of the Season 1 finale. They even hid the season resolution to their cast.

Quite obsessive II


Something similar happened for Season 2. Frost and Lynch filmed two different reveals of Laura Palmer's killer.They wanted to keep the killer's true identity a complete secret.

Recreate the sign


The artist that designed the original Twin Peaks town sign was rehired for the return of the show. Maybe, the original one got lost over the years, so he had to paint it again.

Bob the killer


It started as an accident, but Bob was played by a crew member, Frank Silva, who appeared accidentally in the scene were Sarah Palmer is spooked. Lynch liked it and wrote the script with this in his mind.

A really small town


Only 5,120 people live in Twin Peaks, but because ABC thought it needed to be more crowded, Lynch and Frost added a "1" on the end, so it changed to 51,201.

I saw that floor somewhere


The chevron pattern on the floor of the Black Lodge was not a first timer in David Lynch's sets. It can also be seen in his first feature film, Eraserhead.

Ups, my bad!


The editors of the Twin Peaks credits have a black stain on their resume. Catherine Martell's and Lucy Moran's names are spelled wrong in the pilot episode credits.

I didn’t get your name


Despite the fact he's always called Agent Cooper, or simply, Cooper, Kyle MacLachlan's character's full name is Dale Bartholomew Cooper. A pretty hard name to remember… Even Coop is better!

The origin of Mulholland Drive


Audrey Horne, played by the actress Sherilyn Fenn inspired one of the most remembered Lynch's films: Mulholland Drive. She was supposed to have a spinoff series about her going to Hollywood, but it never happened.

No cupid here…


Every fan of the show thought that Cooper and Audrey were going to have a thing. However, Kyle MacLachlan (Agent Cooper) was the one that stopped this because he thought Audrey was too young for him.

Thank you David Lynch


Prior her star role on Twin Peaks, Sheryl Lee, who played Laura Palmer, was just a local theater actress in Washington. There's no doubt about it: David Lynch nailed it!

Your drapes are too noisy


Same as Sheryl Lee, Wendy Robie who played the annoying Nadine Hurley, was also discovered at a local theatre before she stared on the cult show that Lynch and Frost created.

David and his fixation


David Lynch thought Sheryl Lee had done such an amazing work as Laura Palmer that he wrote another part for her. The cousin Madeleine "Maddy" Ferguson was the way to keep Sheryl in the show.

The influence of Marilyn Monroe


Prior Twin Peaks, David Lynch and Mark Frost were thinking in an adaptation of Marilyn Monroe's biography. However, they never got the rights for it, but they use some ideas for the show: Laura dies after writing in her diary that she's going to reveal the affair she's having, something similar with Monroe's alleged affair with President John F. Kennedy.

Can I be the sheriff?


Ray Wise did an amazing job as Leland Palmer. However he had originally gone an audition for a very different role, the role of Sheriff Truman.

Watch your hair!


Ray Wise was so into his work that he had no issues with dying his hair of wait. Things changed a little when his hair started to fall out from having it bleached.

A different Donna Hayward


Mädchen Amick first audition for the role of Donna Hayward, but she didn't get the part. However, Frost and Lynch liked Amick so much that they created the role of Shelly for her.

Zooey Deschanel’s father was in Twin Peaks!


Zooey and Emily Deschanel's father directed a few episodes of the show and even the fact that Zooey went on visiting the set very often, she wasn't allowed to watch the show.

Rashida Jones’ mother


Peggy Lipton, who played Norma Jennings in Twin Peaks, has a famous daughter. She's the mother of Rashida Jones, who followed her steps in the acting world.

George Clooney’s cousin


The late Miguel Ferrer, who played Agent Albert Rosenfield and passed away in January 2017, was George Clooney's cousin. His mother was Rosemary Clooney.

From being a driver to the set


Harry Goaz drived David Lynch to a memorial tribute for Roy Orbison. David had such a great impression that he decided to cast him as Deputy Andy Brennan.

The Gordon Cole Homage


As many characters in the history of movies and TV, the names they received had a huge story behind. That was the case for David Lynch's character Gordon Cole, who was named after a character in Sunset Boulevard.

Daddy come and play


The character of Doc Hayward, Donna's dad, was actually played by the co-creator of the show's father, Warren Frost. What a way to share a passion with your dad!

Who is Steven Spielberg?


Steven Spielberg was pretty close to direct the Season 2 premiere until David Lynch decided to do it himself. Mark Frost told David the idea but Lynch wasn't too convinced.

But Diane can do it…


David Lynch interfered before Steven Spielberg could direct the season 2 premiere, but later in the same year let Diane Keaton direct an episode. It was the chapter 15.

Bobby’s crush


According to Dana Ashbrook, who played Bobby on the show, he had a huge crush on Diane Keaton. However that didn't have much future and according to Ashbrook,"She was not having it at all."

My glasses, my idea


When Russ Tamblyn went on audition, he actually wore the red and blue glasses of Dr Jacoby. This idea had almost the immediate approval of the creators of the show.

I can speak backwards


Michael J. Anderson, the little man From Another Place, actually knew how to speak backwards before being cast in the show. He told that he learned how to do it as a kid.

I love my log


The late Catherine Coulson, that will be always remembered as The Log Lady, got to keep her log after the show. She even brought it with her to fan conventions.

How much for the log?


A Japanese company tried to convince Catherine and offer money to buy the log from her. But she didn't sell it and kept it until her death in 2015. No one knows where it currently resides.

First David Duchovny’s TV show


Dennis "Denise" Bryson, the transgender FBI agent was actually David Duchovny's first TV role. She appeared in Season 2, while Duchovny was dating Kimmy Robertson (Lucy) and she helped get him the part.

What a way to get drunk


Evelyn and James' scene were the drink champagne, they're actually doing it. I took them more than 12 takes, so they were pretty drunk by the afternoon.

Trick or Treat?


Like a Halloween costume, Piper Laurie remained dressed as a "famous Japanese actor" even while not shooting. Lynch and Frost told her not to tell anyone about the disguise. People figured it out about a day or two later.

A book trilogy


After the show went live, Frost and Lynch published three books in total as companion pieces to it: The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer, The Autobiography of F.B.I. Special Agent Dale Cooper: My Life, My Tapes, and Welcome to Twin Peaks: An Access Guide to the Town.

40 sexual partners!


According to Laura Palmer's diary, she had 40 sexual partners. She never revealed their names but listed every one of them in her diary with their initials.

What’s Diane Last name?


After publishing Agent Cooper's Autobiography, The Autobiography of F.B.I. Special Agent Dale Cooper: My Life, My Tapes, fans learnt that he didn't know Diane last name.

I’m Nadine, nice to meet you


During all the episodes of the show, Nadine is one of the few characters of Twin Peaks that have no interaction with Agent Cooper.The only get together at Laura's funeral.

Mark it on your calendar


After finding her body near the water, the forensics could determine Laura Palmer date of death. The specialists said that she died on Feb. 24, 1989.

Wanna send a letter?


It might be old fashioned, but maybe some fans still believe in actual fan mail through the post office. The zip code for Twin Peaks is 98065.

They really liked doughnuts


Twin Peaks consumes a lot of doughnuts. According to the book Welcome to Twin Peaks: An Access Guide to the Town, the Wagon Wheel Bakery produces more than 1,200 doughnuts on each shift.

Cooper liked Dickens


Even though its a quick take, in Episode 6 you can see that the book on Cooper's nightstand is Great Expectations, a novel written by Charles Dickens.

How much for a pie and coffee?


You only need $4.25 to have breakfast at Double R Diner. A slice of its famous cherry pie will cost $2.50, and if you want a cup of coffee it will cost you an extra $1.75.

Royal fans


According to the words of Paul McCartney, Queen Elizabeth II was a big fan of the show. The musician assured that she left her own party at Buckingham Palace because Twin Peaks was on.

Never got to the lyrics…


Falling, the song of the show had lyrics and it's sung by Julee Cruise, who even sings parts of the song during the bar scene in the pilot episode. The song got at No. 11 on the Billboard Alternative charts in 1990.

Guess your best


The musicians hired to write the music for Twin Peaks hadn't seen any footage of the show created by David Lynch and Mark Frost, so they had to guess what could be the best sound for it.

I didn’t like the ending…


Even though he really liked what David Lynch and Mark Frost achieved, Carel Struycken actually said on a interview with Diario Hoy (Argentina), that he didn't like the ending scene.

Bowie’s request


When the production contacted David Bowie for the return, he didn't accept the job. He let them use his footage with one condition: they must dub him with an actual Louisiana actor's voice.

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