30+ Things You Won't Ever Want Happening To You



Have you ever felt like you've got the worst luck in the world? Do your friends often tell you that the stuff that happens to you is so awkward and so weird they're scared it may be contagious? Even if they're trying to joke with you and they're probably just doing it to mess with your head a little, being regarded as a bad omen can't be very nice. Maybe you should show them the things these people have seen themselves involved in — you'll see, compared to them, whatever problems you usually get into won't seem that bad. Once you've reached the end of the page, you will all be wishing any of this ever happens to you.

Time To Change


Car problems are already bad (and expensive) enough. But imagine ending up looking like this. Let's hope this guy kept a change of clothes in the trunk.

Green Everywhere


First off, we would love to know what they were doing and why it all looks… so green. Has this ever happened to you while you were attempting to make some smoothies to share with your friends?

Salty Salty


Imagine this: you've worked all day, you're so hungry you could eat a dinosaur. You finally sit down to eat… and then this happens, rendering your so awaited dinner completely inedible.

Rough Landing


Some people hate flying, and after seeing what sometimes happens to planes we couldn't agree more with them. Let's hope no one got hurt.

Nice Hairstyle


This poor guy just wanted to look his best and see what happened! This is why we hate combing our hair so much.



We're sure the poor dog didn't mean any harm. That good boy just wanted to go out for a walk. It must have sucked to be the person in charge of making it all better again.

Can't Find My Glasses


For those of us that need to wear glasses all the time in order to be functioning members of society, this scenario is literally our very own worst nightmare. We truly pray to God every day that this never happens to us.



Whatever happened on that bus that those hairs ended up right there? We know some people complain way too much about public transport, and sometimes without reason, but in this case we would have complained too.

Waffles Anyone?


There's nothing worse in the world than impatiently waiting for your waffles to be ready so you can just dig in and then being utterly disappointed when you see this happened. Also, cleaning that mess up ain't pretty or fun.

Watch Your Step


You thought you were having a bad day because you overslept and then you were late for work? Go tell that to whoever lives in this house. We bet they're having an even worse way than you.

Popcorn Time


Even though we prefer our popcorn sweet and with tons and tons of caramel, we know some people like it with butter and salt. Well, not that much salt.

Queen Of Red


We have no idea what was going on here, but we'd hate to be that girl (imagine getting all that red stuff out of your hair) or the person responsible for cleaning up those walls afterwards.

With Accidents You Never Know


We truly hope no one got hurt as the result of this accident. Next time you think all the bad things in the world always happen to you, remember the poor guy driving this truck.

Oh, Man!


What were those scissors made of? The only thing we think could explain what happened if that the person using them held them too close to a source of heat. Plastic and fire should never mix.

What Is A Bad Day?


Were you wondering what a bad day is like? This person will kindly explain it to you. Next time you feel like complaining about your job you better remember this.

Home From The Movies


It's all laugh and games until you come home from the movies and you find out someone else has been having a good time while you were gone. And now you must clean it all up.

Eye Care


The good thing is that this person already knew there was something wrong with their eyesight and they were looking to have the problem fixed. The bad thing is that they didn't ask someone else to drive them to the doctor and did it themselves.



Good thing this didn't happen while someone was in there; otherwise they could have gotten badly injured. Man cleaning all that glass up ain't gonna be fun.

Talk About Bad Luck


They can always get creative and paint the numbers themselves, right?

What On Earth Has Happened Here?


We'd love for the science side of the internet to explain to us how this is even possible. Is there a logical explanation for this or should we be scared our matrix is already talking apart 2019 years into the simulation?

Time For A New Phone


We have all gotten too used to always having our phones with us, so now life without a smartphone sounds like something out of a dystopian novel. But phones are also terribly sad expensive. Talk about bad luck.

Good Luck With That


If something like this ever happens to you (and we pray that this never happens to you) don't try to put out the fire with a simple hosepipe. Call the firefighters as soon as possible and stay somewhere safe!

The Problem With Heat And Plastic


Here's another example of what we were saying before: heat and plastic have no business mixing. If you need to buy kitchen gadgets, then always choose steel.

Hot Wheels


Let's hope this person has a real good insurance. Otherwise, this ain't gonna be pretty to pay for. This is definitely what a day in the life of someone with bad luck looks like.

Better Call Your Insurance Company


Another example of why it's important to always have good insurance. Imagine returning home from work and finding this happened to your car. We would definitely curl up on the floor and cry.

Snow Season


Who doesn't love a good snowball fight? Who's never dreamed of a white Christmas? Who doesn't like finding this has happened to your car while you were shopping at the store?

And Now We Wait


Some people can't go half an hour without their phones and you are expecting this person to spend like the next four decades waiting to use their iPad again? Haha very funny.

Never Drink And Drive


We all know we shouldn't drink and drive. It's dangerous, we could injure ourselves badly or cause harm to others. You should also keep in mind that this rule doesn't apply only to alcoholic beverages. Look what happened at this person when they tried to drive while drinking soda.



Some people can't just fight the need to buy every pretty thing they see when they go out for a little harmless window shopping. And this doesn't happen exclusively to people with husbands. People with wives can, and do, spend more money than they should, too.



Why would a microwave have such button? What kind of chaos could a seemingly innocent microwave cause? We didn't want to be responsible for this destructive appliance, we just wanted to heat up some leftover food.

Piece Of Cake


Someone is going to have to run to the supermarket to try and replace this lunch if you don't want to starve. Don't worry, you'll get it right tomorrow.

Pizza Night


Have you been waiting for pizza night all week? Was this cheese pizza the best thing that was going to happen to you today? Aw man, sucks to be in your shoes then.



You think you're having a pretty decent day until you make on mistake and log in on Facebook, the social media app that insists on shoving memories down your throat. Bet you're not having such a good day anymore, uh?