10+ tips to take the perfect engagement photo

"And they lived happily ever after" is one of the most used lines in children's books when it comes to fairy tale ends. But in real life, the moment when to people decide to start a life together is not th end, but the beginning of an incredible journey that needs to be properly celebrated from the moment it begins. A lot of couples start their memories before the wedding day with engagement pictures that let the world know the decisition they have made: here are some of the most beautiful and inspiring ones. If you are dreaming about the big day yourself, they'll show you some tricks and tips to make yours perfect. Happily ever after: these engagement photos will make you want to get married



Be original


Dare to stay away from the classic cheesy couple pictures of the two of you standing together in the park and smiling ackwardly: do something bald with your plus one.

Be brave


Getting married is a brave decision so why not celebrating the occasion by doing an out of the ordinary activity that bonds you two and making a portrait of your adventure together?

Stay simple


If adventure is not your thing, turn a regular kissing photo into an artistic one by choosing the right angles and facial expressions. Also, black and white pictures are always classy and in style.

Be true to yourselves


There's no need to make a fancy engagement picture if you guys are more laid back and have a different spirit: instead of faking it, make it as real as you are in real life. You make your own rules.

Be artsy


Sometimes a perfect picture only needs a perfect setting: use the graffitis on the streets and turn them in to your own set for the day. Any city has something that you can work with and make it yours.

Hire a photographer

Kadek Artayasa

It doesn't have to be a high priced service: a friend that has basic photography knowledge that can give you a hand and make this your wedding gift: specially if you are taking the pictures outside, they'll look so much better.

Get the whole family

Leopoldo Sena

If your pets are a huge part of your family, they should be a part of the pictures too: find a way to include them that is fun and original and have them included in your engagement memories.

Let it snow


Don't let a blizzard stop your engagement pictures: instead use it as a component of them. Everything is more charming in the snow, so if you have cold weather your way, turn it into a hot picture.

Photoshop if you must


We can't tell for sure if this has photoshop on it or just extreme good luck but it's not a crime to use a little bit of post production work to make your pictures pretty, and make them even more special.

Be natural


Let's get a little cheesy now: the most unique and beautiful part of being in love is to be yourself around your partner so insetad of trying to look perfect, be goofy and romantic as you usually are: it will translate.

Use nature

Ruan Redelinghuys

Doen't matter if it's the beach, muntains, forest or just a tree in the corner of your house: nature always has a way when it comes to embellish things. This picture is a perfect example on how to use it.

Be models

Kadek Artayasa

Have you ever seen an America's next top model photoshoot and hope you can do it just for the fun of it? This is your chance to do whatever you want and make it spectacular. If you are willing, go for it.

Keep it romantic


If you are in an amazing environment like this couple, don't let it steal your thunder: keep in mind that regardless where it's set, this picture must be about love and romance. Don't lose it.

Be sweet


If you are worried about getting way too cheesy pictures, let me tell you that you hae chosen the wrong time of your life to have that concern: let yourself go and enjoy being cheesy every once in a while.

Go to the beach


If you have the opportunity, never hesitate about doing a shoot on the beach: it will always look good, romantic and with some perspective (and maybe a drone) you can get a brilliant engagement photo.

Play with light


Nothing says romance louder than this wonderful sunset: if you have time for sunset use it if you can. Even though you are being photographed by a friend or an amateur, just the wonderful lights will set the mood and a beautiful portrait of your couple. Take a look on this picture. It looks so wonderfull an magical

Architecture will help

Sidney Coombes

If you live near an extravagant museum or just an impressive building you can make it a big part of your photo: it will dramatically change the setting and make it artsy and cool. Which one would you use?



Are you worried your picture will look stiff and forced because none of you know how to strike a pose? Put some music on and start dancing as if no one is watching you. And enjoy the moment, please.

Dive in

Jeff Hammond

Make it fun: use underwater takes to make a memory that will be distressed, original and extremely cool to hang in your wall once you get married. It works as a symbol of diving into a new stage of your life too, so it's a win win.

Get sexy


Romance is not always about sweetness and coy faces: if your are a little hotter than that don't be afraid to show some sexy in your engagement pictures. As long as it's appropiate enough, it will work.


Bethany Howarth

If you and you husband or wife to be are rather shy and it makes you uncomfortable to pose in front of a camera, a long take and silohuette usage can be a great way to take the pressure off and keep the romance on.

Do it at home


Special places and settings are always great but there's nothing greater than love, so don't make it too complicated if it doesn't have to be: keep it simple, do it at home and relax. It will be just as cute.

Be fun

Helena And Laurent

Don't do one of those pictures to announce an engagement that could easily appear on a 1950's local newspaper: it doen't have to be so serious, and a relaxed couple is a goal everyone has, so be that yourself.

Take a ride

Redded Photography

Ever seen those rides on your town that you know are made and supported by tourists? Use them not only as a way to frame your memory, but also as an experience of a fun afternoon you will remebember and value forever.

Use a symbolism

Jonathan Cooley

Is love taking a leap of faith for you? Jumping of a plane? As long as it's safe, it can come real handy to embrace that feeling and make it into a physical action that can be portraited. It will create a beautiful photo.

Make it rain

Melissa Cervantes

As we said that it can be with snow, don't be afraid to use rain too in your photoshoot. Romantic comedies always have a great and unforgettable kiss in the rain so you can now have yours.

Wind beneath my wings

Pollard We Are

If you believe in superstitons, you will not be up for this but if you don't you are going to love it: taking a wedding dress takes forever and you only get to use it once so don't be afraid to announce your wedding…in your wedding dress.

Be unexpected

Luke Liable

If you are looking for the perfect place to have your picture taken, you may have passed it ten miles ago: any setting can be cute and pretty if you make your couple the center of it and also, make it much more original.

Use your passions


Any passion you and your loved one share can be great to add in a picture: it can be bowling, riding your bikes or going to the mall. As long as you have the right attitude, anything you share can be romantic.

Be a part of the picture


Some couples don't like the in the face camera situation and that's completely ok: you shouldn't be uncomfortable in a moment where you are supposed to celebrate and enjoy. Do it the way you can have fun.


Renata Xavier

Be casual

Sebastien Bicard

We sid it before and we'll say it again: it doesn't have to be so serious. Be very goofy and sexy, be smiley and funny, but whatever you do: relax and enjoy while the photo is being taken because it will make a difference. Don't be afraid to take a close and personal picture: if you are relaxed and comfortable it will make your facial expressions shine and you will not need anything else than that to create the perfect picture.


Matt Stallone

People usually say that love feels a lot like fireworks so if you can do it safely, make them a part of your picture. Nothing says 4th of july or happily ever after as much a fireworks so give it a chance.

Make it a movie


Not only where you do it but how can make a regular picture turn into a movie poster: imagine a story, be a little theatrical if you dare and make it a fun photo for people to imagine the rest.

Give it a kiss


It's not tacky to kiss on engagement pictures if you do it naturally and cute: please, avoid any tongue or weird faces and we assure you it will look beautiful, sweet and romantic.

Just the two of us

Dallas & Sabrina

Weddings can be stressful and involve a lot of people (yes mothers in law, we are talking about you) and damage a little the relationship: take this experience to remind yourselfs that is all about you two and no one else.

Close up


Don't be afraid to take a close and personal picture: if you are relaxed and comfortable it will make your facial expressions shine and you will not need anything else than that to create the perfect picture.

Lay down

Shari + Mike

Another great way to avoid looking of feeeling stiff in your pictures is to lay down: if you can find a bed of leaves like this autumn perfect setting, it will do wonders to help you relax and look great.

Make it look like an ad

Leopoldo Sena

If you are a little more comfortable in front of the camera, don't miss out on the opportunity to imitate and ad and be playful: it will look not only original, but lovely to frame.

Show your pretty faces

Rachel Photographs

If you want to keep it simple and elegant, dress up, look fancy and just stan to each other ooking into the camera to create a couple portait that doesn't need anything else to shine and be cute.

Keep it personal


It doesn't matter what it is, find something that you both understand that is personal: it can be as simple as rubbing each other's feet before falling asleep, and find a way to make it into a cute picture.



It's simple, is fun and it works whatever you are or how you are dressed: take each other's hand, run a little and get the perfect motioned and distressed picture. Try it and let us know how it went.

Mascarade it


Not sure how to smile in front of a camera like Chandler in that Friend's episode? Wearing masks can be a little weird but it can easily be turned into artistic…and lifesaving. Give ita try and use your Halloween costumes.

Light it up


You don't have to build an expensive setting to make it personal: turn all lights off, turn a good one on and be surprised on how beautiful and special it makes the whole picture look.

Try some effects


You don't have to use snapchat filters to make it hip and fun (you could if you want to) but with some simple effects, a pretty simple picture of your couple can turn into a little piece of art.

Use what you have


Windows, doors, settings, buildings, lights, holidays, clothing, anything goes to give a personal touch to a couple picture. Use what you have and don't compare it to others: what makes your couple special is your couple.

Stay away


No couple is together 24 hours a day so you can do exactly that in your engagement picture: give it some distance and style and let it be as original as you want it to be.



Hiding a little can be fun and give it a misterious touch, but it can also turn a regular picture into an artistic one like this one using just an umbrella and some imagination. What do you think?



You are about to start a wonderful journey that yes, will be filled with stress too: have a good laugh, relax, unwine and let it show on your pictures. Nothing says "I do" like having fun with your best friend.