10+ facts you didn't know about showtime's homeland

Homeland is one of the most acclaimed tv drama series of the last years. Not only for the story it tells but also for the great cast. Along 6 seasons it has gained great audience as well as nominations and actual awards. The story explores the tumultuous life of a bipolar CIA agent. Throughout this article we will disclose facts you probably didn't know about the series itself, the characters, the actors and more as we wait for the new season (that promises to be super interesting) to come along on February 11th. Spoilers everywhere!



Going strong since 2011


The show had aired 6 seasons since 2011 and season 7 will be coming out February 11th. It is said that season 8 will be the finale. Producer Alex Gansa hopes to film it in Israel, where Homeland's source series, "Prisoner of War", first originated.

Prisioners of War


The Showtime drama is based on an Israeli drama called "Prisoners of War" or in Hebrew, Hatufim. Hatufim means "abducted" or "kidnapped." One of Homeland's writers had been the showrunner of the Israeli tv series.

Ben Affleck


Ben Affleck nearly directed the pilot but due to an arrangement he had with his then wife Jennifer Garner (which meant that one of them would always be home to look after the kids when the other was working on a project) he later had to withdraw. Shame on you Ben!

First episode ever


The first episode ever was launched online. A couple of weeks before it was broadcast on tv, Showtime allowed viewers to gain a sneak peek by completing a game to gain access. Cool!

Creepy opening


The opening shows flashes of the situations Carrie Mathison has been through from her childhood, to her personal and professional life and her health issues. Fun fact: some of the pictures in the opening credits are actual pictures of Claire Danes as a kid.

Halle Berry


Halle Berry was originally cast as Carrie. The character was to be called Claire Mathison but when Berry turned the role down and Claire Danes was cast, the name of the character was changed to Caroline Anne Mathison to avoid confusion.

Brody didn’t auditioned


Even though Damian Lewis was the third choice for his role, he didn't have to audition. The creators were impressed with one of his earlier movies and offered him the role without a proper audition.

Not the original


Morena Baccarin wasn't the original Mrs. Brody. Laura Fraser played Jessica in the pilot before the show aired. Had Claire Danes got anything to do with this, given the fact that they are actual friends?

Real life friends


Yes, Morena Baccarin and Claire Danes go way back. In an interview Morena revealed that her and Claire went to the same middle school and were in the same homeroom class. Claire confessed Morena is one of her very dearest friends.

Audience’s favorites


Brody was not supposed to make it longer than season one. But as he was one of the audience favourites the writers have to think what to do and decided that his character was finally going to be killed at the end of season three.



Claire Danes decided Carrie's diagnoses. She told the Entertainment Weekly that she decided Carrie was Bipolar type 1. She really blended with Carrie Mathison's persona.

She studied for the role


Claire Danes met with CIA officers and studied bipolar disorder to prepare for the Carrie Mathison role. Such a professional she is that she got really involved with her character.

Very convincing


Due to her immense preparation for the role, her acting was probably a little bit too convincing for some of the fans. They wrote to the show, pretty concerned about her wellbeing and they even suggested that the actress be given some time off.

Carrie Anne Mathison


Here are 9 very interesting facts that you probably didn't know about this great and complex character, CIA bipolar agent, Carrie Mathison, and will make you emphasize with her even more!



Carrie was born in Dearborn, MI, but grew up in Kensington, MD. The family had to move because her father, Frank, lost his job (after his bipolar disorder, which Carrie inherited, caused him not to show up at work). They moved to Maryland, because he finally got a job in Bethesda.

She is a jogger


Carrie was a high-school and a college NCAA athlete, a runner. Her event was the 1,500 meters. This is something that isn't shown or talked about much on the series.



Both Carrie and her sister, Maggie, went to a Catholic high school, Holy Trinity High, in Kensington. Though she is not such a church goer, is she?

Princeton University


Carrie graduated from Princeton University, with a B.A. in Near East studies. It was Carrie's background in Near Eastern culture along with her ability to speak Arabic that made the CIA recruit her.

Love for the jazz


Carrie's passion for modern jazz, particularly of the bebop '40s, '50s, and '60s era, was sparked when she was introduced to it by her first lover, John, her political science professor at Princeton.

First bipolar episode


It was also at Princeton that Carrie experienced her first full-fledged bipolar episode, during which she wrote a 45-page manifesto titled, "How I Reinvented Music." She then ran naked, except for a jacket, through the snow to the first professor she saw, a Professor Sanchez, who got her to the Student Health Center with the help of some students.



Carrie first learned about the drug Clozapine when it was recommended by a Lebanese doctor during a summer she spent at the Overseas Political Studies Program through American University in Beirut. It was this drug that made controlling her bipolar disorder and living a somewhat normal life possible.



Carrie met and became friends with Virgil in Beirut in 2006, when they both worked for the CIA. It was Virgil who suggested she wear a wedding ring when she went out to bars if she didn't want to attract unwanted male company.



Viewers know that during a time when she had been recalled to Langley, Carrie had an affair with David Estes, director of the Counter-Terrorism Center. In the book, we learn that Estes followed her to New York, where she and Saul had gone to stop a major terrorist plot, and that Carrie and David met intimately at the New York Palace Hotel.

Mandy Patinkin


Mandy Patinkin has said in the past that his favorite role was playing Inigo Montoya in The Princess Bride. It is definitely a great character and a must watch classic movie!

Navid Negahban


Abu Nazir is a mime. Yep, Navid Negahban, the actor who played the villain on the first seasons of the series and scared the crap out of all of us, is trained in the arts of mime.

Jamey Sheridan


Jamey Sheridan, who portrays VP William Walden, was originally a dancer but took to acting after a knee injury. We didn't get to see any dance moves in the series, though.

Morgan Saylor


Although Dana Brody isn't exactly known for extreme sports skills on the show, Morgan Saylor (the actress who plays her) is a nationally ranked rock climber IRL. Good for her!

Timothée Chalamet


Oscar nominee, Timothée Chalamet, had participated in the series, specifically in season 2. His character was involved in a hit and run accident together with Morgan Sailor's and was later killed in a terrorist attack.

Tracy Letts


Actor who plays Senator Andrew Lockhart wrote the Pulitzer Prize-winning play August: Osage County, as well as the screenplay for the film of the same name. He's also written other plays adapted by himself for the big screen.

British Royalty


Damian Lewis' family is British royalty, kind of. His grandfather was the Lord Mayor of London. So, he could had definitely been cast in Netflix's drama The Crown, right?!

American Soldier


Despite being an Englishman (he was born in St. John's Wood, London, England), Damian Lewis has portrayed American soldiers multiple times in films such as "Band of brothers" and "Warriors"

Rupert Friend


Rupert Friend, whose character, Peter Quinn, was killed on the last episode of season 6, expressed his thoughts and really emphasized with fans being sad about his goodbye. He understands our frustration!

Sad story


It will be really sad not to see what could have happened between his character and Carrie's. Timing wasn't ever on their side and that is definitely very frustrating!

Soul Asylum


Claire Danes was in a Soul Asylum (Minneapolis alt-rock band) music video. It was for the song "Just like anyone". It features Claire as an outcast college girl who grows angel wings. Interesting…

First big steps


But her big break was starring in Winnie Holzman's teen drama series "My so-called life" (1994) and that followed her breakthrough role in Baz Luhrmann's adaptation of "Romeo and Juliet" (1995).



Before she fought terrorists, Danes was known as an infamous Hollywood homewrecker. She broke up Billy Crudup and Mary-Louise Parker when Parker was eight months pregnant. Well, it always takes two, let's not put the blame entirely on her.



Claire Danes auditioned for Rose Dawson in Titanic. She almost got the part. But finally the role was given to Kate Winslet after Claire turned it down. I wonder how she feels about that decision…

Oliver Stone


After working with her in U-Turn, Oscar winning director Oliver Stone wrote Claire Dane's recommendation letter for Yale University. She was later accepted and attended college for two years!

Making history


Going back to the tv series, season 5 made history after being filmed in Germany. It was filmed in Berlin and it was the first time that an entire season of an American TV show had been filmed on a foreign country.

Studio Babelsberg


There was some on-location shooting in other countries, but most of the scenes were filmed at Berlin's Babelsberg Studios, which is the world's oldest large-scale studio and the place where Fritz Lang filmed his science fiction epic "Metropolis.

President Obama


Barack Obama is such a huge fan of the show. Damian's performance led to him been invited (together with his real life wife) to have dinner with the President at the White House in March 2012. Obama expressed (in more than one occasion) his love for the show and the character.

Graffitti scandal 1


There are hidden messages in some of the graffiti in the scenes. During the show's fifth season, the producers wanted to add some authentic Arabic graffiti to a set and hired a visual artist to spray-paint slogans on the walls of the set.

Graffitti scandal 2


However, the artist wasn't a fan of the show, describing it as "shallow and misguided." So, instead of refusing to take the gig, he drafted in some other graffiti artists to write subversive messages, such as "Homeland is a joke", "Homeland is racist" and "it didn't make us laugh." Apparently unable to read the slogans on the walls, the producers didn't notice and the second episode of the fifth season was broadcast with the messages intact. OMG!

Season 1


Season one gained over half a million more viewers by the finale. The pilot episode premiered in the UK in October 2011 and drew 2.2 million viewers. By the time the season one finale aired, the show drew and impressive 2.8 million viewers.

Season 3


The season three premiere was leaked. Season three premiere leaked nearly a month early and within hours it had been downloaded illegally over 100,000 times. That's a lot of fans around the world!

Google it


Searches for 'Homeland' in Google doubled with the debut of season 6. "Homeland" was searched for over 200,000 times in January 2017. I truly believe that number had grown since!

Awards 1


The show has won over 50 awards and had over 163 nominations throughout it's 6 seasons. Not only the show but also the cast and crew had been nominated for Emmys, Golden Globe, Critic's Choice and Actors Guild, among many others.

Awards 2


Claire Danes had been nominated 22 times and won 10 awards, Damian Lewis had been nominated 8 times and won 3 awards, Mandy Patinkin had been nominated 5 times and Morena Baccarin had been nominated 1 time. Not bad, right?

Highest scores


The show scores 8.4/10 on IMDb and it's top rated episodes are: S04E09 with 9,7 "There's something else going on"; S04E10 "13 hours in Islamabad" with 9,4 and S03E11 "Big man in Tehran" with 9,3. Such great numbers!

Season 7


So now that you now everything that is need to know about the show, the characters and the actors, you will definitely wouldn't wanna miss Homeland's all new season 8 on February 11th. I really can't wait!

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