10+ funny cats are having a better day than yours

Some people live for their pets and have as a goal to give them the best possible life, which we are all up for…but sometimes that can get a bit too far. These pet owners have gone out of their ways to make their cats live a better life that most of us will ever get to live: from tiny elevators to birthday cakes, small apartments and huge amount of toys, these pictures make us wonder why didn't nature made us be born as cats instead of 9 to 5 working class humans. Would you buy any of this stuff for your own cat if you could? These cats are so spoiled that might make you a little jealous





Are you tired of coming home from work feeling exhausted and having to climb the stairs carrying your backpack, purse or groceries? This cat has his very own private elevator at home.



This cat not only has a custom made wooden bed with sheets, pillows and covers but also has nightstands with midnight snacks always available in case of getting hungry late at night.



A permanent vacation: that's how we could have called this picture. Nothing more relaxing after a long day of sleeping and playing that balancing yourself in a hammock made just for you.

A castle


We all know cats eventually end up owning the place they are living in and some of them have no problem making that very strong: like having your own castle in the middle of a living room.



How can you be a cat and enjoy watching your, I don't know, cat shows on TV without owning a proper tiny custom made leather couch where you can relax in? He looks comfy.



Nothing says high class like owning expensive pieces of crystal at home. While most people usually use them when important visits come, this cat uses them as their crib when he's bored.



Are you looking for some leftovers at the end of your refrigerator while you wait for your next paycheck to arrive? This cat not only doesn't work, but he is having sushi for lunch.



If you were not jealous enough with the cat we showed you playing with a computer, check this one playing a game of fishing with a tablet that, judging from the content, is specially for him.



Is there anything in this picture that looks anything else than comfortable and relaxing? While you are stucked in a traffic jam, think about the life this cat has and get a little more bummed down.



Are you one of those people who hate how kids today have cellphones while we used to play with cardboard boxes? Well, this cat has an Ipad and he can use it in the privacy of his ten.



If home improvement is not enough for your pet, know that there are car luxury hotels in the world that give a five star treatment for cats while you work your ass off to pay for it.



Have you ever wanted to have an aquarium filled with colorful fish when you were a kid but your parents wouldn't let you? This cat has his own aquaruim and he uses it as a bed. Not bad.



If you can't remember the last time you were able to afford a nice vacation, think about how someone took this cat on a trip to Italy and took his picture next to the Coliseum too.

Hotel room


Another example of how you can send your pet out to a nice vacation where not only he will be staying in a high-class suite but also eating top food you wouldn't ever dream to afford.



If you are at work right now and wonder why you didin't take five minutes to put on some accesories, let us show you this cat wearing a leather stylish necklace with no leash and no purpose.

Private Jet


Most of us feel lucky to be able to afford a tourist seat on an airplane, but this cat has its own private jet and an Instagram account to show the world how incredibly lucky he is.

Sushi and steaks


This cat has a dog best friend that he shares fancy meals with: while he prefers to have some fresh salmon, the dog is enjoying a thick juicy steak that most of us could not buy.



The overall concept of having things served in a silver platter might be a bit too much to handle for some, but for this cat is just the way he eats his everyday breakfast in the mornings.



Have you been craving some delicious lobster for the longest time but can't even imagine to afford such a luxurious dish? This is a problem this cat over here will never have. H'es digging it.



We all wish that sometimes we could play dress up like when we were kids and not only do it on Halloween, but cats can, and they sure do: look at this fellow dressed up as a cowboy.



It's a known fact that if you spoil your cat enough they will eventually rule your house as if they owned it: like this one, who decided to crash inside a library instead of his own sleeping spot.

Dr.Who scratcher


Dr Who fans are up for a treat here: this cat has his own giant Dr.Who booth inspired scratcher that occupies most of the room and doesn't even care. Not too shabby, isn't it?



You probably have been waiting in lines all day, tired, with your feet swelling and hoping you could just go home to unwind: not like this cat in his custom made animal print couch who did it all day.



When you are a cat, most of your daily obligations include sleeping, playing with random objects for no reason and eating what your human provides. This cat is playing with sunlight before sleeping.



What's the point of being a high-society cat if you can't invite your friends over to play in a structure like this that takes up an entire room so they can also enjoy some privacy there?

Fur rug


He looks as if he is camouflaged, but he is just taking a warm nap on a cold snowy day on a fur rug that probably was bought for the humans in the house in the first place, but didn't make it.



This romantic couple of cats enjoying a night on the town and having a bowl of ramen prepared specially for them is all you would like to have as a Friday night goal, isn't it?



Not only this cat is eating a far more expensive meal than most of us, but he also has it specially decorated for him with some fresh herbs on top. Presentation is key, even if you are a cat.



Nothing says style more than leather: this cat own this exquisite leather covered boxes to keep his toys and to sleep on, where perfect sunlight hits him and keeps him comfortable.



When you wake up in the freezing morning with subzero temperatures and try to find some inner strength to get outside and take the bus, think about this cozy cat whose biggest problem is how to get up.



Cats are some of the most intelligent animals that there are: if you don't believe us, see how this cute guy decided to fight the cold weather by taking a power nap on top of the heater with no worries but himself.



For most cats in the world, getting a can of tuna opened for themselves is quite a special occasion: imagine if that same tuna was being fed by them with chopsticks. You can never get too fancy.



At first sight is even hard to find out where the cat is located, but he is there: rolled up in himself sleeping next to his stuffed animals, as if he was a baby in a crib. It's very cute and adorable.



When you thought, you couldn't see any more spoiled cats, you find one looking at videos in bed from the computer, and of course, it's not just a computer but a MacBook pro that most of us would dream to have.

Morning contemplation


Look at the calm and relaxation that this car inspires in this picture: now look at yourself in the mirror and swear us you are not even a little jealous of him and his morning contemplation.



Is there any better way that celebrating your ridiculously spoiled cat by giving him a bed shaped like his head so he knows it's his? Probably not, and we must add we love this one very much.



Completely unnecessary since it doesn't have a pillow or even a roof, but some cats apparently need to own their own wired pyramid at home to remind them that they are absolute kings.



Do you remember when you were a kid and you would beg your mom to buy soda but she would make you drink tab water instead? Well, this kitten has a fresh glass of Coke for himself.



If you really need to deliver a paper on a due date or finish that job so you don't get fired, your cat won't care: see how this one found a perfect pillow in a keyboard and shall not be disturbed.

Back up


Electronics have some kind of magnet that draw cat's attention and we don't know why: what we do know for sure is that if you need your external disk and your cat chose it to sleep on, he won.

Master of the universe


If you thought cats only ruled your home and finances, you got it all wrong: they actually own the galaxy or at least this very cool galaxy printed sheet set to lay comfortably on.



Have you ever had one of those days when you wish you didn't have to talk to anyone for no reason and everybody would just leave you alone? You probably can't do it, but this cat can.

Sea View


If you are going to be fancy, you need at the very least, a room with a view. This cat has a very preferential spot where he can look at sunsets and the ocean while his human pays for it.

My spot


Did you dream about having a table for fresh beverages in your backyard to enjoy during warm summer days? Think again: this cat decided to own it and will never leave that spot.

Hi there


While you are rushing over to get your teeth brushed after oversleeping, this cat has decided to use this place as his new crib. Notice how he is not even disturbed or hurried to move over.

I said now


This cat has a very strong personality and is not afraid to show it: can you imagine if you could live such an easy and comfortable life just for one day? And they live seven of them.



An amplifier, an electric guitar, a keyboard, some high-end pedals and even a drum set: this cat has an entire music room that he may not have thumbs to play, but he can at least pose in.



When the whole family decided to sit and watch Wimbledon on TV, this cat decided that he didin't ahave a good enough sit and decided to take this matter into his own paws. Sorry you can't see it, family.



This cat not only has a special meal prepared for him, but it's also decorated in a very Canadian way. We all know Canadian people are the most pleasing and kind people on Earth.



This cat's biggest worry is not to get woken up while he is sleeping comfortably in his human's pillow set, using the little boat ornament as his personal toy. Not too bad of a lifestyle.