45+ Easy Last-Minute Halloween Ideas

Get ready to see some of the most creative and fun ideas that people have done for Halloween meals. It doesn't matter whether you are close to Halloween or if you have many months to come until you get to celebrate: for those of us who love it, we can never get enough and especially when it comes to food. These ideas can be great to have some inspiration ready when the day comes, or if you are looking to celebrate a spooky friend birthday: monsters, fake blood, worms and everything your twisted mind wishes to see in a plate.



Frankenstein’s Monster


Yes, it may look a little bit scary. But you would love to eat this eat next October 31st. And no, though it should be more accord, it's not made out of different parts of cakes and reanimated by a lightning strike.

Walking dead


Nothing says "Happy Halloween" like a zombified little girl rising up from her grave looking for some fresh human brains. It's also a proper cake for birthdays, christmas, or everytime you want because it's always time for a piece of cake.



While human vomit looks disgusting, you won't deny that the pumpking version seems to be quite different. And yes, insects don't sound quite eatable, but that's why we love their made of jelly. Hope those eyes aren't from someone because you'll probably eat them too.



Can you imagine you just got out of bed, and you can hear loud and clear from your frying pan "BOO, I'M AN EGG GHOST AND I'LL HAUNT YOU AND YOUR BREAKFAST". Let's hope that's not true or you'll have to switch to an all fruit breakfast.



It seems that ghost are everywhere in our meals. This time, as he didn't have a ouija board he decided to communicate using the first thing at hand, a spaghetti pan. If that happens, i recommend you to call Ghostbusters because you kitchen might be infested with espectres.

Cake pops


We all love cake pops. If you can combine a lollipop and a piece of cake it means that the world is a wonderful place where two good things can live together in harmony. And this halloween design adds M&Ms to the mix, so it's just getting better and better.



The best thing about pigs in a blanket is that you don't have to be an exceptional chef in order to make them. And this halloween version is as easy as the regular version. Just use the dough to make a cap and bandages and presto!

Mouse inspired


If everyone can don a costume during halloween, why can't a pumpkins do the same. That's why these ones look like a mixture between a well know mouse from an important studio and a yellow bear who loves and misspells honey. As you might know, when in Halloween do as halloweeners do.



Yes, we all love cakes that's why we'll have plenty of it on this list. A scarecrow might be useful in a real pumpkin patch, but luckily for us it won't be useful to drive a knife away. So we will be able to celebrate halloween with a piece of cake.

Pumpkin sale


It's another pumpkin-themed cake. This time it seems the scarecrow himself is selling what was ripped from the patch. We're not sure, but if he can mount a selling point he might be a brainy scarecrow. Ergo, it could be the one from Oz.



Three pumpkins piled up? This cake has quite a lot Halloween spirit. And we won't lie to you, we'd really need to see if all the pumpkins have the same flavor or each one has a different one. Will we wait until next October 31st? We really don't know…



Could you split a cute pumpkin cake just to have a piece of it? Are you capable of seeing how its funny face gets cut in order for you to enjoy what's inside of it? Well, we could if we have one of them, so we won't judge you if you want to do it.



You don't need to make a cake that resembles an elaborate 3D model of a pumpkin to enjoy Halloween. You can choose a minimalistic pastry so you don't have to struggle to cut it. In any case, a cake is just a cake.

So cool


But again, if this is a list of fun and original Halloween food, so we should keep it like that. And if you want something that reads "fun and original", this cake most definitely should be part of this list.

Simple style


Now, this pumpkin patch doesn't have a Scarecrow who sells them. We're not saying that you should steal them because it's morally wrong and a sin, but technically there's no one keeping them safe, so you must do whatever you feel right.



What is better than a cake? Another cake, but with a bunch of cupcakes around it. So you can have a piece, then a cupcake, then another piece, then another cupcake and when you realize, you need more cake because you ran out of it.



Now, this is a different decoration for a cupcake. We don't know if they're inspired by Norman Bates, Michael Myers or just another regular knife-lover serial killer. But we can assure you that you'll die to have any of those.



Where getting a little bit gory in here. This cake is designed to look like a rib cage with a couple of fake organs. And yes, we know they're edible but they look a little icky so we don't know if we want to be near them.



Another example of something so well made you'll have a second thought if you're having a pastry or the real deal. In any case, this should be easy because a real skull wouldn't be soft enough to be cut in pieces.



So here's a tricky one. Should you try this brainy sundae with dripping chocolate or you should restrain yourself just in case you later get the munchies for the brains as a regular zombie? Well, in our case, we choose to be zombified.

A bloody pool


This one is quite graphic. It seems that someone wanted to celebrate a dismemberment with a bloody mess of a cake. But well, he's not a real person and this is not a crime scene, it won't be a problem if we eat a little leg or arm.

Brain cupcakes


Another case of excess of brain in our food. We know for sure that those cupcakes are not swallowed because you can tell they're real brainiacs. Didn't you like the pun? Don't worry, I still have a ton of them

Evil eyes


Hey there, have you ever felt like you're being observed? I'm sure that most of the times you're just exaggerating, but in this case, we'll say you're right. At least with this cake, you can eat all the evil eyes away.

Bleeding hearts


Here we are really sure that tittle pieces of someone can be a real treat if they're not the real organ they represent. That's why we are sure about trying those bleeding hearts sometime. Not that we're cannibals or something like that.



Another sweet treat that comes directly from the morgue… i mean kitchen. This is another proper cake to serve on Halloween. I don't know who did this, but if they have some morbid humor they should serve this cake as cold as they can.



We showed you a couple of cakes with pumpkin patches or even shaped like one. But what is the best thing that a cake might have? Layers, lots of layers. So this might pass as a Halloween-wedding cake. We mind? Not at all.

Color brains


Is time for desert already? Don't just pick your brain about it, just eat it. We're not sure if this is some kind of pudding, jello or even a flan. But we're a little bit adventurous and we are willing to try it just for the sake of this list.



By the time we reach the end of this list you'll be either cannibal, a zombie or just a special human being who likes to eat a pastry that looks like human parts, pumpkins or, in this case, a graveyard parcel.



I know this is a cake, but it also serves as a cautionary tale so you can know that severed human parts should go to the freezer or they'll rot. In case of this cake, we'd recommend you also put it in the fridge so it doesn't go bad either.

Eyeball cake


We already showed you an eyeball cake, but this one takes the chill to whole new level. When you get a piece you'll not only get a juicy eye, you might get a little ear, a little feet or maybe a regular size thumb. Nice food for the whole family.



From a crypt from his castle in Transylvania, you can have a piece from the real casket that Count Dracula uses when he sleeps. Not the real one, obviously, but a pretty good replica. Now try to say all this using Bela Lugosi's accent.

Eye shaped cupcakes


Not too fond of eye-decorated cakes? How about an eye-decorated cupcake. It's smaller, yes, but its an individual portion and you don't have to share it. We all know that sharing is caring but frankly, more food is better for all of us.



Cupcakes come in many forms, many shapes and with many frostings. But do all cupcakes come with tiny hands? Thankfully no, but in the spirit of Halloween foods we're not that horrified with the decoration that comes with these pastries.

What is this?


We're not fans of eyes. But it seems that people like to put them in scary food, so we won't leave them out of this list. In this case, chocolate cupcakes with a violet frosting are decorated with a delicate eye and strawberry syrup as blood. Charming.



Again we find a cake with a decoration that looks like a rotten limb. In this case one voice in my head says "Oh no, it looks a little bit disgusting" but another one replies "Hey, it's a cake. You should eat it". It's quite a conundrum, actually.



Nothing like a slimy, gory and jelly brain-like dessert to impress your loved ones. Halloween food surely is something you can use to unite the family against you while they criticize your taste in theme-food. Order a pizza and everybody will be happy.

Green hand


We just called Marvel Comics to confirm that The Hulk is alright and this is not his hand, but a desert. We repeat, The Hulk is alright and has both of his hands. I hope you didn't got freaked out about it. Now, back to our regular programming.



Joey Ramone said "I don't want to be buried in a pet sematary", but he never said he didn't want to bury his mouth in a piece of cake shaped like one. So you can do it, no strings attached.



Isn't he a cute zombie? Actually no, is a little bit gross. But again, it's cake. Who doesn't love cakes? Zombies? Too bad for them, they're delicious and some of the best things life gave us. But it's OK, more for us.



Another good old massacre-themed cake brought to you by this list. I hope you still like regular cakes once you reach the last one. If you still do, congratulations. If you don't, what's the matter with you? Cake is great.

Eye pops


Here's another use for eyeballs we didn't mention until now: Cake pops. Our beloved union between lollipops and cakes can also be found in the shape of eyeballs. Hence the name "Eye pops". See? I can make better puns.

Filthy hands


Now this is something we haven't seen yet. It seems that someone heard the term "lady fingers" and took it quite literal. At least they should have cleaned the filth in their fingers. That's a terrible thing to have when you're served as candy.

Poor Panda


I guess the person who made this must really hate pandas. Would i be comfortable eating a fake panda head? Probably not. Will I encourage you to bake a Panda head? Never. Could i eat a piece of this cake? Of course.

At least they tried


I just thought a possible story for this one. Someone baked an Eddie Munster cake, but another one else became infuriated because he wanted one with the face of Herman Munster. So this one beated the hell out of poor Eddie's head and this is what happened.

I see you


Seriously? I ran out of jokes with this one, I really can't think anything else to say about eye-themed food. I guess these must be some kind of bombon or candy. It doesn't look particularly delicious, but it's food and we love it.

Brain molded cheese


It's October 31st, you just got home tired from work and want to relax. You can't escape the candy give away tradition, so you open the door if any kid shows up. But as soon as they stop ringing your bell, you open a package of crackers and you prepare this dip. Seems like a no-brainer to me.



In a world dominated by eyeballs you need to diversify your offer. That's why some people offer a severed finger pastry as garnish to the several eyeballs we offer you in this Halloween menu. Will they give another flavor to those fake severed organs?



It seems Paul loved brains. Is he a zombie? Is he a neurosurgeon? Is this some kind of joke we don't get because we just see a brain served in a platter? We'll never know.

Eye tree


If you can't decide which holiday you love more -Halloween or Christmas- good news are in order: you don't need to pick a favorite with this tree made entirely of eyeballs and blood. The best of both worlds.

Awesome cake


And of course, after we shown countless of foods shaped like an eye we had to end with a glorious, bloody eye possessed by an evil claw. Halloween surely is a special celebration.