30+ Things You Won’t Believe People Have Done On Their Flights



Flying. Some hate it so much they need to get prescription meds involved in order to successfully sit through a flight. Some love it and cannot think of a better means of transportation. Some don't mind enough about it to give it a second thought: it's just something you need to do if you want to get from Point A to Point B as quickly as possible. However, there's one thing we can all agree on: weird, strange stuff happens in planes all the time, in plain sight and without these weird, strange passengers caring whether they're making others uncomfortable. If Sartre was right and hell is other people, then we can almost be certain hell is not below us like we've always believed, but up in the sky. If you can't take our word for it and need to be convinced of this, then read on.

Beware Of The Plastic!


In a world where we are constantly told we should take into consideration the dangers of overusing plastic because it's bad for the environment, this person took not caring to a whole new level.

Movie Time


Watching a movie or an episode of a TV show is a great way to pass time when you know you must sit tight for the next eight hours or so. Well, we hope the person sitting behind this long-haired passenger had a good book with them or maybe a crossword puzzle.

Unhappy Feet


There's an universal agreement we should all respect: you must not take your shoes off during a flight. Never. It doesn't matter if your feet hurt or if they're too sweaty. It doesn't matter if you chose uncomfortable shoes that morning before you headed for the airport. Do never do what this passenger did. It's gross, inappropriate and utterly disgusting.

What A Mess!


This didn't take place during the flight per se, but we still think it's worth mentioning. We wonder how this woman ended up surrounded by all those suitcases trying to reorganize their contents. Remember to always pack everything neatly before you leave for the airport.



Children get bored during long flights; we know that. Hey, who can blame them? Grown ups get bored during long flights, too! There is only so much you can do while you sit there for hours. Parents should try to remember giving their kid a marker and letting them sit by the window is not always such a great idea, though. Better lend the poor child your phone or tablet.

Dirty Times


This man was kinda bored during his flight so he decided to pass the time watching a movie. Nothing odd so far, we've all done that. Planes are great places to cross titles off your To Watch list. Just make sure whatever you are watching is appropriate.

Don't Need To Be So Rude


You want to know what someone is like? Get on a plane with them, sit by their side during a long flight and observe their behaviour. If they do something like this, then maybe this is not the kind of people you want to be friends with. Rudeness should never be excused.

Beach Party


Oh, what a fun idea! Let's book a flight to some paradisiacal island! Let's go have fun at the beach! Let's start our vacation, really start our vacation, the minute the plane takes off. People won't kind if we sit there in our underwear, right? Why should they?

We Don't Want To Know What's In That Bottle


We really, really hope that bottle someone left behind on a plane has apple juice and nothing but apple juice. This must be the kind of stuff nightmares are made of.

Did Anyone Order A Pizza?


Airplane food is not much better than school cafeteria food or hospital food. We get it, sometimes that stuff is gross and we only eat it because the alternative is starving for like 12 hours. But if it's cold, you can just ask the flight attendant to heat it up for you. There is no need to do this.

Feeling Lonely?


We have so much to say about this. There are so many questions we wish we could ask. First one is: did this man have to book his lady friend a ticket as well? How on Earth did he go through security with this? Why couldn't he just keep her in his suitcase and save everyone such an uncomfortable sight?

Don't Act Like A Pig


We've seen pig farms look cleaner than this, really. Why can't people behave normally for at least 10 hours? Is this the way they behave at home, too?

I Want To Unsee This


But sadly, some things cannot be unseen. If you really need to do that right then and there, you need to go use the restroom. We know airplane bathrooms are small and uncomfortable, but they're there for a reason.



You patiently sat through a 10 hours long flight. Can't you just wait a little longer to claim your luggage?

A Wild Foot Appears


Maybe airlines should start reminding their passengers taking their shoes and socks off during a flight is wrong. If hell exists, then this is the sort of thing that gets you there. It's disgusting.

Had Fun Didn't You?


It looks like those two passengers had the time of their lives during the flight. Good for them! You know what's not so good? The mess they left behind for others to clean up.

Let It Go


There's not much that can go wrong if you fall asleep during a flight leaving your kid unsupervised and with a bunch of Frozen stickers at arm's length, right? We beg to differ.

We Need A Cleanup On Aisle 7


Maybe this passenger had the best of intentions. We are sure their heart was in the right place. But you can't just do this. If anything, you're making things more complicated for whoever must clean after you once the flight is over.

Why Can’t People Keep Their Shoes On?


Come on guys, it's not so difficult. They're asking you to keep your shoes on for a couple of hours; it's not an impossible thing to do. Do you take your shoes off at work as well? Then why do you do this on a plane?

Hunting Season


We can't believe people find hunting fun. We also can't believe this somehow passed all security checks and ended up there on the plane as if it was one more suitcase filled with dirty underwear and cheap souvenirs.

More Inappropriate Behaviour


We are all up for young people having fun and taking trips with their friends and laughing and being happy. We really are. What we are not up for is this kinda gross, inappropriate behaviour.

Darling, Put Some Clothes On


There is no way airport security did not end up getting involved with this. You can't just forgo clothes and walk up and down the aisle looking like that. This only proves how little people care about making others uncomfortable. Embarrassing.

Lovely Ponytail


Beautiful hair, even more beautiful ponytail. We should exchange hairdressing tips sometime. You know what's not beautiful? Disrespecting other passengers like this.

What Happens In Vegas


We all know how the saying goes: what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Your fellow passengers do not need to know what you and your friends have been up to. Best to keep some secrets to yourself and pack them nicely in a suitcase.



People can get really creative in order to find a comfortable position. As long as you don't bother your fellow passengers, we are all up for it. But please do not take your shoes off.

Hot Space


If you hate summer and hot temperatures, we feel you. We are right there with you. But please, for the love of God, keep your clothes on. No one wants to know what color bra you're wearing today. No matter how hot it is in that plane, you can't do that.



We insist: some people have the best intentions and just want to help keep everything neat and tidy. But didn't someone way the road to hell is paved with good intentions?

What's Wrong With You, People?


What's so terrible about wearing shoes for a couple or hours? We are not asking you to climb Mount Everest! At least this person tried to be tidy about it.

Don't Rain On My Parade


We don't know what this passenger was expecting, but for some reason she thought best to be prepared in case it rained during the flight. At least she's not bothering anyone (unless she's taken her shoes off, which we can't know because we can't see her feet.)

Ugh Please Don't


You need to pee and can't get up to go to the bathroom? Then you act like a grownup and you hold it in until the plane has landed. We can't believe people actually do such disgusting things.

Cuteness Overload


Flying with pets, especially dogs, is more and more common nowadays. We wouldn't complain one bit if we got to travel with this adorable good boy. We hope his fellow passengers gave him lots of treats.

Bathroom Horror


And then they ask why people avoid going to airplane bathrooms like the plague. In any case, this does not justify tending to your bodily functions anywhere other than a restroom. If you don't want to use the bathroom during a flight, it's fine: hold it in until you've reached your destination.

Make Flying Great Again


Flights are stressful and horrible enough for some people without having to sit in front of that for several hours. Do you really need to wear that cap in public? Do you want people to die from second hand embarrassment or what?

Bathroom Emergency


Nothing can ever justify someone doing this. Come on people, even elementary school kids know how to hold it in until recess!

Cheeky Monkey


Oh, we have so much questions. We don't even know where to start. We are not against flying with animals as long as they are well behaved. This monkey looks adorable, he's even wearing cargo pants and a diaper! We already like him better than some other passengers we've had to travel with.

Diaper Emergency


This is like a bathroom emergency, only that it is worse. We know how exhausting parenthood can be, especially when traveling with a baby. But nothing excuses being disrespectful and making such a mess, then leaving it all there for others to clean up.

How Fun


We would find this picture really fun if it weren't because this person is not wearing both shoes. Really, it is not that hard not to be gross and rude, it doesn't take much. Save for that detail, we're loving the rest of the outfit.

Just Like In College


Remember when you used to hang a sock or a tie on the doorknob so your roommates would know you were getting some and hence should not be disturbed? Some people do this in planes. If you pay attention, there's also a sign that reads 'Crew Only'. Must be fun working for that airline.

Shame On You


We would really love to know if these people behave like that in their own homes. Do they behave like that when they visit their in-laws? Do they behave like that when they visit Grandma? Then why do they do these things when they fly?

Safety First


Well, the good thing we can say about this it's that this couple at least remembered the importance of being safe. It would have been even more awesome if they had decided to have this safe encounter somewhere other than a plane with other 300+ people traveling with them. It would have been even better if they had disposed of the evidence.