10+ youtube channels with over 10 million subscribers

Youtube is the biggest video-sharing website in the world. Since 2005, people have been uploading and watching videos of any kind, from tutorials to music videos. Some of them found in youtube a job and a new way of living as they dedicate most of their time to their channel and upload new content constantly. PewDiePie, Jake and Logan Paul, Jenna Marbles, GetMovies, The Ellen Show and Watchmojo are a few names you should know or at least find familiar. Here are 50 youtube Channels from all over the world with more than 10 million subscribers you probably are already subscribed to or should be.





You may hate or love PewDiePie but you know him. His youtube channel has over 60 million subscribers and is at the top of the ranking. His real name is Felix Kjellberg and he is a 28 year-old swede who is breaking the internet every time he uploads a video.



T-Series is a YouTube channel maintained by Indian music label T-Series. The channel has over 30 billion views in total and 34 million subscribers. It gains over 2.7 million subscribers monthly, an average of 90 thousand subscribers gained every day.



German Garmendia is a chilean youtuber who does comedic and music videos. He has over 33 million subscribers and represents Latin America in the top 5. His youtube fame got him a role in the movie "Ice Age: Collision Course" in 2016.



Rubén Doblas Gundersen or, as you should know him as, "El rubius" is a spanish youtuber who uploads gaming videos and vlogs. Subscribers love his humour and specially his sketch comedies and q&a's.

YouTube Spotlight


You must be familiar with the "Youtube Rewind" that puts together youtubers at the end of every year representing what happened during that time on Youtube. YouTube Spotlight is YouTube's official video channel for spotlighting videos and events, including YouTube Comedy Week and the YouTube Music Awards.

Whindersson nunes


Whindersson Nunes Batista is a Brazilian comedian, singer, and YouTuber known for his comedy videos since 2013. His channel currently has over 26 million subscribers and more than 2 billion views.

Dude Perfect


Dude Perfect is a sports entertainment group on YouTube. They are 5 friends from college that decided to start uploading their videos in 2009. Their channel consists of trick shot videos, battles, a series called Stereotypes, and their new series called Overtime.



Fernanfloo is a gaming youtuber with almost 27 million subscribers and 7 billion views. His name is Luis Fernando Flores Alvarado, he is from El salvador and he is only 24 years old. In 2015 he launched an game app called Fernanfloo which had a huge success.

Juega German


Juega German is the second channel from German Garmendia or HolaSoyGerman, the chilean youtuber we listed just a few moments ago. This is a gaming channel exclusively, people like German so much they subscribe to see him play any game.



Who doesn't love Ellen Degeneres? She just turned 60 and has been on television forever. Since she opened her youtube channel people can watch her show at any time. Her videos include clips of her interviews and games.



Smosh is an sketch comedy YouTube channel created by Ian Andrew Hecox and Daniel Anthony Padilla. This couple has over 22 million subscribers and 6 billion views. Anthony left smosh last year to create his own channel and Hecox has been flying solo.



VanossGaming a gaming youtube channel held by Evan Fong, a canadian video game commentator. His subscribers love his collaborations with other youtubers and personalities. The name "Vanoss" comes from VANOS, a variable valve timing system produced by BMW.



WWE or World Wrestling Entertainment is an American entertainment company that specializes in professional wrestling. Their youtube channel has over 21 million subscribers, 20 billion video views and 33K uploads.

Vegetta 777


Vegeta777, or Samuel de Luque, is a spanish youtuber famous for uploading gameplays of Minecraft, Battlefield and other games. People love his videos because they are filmed and look like a movie. He has many gaming series such as Planet Vegetta, Minecraft Zone and Minecraft apocalypse.



Yuya is a mexican beauty vlogger and youtuber. Her real name is Mariand Castrejon Castañeda and is 24 years old. She is the most popular YouTuber in the beauty and style category, and the most popular YouTuber in Mexico, with more than 20 million subscribers.



Ryan Higa or NigaHiga is a comedian, actor and youtuber. His channel was the most subscribed channel on YouTube for 677 consecutive days from 2009–2011, longer than any other channel besides PewDiePie.



This hawaiian youtuber has almost 20 million subscribers and 8 billion views. His real name is Mark Edward Fischbach and he lives in Los Angeles. He specializes in "Let's Play" videos, commonly of survival horror video games.

Felipe Neto


Felipe Neto is a brazilian manager, vlogger, actor, comedy actor and youtuber. He started his youTuber career by talking about celebrities, movies, daily activities in some criticizing or comic way.



Jacksepticeye , is an Irish producer, game commentator, and youtuber, known for his comedic Let's Play series on video games and vlogs. His real name is Seán William McLoughlin and ihs started his channel in 2012, since then it has been growing extremely and now has 17M subscribers.



She almost need no introduction. Many people say Jenna Marbles own youtube along her dogs Kermit and Marbles. In 2010 Marbles released a video entitled "How To Trick People Into Thinking You're Good Looking" which was viewed over 5.3 million times in its first week.

Trap Nation


Trap Nation is a youtube channel that uploads trap and electronic music mainly. Trap Nation was founded in September 2012 by Andre Willem Benz when he was 15 years old and The nations are actually the largest music channel network on YouTube.



DANTDM is an english youtuber and professional gamer. His real name is Daniel Robert Middleton and you may know him as The Diamond Minecart, the name of his channel before he changed it to DANTDM.



FBE or "The Fine Bros" is the youtube channel that invented the "kids react to" that went viral and became a trend in the site. FBE and "React" are run by Benny and Rafi Fine, two american brothers.

Logan paul vlogs


Logan Paul gained fame through videos shared on Vine (R.I.P.) and then became a star on youtube. With only 22 years old, he is one of the most successful people on youtube. He uploads daily videos about his life ("Vlogs") since september 2016.



WatchMojo.com is a canadian youtube channel that uploads "Top ten" videos and some videos summarizing the history of specific niche topics. The channel has over 16 million subscribers and 10 billion all-time video views.



EnchufeTV is the most viewed ecuadorian youtube channel. They upload a web series that consists primarily in comedic sketches. The skits feature Ecuadorian idiosyncrasies, reflecting on everyday life while leaving aside stereotypes and discrimination.

Canal canalha


Julio Cocielo is a brazilian youtuber who owns Canal Canalha. His videos are similar to Logan Paul's, they are vlogs of his daily life mixed with his own kind of humor. He has more than 15 million subscribers and is one of the largest channels in Brazil.

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon


Everybody knows Jimmy Fallon, he hosts one of the most successful talk shows on tv. Like Ellen, he started uploading his content on youtube and some videos went viral. He interviews celebrities and play games with them, making the audience laugh out loud.



Pedro Alfonso Rezende is just 20 years old and owns one of the most popular gaming channels, Rezendeevil. He is from Brazil but went to Italy to play indoor soccer. Finally he dropped out his career as a soccer player and dedicates most of his time to his Minecraft videos.



Gabriel Montiel Gutiérrez owns the most succesfull youtube channel in Mexico, Werevertumorro (named after a verse from Incubus' song "Drive"). He has almost 15 million subscribers and one billion views.

ChuChu TV Nursery Rhymes & Kids songs


ChuChu TV is the third most subscribed YouTube channel in India with over 14.6 million subscribers and over 12.4 billion video views. Their videos are for children and are dedicated towards creating 2D and 3D animation videos of traditional nursery rhymes with an incorporation of peppy music.



ERB stands for Epic Rap Battles, a web series created by Peter Shukoff ("Nice Peter") and Lloyd Ahlquist ("EpicLLOYD") in 2010. Epic Rap Battles puts famous historical and pop culture figures, real and fictional, against one another in an epic rap battle.



Roman Atwood is is a youtuber, comedian, vlogger and pranker. He is known for his vlogs documenting his daily life. He also has another YouTube channel called "RomanAtwood", where he posts pranks.



If you have kids or little siblings you must know Little Baby Bum. LBB specialises in 3D animation videos of traditional nursery rhymes and their own original children's songs. It was created by Derek Holder and his wife in 2011 and now has over 13 million subscribers!

Porta dos Fundos


Porta Dos Fundos means "Back Door" in portuguese and is a brazilian youtube channel created in 2012 by Fábio Porchat, Antonio Pedro Tabet, Gregório Duvivier, João Vicente de Castro and Ian SB. Their videos have captions in english and PDF is the 4th most-subscribed channel in Brazil.



PopularMMos is known for uploading minecraft videos and vlogs. His real name is Patrick and is married to fellow YouTuber GamingWithJen, he plays with her almost in all of his videos. He has more than 13 million subscribers and 10 billion views.

Liza Koshy


Liza Koshy is an actress and youtuber. She is only 21 years old and she own two Streamy Awards and a Teen Choice Award. She has 13 million subscribers and over 1.4 billion views on her videos.

Jake Paul


Jake paul is the little brother of Logan Paul. He also became famous on Vine and then Youtube. He uploads comedic videos and is known for his catchphrases "Dab on 'Em Haters!" and "It's Everyday Bro". His channel has over 13 million subscribers and 3 billion views.

The Late Late Show with James Corden


Who doesn't love James Corden? His "Late Late" talk show has become a hit. His most popular videos are the "Carpool Karaoke", in which he invites a singer or a band and perform their songs while driving in LA.



People love to laugh at others fails. FailArmy is a YouTube channel consisting of fail compilations. They upload "Fails of the Week" which is a collection of fails found throughout the internet each Friday.



WillyRex is a spanish youtuber. His real name is Guillermo Díaz and he originally started his YouTube channel to share gameplays with his friends. He uploads Minecraft videos mainly and has more than 12 million subscribers.



Lilly Singh is SuperWoman and she started her youtube channel in 2010. She is a canadian youtuber, actress, comedian and author. SuperWoman has received an MTV Fandom Award, four Streamy Awards, two Teen Choice Awards and a People's Choice Award .



Caelike, or Patricia Caeli Santa Olalla Lopez, is a Mexican vlogger and youtuber. She started her youtube channel in 2010 and now has over 11 million subscribers and 500 uploaded videos.



Vsauce, Michael here. If you are a science nerd you must know him. Michael Stevens owns 3 youtube channels (Vsauce 1, 2 and 3), where he uploads science, maths, technology, gaming and cultural videos.



Rachel Levin is a youtuber and "beauty guru" known for her YouTube channel RCLBeauty101. She has been featured on the front cover of magazines such as Adweek and her Fans are referred to as Levinators.



Zoella is a is an English fashion and beauty vlogger, YouTuber, and author. Her name is Zoe Elizabeth Sugg and her youtube fame brought the opportunity of writing her book "Girl Online", a novel released in 2014.

Luccas Neto


Luccas Neto is Felipe's Neto brother. His channel, along with his brother's, has been among one of the fastest growing in subscribers and viewership on the platform since 2017. He joined youtube in 2014 and now has 11 million youtubers.

College Humor


College humor is a web series based on a group of college students. Their youtube channel has more than 5 billion views and over 12 million subscribers. Their sketches are viral and mostly seen by students that empathize with them.

5-Minute Crafts


The videos uploaded on 5-Minute Crafts are usually compilations of DIY projects, life hacks, and crafts. The channel was born in 2016 and has over 1200 videos, 12 million subscribers and 3 billion views.



Machinima is a youtube gaming channel. It is owned by Time Warner and was born in 2012. It has 12 million subscribers and 60 K videos, with an average of 2 to 4 videos uploaded per day. The owners of the channel are Chad Hughes, Alan Henderson and Jack Alwrin.