10+ these women from all over the world show that beauty is everywhere

There is nothing as subjective as beauty and the idea we have of it may change a lot depending on where we are. This romanian photographer decided to take pictures of beautiful women from each country she visited to show how beauty changes from one country to the other and how everyone is beautiful in their own way. Come join us in her picture journey of strong, powerful, empowering women that love themselves and are not trying to look like anybody else. If you think about it, being the best version of herself is what makes any woman, anywhere in the world, incredibly beautiful.





The first woman we are seeing is a young lady from Romania who is dress with typical clothes and a daring position that makes her look empowering, decided and edgy as if it was a fashion spread.

Rio De Janeiro


This Brazilian woman seems as if she is not using a drop of makeup on her face and still looks flawless and radiant. We love her and her simplicity in her all white dress and her loose hair.



Eastern Europe women are some of the most beautiful women you will ever see and this girl is no exception: she looks breathtaking with her braided hair and red flowers on a side, with a cute smile.



Latvian women are the usual beauty kind: blonde, with blue eyes, long hair and a bone structure that money can't buy. We love her attitude in this picture, so still and calm but yet so fierce.



Colombia has the record of beauty queens around the world and no wonder: these women are not only gorgeous but have effervescent personalities that can melt anyone's heart when they meet them.



We could be staring at this picture for hours and wanting to ask her where she got that incredible outfit that fits her like a glove. See how proud she stands, and how gorgeous she looks.



You will be seeing a lot of Colombian women who made it to this list and we won't have to explain why: look at this wonderful girl that poses so naturally and it's impossible to stop looking at.



Russia has a fame of having incredible women and it's true: Russian women are not only perfect looking, but have a certain seduction to themselves that makes them unforgettable.



We love everything about this picture, don't you? Not only the beautiful model, but the context, the way she is posing and how the wind is playing with her hair without covering her face.



Typical clothes, incredible attitude: this woman sure knows how to rock her cultural outfit and stare at the camera in such a way that she could be wearing a t shirt and still not be able to ignore her.



No makeup, no fancy outfit, no hair do: we are crazy about this girl in Chile who is posing so casual and relaxed. See how each one of these women, in her own way and style, are beautiful.

San Francisco


It's hard to not be cute when you are a natural red head, and look at the incredible hair on this girl: perfectly soft, wavy and with a facial expressions professional models would kill for.

Indian woman living in Japan


This Indian woman is currently living in Japan and has adopted some of the fashion statements and attitude there, still keeping her amazing face and hair and posing like a queen.

Tibetan Plateau


Rosy cheeks, thin eyebrows, and a lot of huge accessories that are part of her culture: even though this woman looks nothing like the others we've seen so far, she is just as good looking.



Another Brazilian woman made it to this list by looking chic and simple surrounded by colors and her home flag: she looks sexy and elegant, calm and fierce and we are absolutely in love with her.



The thing about beauty is that not only you don't have to be from a certain place to be beautiful, but you also can be any size, any age, any religion, like this elderly woman whose smile has us all captive.



Do you think she is angry or just looking fierce as hell? We are not sure, but no matter what the case is she does look like a supermodel and sets Colombia on the best record in this list too.



Long straight hair, no makeup and a cute white t shirt: there is no extra setting needed with such a beautiful Peruvian woman staring at the camera with crossed arms and daring attitude.



This beautiful woman from Yangon who is posing in the middle of a Buddhist temple filled with people is impossible to stop looking at: so simple and yet so gorgeous. We love her pose, too.



Iran women have a lot of restrictions to their fashion, behavior, style and habits, but they manage to be drop dead gorgeous no matter what. Have you ever seen such beautiful eyes before?



Classic American beauty never goes out of style: this is what most people would call the "Girl next door" type of beauty, meaning a girl you could find anywhere and still be mesmerized by.

Colombian woman living in Ecuador


There was way too much beauty in Colombia already, so this woman moved to Ecuador: see how sophisticated she looks with her plaid shirt and her long combed straight hair, and nothing else.



Tribal women keep their traditional clothes and makeup always and are not carried away by modern society's displays of fashion. In her own style and peculiar way, she looks stunning.



See how the kids in the back of the picture can't seem to stop staring at the beautiful lady: Ecuador is also filled with incredibly looking women filled with attitude and charisma that can make you fall in love.



Ok, so we know we have included many Colombian women, but this picture in the slide could not be left out of our list. We love her and her overall style: the leggings, snickers and her two-colored hair.



This woman in Romania not only has us stunned by her beauty, but there is something only women will appreciate (let me know if we are right, ladies): can you believe her gorgeous eyebrows?



This Indian woman has such a simple style and even dressed completely in black still manages to keep our attention drawn to her: her Mona Lisa type of smile is just too cute to stop looking.

Mexico City


This Mexican woman can easily be a painting on a fancy apartment wall: see how she stares directly into the camera and makes it impossible to ignore. What a beautiful young woman with fire in her eyes.



This is probably one of my favorite pictures so far and hopefully is yours too. See how she smiles carefree with her hands in her pockets. Natural beauty is the best beauty in the world.

Nasir Al-mulk


In the middle east, woman are forced by law to cover themselves up almost fully: we love the effect that the lighting and colors added to her garment and how beautifully she is posing for the picture.

New Zealand


An average woman who is so pretty and casual she could stop traffic. See how it doesn't matter the style or the clothes, attitude always wins. She looks intriguing and elegant, don't you think?



Sorry guys, but this will be a comment for the ladies: see how hair looks always amazing when its soft and hydrated and well taken care of? Let's not even get started talking about her eyebrows.



It's hard to be noticeable under the typical colorful garment of Indian women, but this woman looking at the camera looking so peaceful sure was able to do it. She looks so calm and together.



Even though is a country that has been in war for a long time and has a sad story to it, this picture can tell that even where there is sadness, there is beauty and she definitely portraits that.



This Mongolian woman looks stunning with her long dark hair and her no makeup attitude. She looks like she just got out of bed looking like a million dollars. Girls, share your secret with the world, please.

Amazon Rainforest woman


See how this Amazon Rainforest woman dressed in her tribal traditional outfit just manages to stand out in such an incredible environment and not fade in it. That, my friends, is attitude.

Atacama Desert


The Atacama Desert is in Chile and not only has some wonders for tourists to see but also has extraordinary women like this curly hair beauty to look at. Don't you just love her hair?



This young Australian woman and her sibling are posing beautifully and we love this picture: the way she is looking at us and holding the kid with such kindness make her even prettier, if it's possible.



Set in Havana and looking incredible, this girls and her tan skin is giving lessons on how one should pose in any picture: she looks as if she is casually braiding her hair but she is nailing the photoshoot.



Harlem is one of the places in New York city where more diversity can be found: see how this African American woman is looking amazing and posing casually next to a basketball court with a million dollar attitude.



If this is the first Turkish woman you ever see in your life, you will probably be just as amazed as we are: the face on this girls in unbelievable and her expression makes her even more perfect.

New York City


This Jewish woman posing in her traditional clothes in the middle of her neighborhood is so stunning and classy that became one of our favorites. She may dress like a lot of women and manages to still look unique.



If you had the idea that all women in China use straight hair and tons of makeup, you got it wrong: this woman from Beijing with wavy hair, no makeup and daring attitude is representing her country.



A casual dress and suede jacket make her look like a bohemian girl who is ready to hang out by the beach and even surf some waves: kudos for Australia and their beautiful stress free girls.



This Chinese woman with her long hair and classy style is another example on how beautiful woman look when they are confident in who they are and pose proudly in front of a camera.



Short hair, traditional huge accessories and the most amazing look we have ever seen: this woman from Ethiopia is showing that you can be traditional and unique at the same time.



This Indian woman is posing in her traditional cultural clothes and has a certain peace to her facial expression that makes her stunning and yet, so simple and clean. We love her.



An older woman, dressed and painted as tradition sets, with a full black back ends this list where we hope you have realised that there are no ugly women and we are all beautiful in our own special way.