10+ take a sit and watch these 50 amazing benches of the world

We know what you are thinking: what could possibly be exciting about a bench, a functional object where you are supposed to sit and wait for the bus or enjoy a snack in the park? Well, not all benches look as you would think: some of them have a different purpose to them, like advertising a product in a creative and fun way while others were specially designed to bring some art into a regular landscape. This is what make them so great: they are still used for what they were made to, but adding a special something to where they are places.





You can go to the park and have a snack, read a book or just hang around there while you're in the middle of the lake and you don't get wet at all. That's nice.



Let's be honest here. Who doesn't want to sit on a bench holded by two hands that rise up from the floor? Isn't that something you always wanted? You really did? You're weird.

Lake Shore


This is a nice mashup between a park bench and a hammock. Wouldn't you like to go there on a sunny afternoon to leave all your problems behind? Let's go there right now.

Dry seats


THIS IS A HELPFUL INVENTION. These benches have a crank that let you move the wet part of the surface so you don't have to sit in a wet spot. I were the mayor of your city i'd be like "Shut up and take my money!"



As a famous artist said: "Art, art, art everywhere". These benches are simply beautiful and work both as a sitting device and an art sculpture. The best of both worlds, certainly.



I know what you're thinking: this is the future, today. You can recline in the park to read a book, no matter what time of the day it is. That's a lovely way to end a hard office day.



Let's be honest, we don't get to see everyday a bench inside a concrete wall. It might not be that good for someone with claustrophobia but someone who doesn't have it might enjoy it.

Sea World


No animals were harmed in the making of this bench. Sea World is one of the largest aquariums in the world, and they give their visitors a chance to seat in a whale's tail.

Writer’s bench


I know I already said what a good activity is reading in a park. Trust me, i'll repeat it more than once. But check out this typewriter bench. Wouldn't it be marvelously meta to read something here?



A lovely example of giant library objects turned into a bench. Not only you can read in the park in this one, you can also take your adult coloring book and paint there. Happy times for hipsters indeed.



Now people in Denmark placed this hammocks in a city port. You can rest, watch the see, look at boats. Is like the lonely island experience without the island and with a lot of people around you.



This one is a book. It has the literal shape of a giant book. Would you sit there to play with your cellphone? Would you use it to talk with someone? What's the point of not reading a book in a book bench?



Now that's what i call minimalistic style. A park in Australia gives you lounge chairs for you to relax. I don't know you, but i'd take a Pina Colada inside a pineapple and go there in a short vacation.



Another lovely example of practical benches. You open one of the tulip's petal when you want to take a seat and once you did it, you can close it so goes back to its original form.



I'll tell you again, the best usage of park benches is to read a book. But you can also come here and listen to some music you like. And then go back to your book, of course.



Tired of your office? You can't stand working in your home anymore? Somewhere, someone thought of that and installed workbenches in a park. An elegant solution for a modern era problem.



Two birds with one stone. You can have a large, very large sign that indicates where are you and also let people use it as a bench. People will think you're an excellent person. Or not, we can't decide what people thinks.



Adults like to play. Someone who says that you should play as a child and when you're an adult you must be serious is a bad, bad person. Wouldn't you like to swing in this bench?

San Francisco


I can't really tell if they're confortable. They look gorgeous and you can also say they look like art. Yo might have a case of flat bottom if you stay there too long, but you can do whatever you want.



It seems that this round bench is the answer when someone says that is not easy being green. Look, this bench is green and is not complaining? Can't you be like this bench?



Book benches are a thing. We showed you a ton of evidence proving that. So go outside and look for the nearest book bench you have. You haven't got any? Ask the authorities for one, you deserve it.



You need something new you didn't expected, you didn't need but you want it so much? I give you bending benches. Where you can rest, put your stuff and wonder why did someone think this was a thing.



If you give an industrial designer the task of designing a bench he would probably give you one with a smart design and confort. If you give the task to someone else you might get this.



Is this bench comfortable? We can't tell you that, we never sat on one of those before. But they look like a giant paper wreath. We'd have to try how it is then.



Again, a book bench. We're quite fond of them actually and we are considering to get one for ourselves. Now we feel bad because you might think that we would make you use them just to read. You can do what you want, we're not the bench police.



Is it a sunny day and you didn't bring your sunglasses? You might need to give a rest to your eyes and this is a nice solution and a great conversational topic for parties. Just follow the big hats.



If you were a fan of Fantastic Voyage or Inner Space you might have a weird fantasy where you'd love to be inside a human body. We don't have the technology to do that, but here they are some red blood cell benches.



More arty benches here. Not as creepy as some of the ones we showed you before, but they look weird enough. In any case, we're talking about benches and if you can sit on it, that's fine.



Art meeting sitting devices. This tree-shaped bench looks beautiful and capable of holding a great number of persons. You can go with a large group or just sit around strangers.



It's a robot. A robot lying on the floor. Yo can really sit over a robot lying on the floor and then go to your friends and say you became a better person just by sitting on it.



This looks like fun. These movable benches let you sit with someone or move them and have a private booth in a public park. Some practical invention this is, and an useful one.



Is not just about books, you know? Letters count too, even in this digital world where people just sends e-mails. And this bench is an homage to those romantics who still send handwritten messages.



It seems we're not safe anymore in the streets. Is not just Shark Week, but daily shark time. It seems now he has jaws of steel to break the concrete. And so we can go on, and on, and on.

Upside down


Creepy. This is creepy, and unnecesary. Why would someone want to sit in a bench with an oposite where there's a hanging doll? Why do some benches have art pretentions? Just be a bench.



How cool would it be if there was a way to really use this spiral bench as an insane slide? You start in one point, you give a 180° spin and the you get to the other side. We really need scientists working on that issue.

Simple style


A bench can still be a bench, you know? No funny shapes, no weird figures. Just a block of concrete shaped in a way that someone can sit and relax for a little bit. Just like this one.



We can get enough of this doodles mad benches. They're weird and funny and you might want to sit there but the you wouldn't know how to do it so then you think if it's a good idea to sit there and then you go home.



Though cities are practically inmense, they sometimes look like an untide tiny apartment. So it's natural that city halls need to install solution to those issues. Here's one of them



People sometimes look like a sever-year child fascinated with things that illuminate. Like those sneakers that had a light that went on every time you walk. This is the bench version of that.

Laid back


So you want to go to a park where you have lounge chairs with a grass header instead of using the actual grass you can literally find in all the park? Why you have to be that lazy?



Another example of a bench you might have to share with a group of strangers do to its shape. Though its minimalistic look it's interesting, the freedom of having a bench for yourself is even more interesting.

The Wave


Wood shaped to look like a… A giant earthworm? A slug? A mutant we never hear of? In any case it has a disturbing shape and we don't know if we would sit there at all.



If you were born in the 80s and you spend too much time of your life watching Nicktoons you might be a little bit unconfortable sitting in something that could easily been a character from Aaahh!!! Real Monsters.



Picture yourself in a sailboat on the middle of the park, just to realize this is a benche you're not sailing and you have the biggest bench back you ever seen in your entire life. Weird, isn't it?



I can't really tell if those backs are comfortable at all. But the view from those particula benches is espectacular and you might not have anything to compare it. So, it's worth the sitting.

Tree hugger


I'm not sure if i'm in favor or against this one. I'm not a fan of anything that embraces a tree because a tree can't have a voice about that. The truth is that blends with the park, but the plastic look is what bothers me.



This is a remarkable usage of wood. This bamboo bench is original, it looks good, you can build it easily and it seems quite comfortable. And you have a little barbeque behind, so it's a win-win scenario.



Another way to seize what you have is to bend the park bars and make a bench out of it. You don't take a lot of space and it looks quite nice. Although, i'm against puting bars in parks, so i won't be a fan of this one either.



And then, we have a bench. With an iron ornament and a street light on top of it. But a bench where you can sit, rest a little, and if you got something from this list, read a book. Trust me, it's good for you.