10+ these grandparents meeting their grandkids for the first time will melt your heart

Times are hard for dreamers and the world is going through one of the toughest times. If you put on the news, you will probably end up with a sad sour feeling of loneliness and no hope in humanity given all the wars, violence and sadness we are going through, no matter where you are located. But there is so much beauty in the world that we wanted to share one of the sweetest thing with you to kick that feeling away. These elderly citizens may have struggled a lot but still got the chance to live the magical moment of meeting their grandkids for the first time. If you need to have your faith in humanity restored, look at this grandparent pictures.



92 years


This 92-year-old grandmother has the cutest expression in her face after meeting her new born granddaughter: the connection on both their looks is just too sweet to ignore.



The story behind this picture will melt your heart: this man is a Cancer survivor and this photo was taken minutes before he started crying, saying that his whole fight was worthy for this moment.



We don't get to think about this often, but grandparents usually prepare themselves during the pregnancy before meeting their grandkids: in this case the baby was adopted and this woman, completely surprised.

Grandma 101


This woman, as you see her, is 101 years old. We can't nearly imagine how much she has been through in all her years, but she managed to have the strength to hold her grandson with love and care.

Last chance


The next day after this picture was taken, the man in the picture passed on after fighting for a long time, which makes us think that he struggled as much as he could to meet his grandson at least for a few hours.

So excited


If you are ever feeling sad, or hopeless we highly recommend looking at this picture: the expression on this woman's face is so pure and filled with joy we can't seem to get enough of her.



This new grandmother was in the hospital and this photo was taken shortly before she passed on. Luckily, this outstanding photo will keep the memory of this magical moment for the whole family.



We don't know how young this woman was when she gave birth to her kids, but she sure knows how to remain strong to meet her great-great-granddaughter for the first time. She looks so happy.



This man made a promise to his grandson and told him he would live to see his great grandson being born: as this photo shows, he did and this is a beautiful portrait of both meeting each other for the first time.



Yes, this picture is cute as hell but there is a detail that is even cuter and we are about to share it: the man is 91 years old and his granddaughter was exactly 91 days old when this picture was taken.

Black and white


There is just something about a black and white picture that makes it look as a memory that will last forever: this beautiful photo of a man meeting his grandkid for the first-time sums that up.

grandpa for the first time


After fighting many health issues and obstacles during her very short life, this little girl was finally able to take a plane and meet his proud grandpa for the first time, and the two of them seem to be having a blast.



This man adopted a young five-year-old boy and gave him the opportunities and chances in life that otherwise, he wouldn't have had any other way, and his gift for him was to turn him into a very happy grandpa.

That face


There are very little things in life, in my opinion at least, that can restore your faith in humanity like the look on this grandpa's eyes. He looks so moved and blessed that we smile just looking at it.



You know that old saying that states that a picture can replace a thousand words? This is a perfect example of it: with the peace and calm that this man is holding the newborn doesn't need anything else.



This woman had a brain tumor that appeared again when her daughter was pregnant: luckily she was brave enough to fight as much as she can to enjoy her life with the newest member of the family.



After seeing this pictures, wouldn't you love to have your own picture taken the first time your grandparents kissed you, held you or even met you? If you were lucky enough, cherish it.

98 years old


This 98-year-old man seems so please and filled with joy to have just met his granddaughter! Look at his huge smile and how in love he is looking at her. That's just pure love.



It's amazing that this woman in the blue blazer was born in 1913 and her great granddaughter was born exactly one hundred years later, in 2013. Time means nothing sometimes.

Against the odds


This 93-year-old man was going through a rough path at the hospital due to his health condition when his great granddaughter was born: she brought a lot of joy to a very had period.

The whole gang


By the time the young mother in the picture was 20, she had already lost her mother and grandma. Luckily, on the other side of the family her daughter has the chance to enjoy being spoiled by many women.

90 years are nothing


Look at this two looking so incredibly happy and joyful: they were born 90 years apart, which means absolutely nothing when it comes to emotions. Regardless their age, they seem happy.

100 years apart


These two maybe one hundred years apart (which in fact, they are) but they have something in common: they both seem amazed to be looking at one another and in complete peace.



We don't even need to see the full photograph to see the whole picture: the hands of this grandpa and the newest member of the family say all we need to know about how much they love each other.

Happy together


We can't tell for sure who is happier in this picture (not that there is some sort of competition going on). They both seem so relaxed and to be enjoying each other's company.

Life after life


Grab your tissues because this story is about to make you cry: this woman was broken hearted for months after her husband passed and found comfort in meeting her grandson for the first time.

Hundred year old grandpa


I'm not sure If it's this man's resemblance to Charlie and the chocolate factory's grandpa or what but this picture just fills my heart with joy: look at him so amazed with this new life in the world.



This is just too cute to handle: look at this two, examining each other's differences and similarities and getting to know each other for the first time. It's so adorable we could cry.



There's nothing as special for a birthday present than meeting your granddaughter for the very first time when you are celebrating one hundred years of life. Simply unforgettable.

Hi there


Not many people get to meet their great-great-grandkids (that's life after all) but there are some exceptions to this and this picture is proof of that. It's a beautiful magical moment for them.



The first born of the family that is till among us meets and plays the last addition to the family before Thanksgiving dinner. We can imagine what this grandpa is grateful for this year.



It's a very common tradition on some cultures to name a newborn after their grandparents, like this case we see here: they both share the same name although they are 94 years apart.

First timers


This kid is being a kid for the first time in his life and it does not end there: not only his father is new to his position, but his extremely moved and proud grandfather. What a beautiful picture.



This woman is meeting her great grandson for the first time and yes, it is being done via Facetime: thanks to technology, there are no obstacles when it comes to having moments like these.



They were born one hundred years apart from each other but there are some traditions that will never go out of style, like a lullaby before going to bed by someone who loves you that much.

Six months


Not all first encounters occur in the hospital right after the birth; in this case this very eager to meet her granddaughter grandpa had to wait six months before it and did it in the middle of the airport.

One time only

George Mitchell

There is a bittersweet story behind this picture: this woman and her great granddaughter were only able to meet that time the picture was taken and after that, she passed on.

The visit


The first time this adorable little girl went to visit her grandfather, this picture was taken: see how dedicated and committed he is to his task of feeding her and with how much love he does it.

Love is all you need

Neill Gregory

Right after being born, this grandmother got to hold and kiss her granddaughter and luckily this moment was portrayed in the most beautiful and honest way we can possibly imagine.



This photo of the first encounter of a child and her great grandmother is cute as hell, but also has a funny detail: look at them checking out each other's accessories. Both super glam, we may add.



Days before she passed away, this great grandmother could meet her grandson's son in the hospital: even though they were not able to spend much time together, at least the got to meet.

Tears of joy

Teryn Wilkes

This grandfather was overwhelmed when he met his new grandson and the moment was caught on camera for years to come: the way he looks at him while drying his tears is just amazing.



The baby was about to burst into tears but nothing kept these two from taking a beautiful picture together. I love the way they look at kids as if they were amazed of them. We love it.



This war veteran was not able to hold his emotions in when he met his grandson at a wedding: the emotions were just too much to handle and the moment was portrayed forever.

Nap time

Mark Fractor

Nothing says love than a good nap shared in a warm summer afternoon, and that's what these two decided to do the very first time they got to meet each other. So cute, they will have this memory forever.

Suited up


What a classy gentleman this is that he got to wear a suit and a rose on his lapel to meet his grandson for the very first time, and what a beautiful picture to remind them of that moment.


capt_tain Tom

Can you believe how cute this picture is? The honest, warm, and kind hug of this grandmother holding her grandkid for the first time is just too cute. We are not crying, you are.



Look at the kind and honest smile of this proud man holding his grandkid for the very first time of his life. If we haven't restored your faith in humanity so far, we give up, you don't have a heart.

Nice to meet you


The teary look on this woman's face looking at her granddaughter Emma for the first time is so beautiful that we don't think we need to add much more. This is a pure expression of love.