20 Photos So Amazing You Won't Believe They're Real



Have you ever come across a picture so wonderful you cannot believe it's real? How about twenty of them?

If you're having one of those days, you need to lay back for five minutes and give yourself a break; we have the perfect excuse for you to do so. Pour yourself some coffee or some tea and get ready to be mesmerised by pictures so amazing you won't believe they were not photoshopped. And we swear they were not! Sometimes some great photographers are at the right place at the right time with all their gear at arm's length.

Read on and stuff your eyes with wonder!

Northern Light


How all this beauty is possible, you may wonder. Apparently this is what happens when a crack in the Earth magnetic fields occurs: it allows solar wind to pour in over Norway. Luckily for us, someone captured the moment with their camera.

Upward Moving Lightning


Has this rare phenomenon left you with your mouth hanging open too? Doesn't it look like something out of a science fiction movie? We swear it's all real.

Sky Full Of Light


Imagine being there, chilling out, praying for this long flight to be over soon because you want to stretch your legs, and then all of a sudden you see that out of the window! Good thing someone took a picture!

Lava Sphere


This one is actually kind of scary when you think of all the damage lava and fire can cause. But the more you look at it, the more you understand why it's such a beautiful thing to be in awe of.

Fields Of Ice


No, this is not a picture taken at the set of a post apocalyptic movie. This is for real. Winter must have been freezing that year. Kudos to the photographer that captured all this beauty.

Double Rainbow


Double rainbows are not some urban legend! They're not the kind of stuff you only find in fairytales, like unicorns or dragons. They do exist! And they're so rare and so amazing we're lucky to have such good pictures to look at!

Let It Snow


We appreciate how calm this person was when they found this had happened to their vehicle overnight. They were so calm they even took the time to snap a picture.



This picture is so beautiful we can't believe it's not a painting by a genius like Vincent van Gogh. But nope. This is the real stuff.

Away With The Fairies


Nature is so wonderfully intriguing sometimes you can't help but wonder if things like fairies are not real. How can they be all made up when people go about taking photos like this one? It makes you believe in magic.

Underwater Forest


Underwater forests are a real thing, and if you enjoy having your kind blown up by mother nature, then we recommend you look them up. Here's a picture of one so you can see just how much beauty we have under the ocean.

Europe's Largest Glacier


Are you adventurous enough to enter somewhere like this? Are you brave enough? If the answer is no, don't worry. You can still see the inside of these amazing places thanks to the awesome work of photographers all around the world.



This photograph is one of a kind. A perfect rainbow and lighting all at once? And someone was there to take a picture? It's nothing short of a miracle.

Good Morning, Sunshine


Sometimes it's all in the details, right? The simplest things usually are the most beautiful ones. This picture proves it.



No, this isn't a picture from the newest sharknado movie. This was taken during a rainstorm. It's every bit as real as you, our dear reader.

Death Valley


If you've never heard of the Death Valley before and you love to read interesting facts about nature, you should definitely check it out!

A Frozen Wave


Another wonderful thing we didn't know existed until we came across this picture. Man are the winters getting crueler!

Spring Time


Again: sometimes the small things are the most beautiful ones. This picture is so lovely and so delicate, we wish we could spend the rest of the day just looking at it. It's so peaceful!

Not A Painting


This is not a painting. This is a tree. Yes. Trust us. Look up 'rainbow eucalyptus' and let your kind be blown away by how cool Mother Nature is.



The perfect picture, taken at the perfect time. Sometimes all it takes is to be lucky enough to be there to eyewitnesses something as beautiful. If you're extra lucky, you have a camera with you to make the moment last forever in the shape of a photograph.

Droplets Of Lava

Yes, you read correctly. These are droplets of lava, also known as a witch's hair (we can see the resemblance with the hairstyle of some not so beloved fairytale characters). Look them up, it's an interesting subject to read about!