50 Cooking Tricks that will make you eat healthier

I know it's quite difficult to sort all the temptations we've got in the market: donuts, chips, cookies, soda, sugar, beer, wine. But f you are looking to eat healthier and lose some weight, you should definitely follow the next 50 tricks. Also, if you just want to live longer and better and transmit this to your family, you can do this too. The following advices are very easy to do and not only you will lose weight, cms or eat healthier, you'll also save some money!



Use spray oil


To use the exact quantity you need to prepare fried food, use the oil spray. If you do not have this item at hand, you can use a silicone brush to spread with oil.

Use broth, not oil


Another way to make a healthy dish is to cook in a broth. Some tablespoons of broth are enough. Despite the fact that it has grease, its content is less than oil.

Use natural yogurt instead of mayonnaise


Forget about the mayonnaise of the supermarket. It has too many flavor enhancers and preservatives. Prepare homemade mayonnaise or any other sauce at your own home based on natural yogurt.

Eat daily sesame seeds


They are a very rich calcium source. Add them to your salads and other dishes every day. In the first place, they are very healthy; Second, they look attractive and appetizing.

Use the oven to cook


If you want to follow a very healthy diet, forget about using the pan. Use the oven is one of the healthiest ways to prepare food for you and your family.

Prepare your own ground meat


The meat that is used in stores to prepare ground meat, is way too fat or not so fresh. That's why it's worth spending some of your time and energy to prepare the homemade ground beef and enjoy a truly delicious dish.

Look for alternatives to replace white bread


Traditionally ground meat used to prepare meatballs or meat pancakes is added with ground white bread. But there are other options with low-calorie content that will replace the ground bread and will make your dishes as good, as the egg white beaten or the zucchini grated very finely.

Experiment with your breadcrumbs


Flour and bread crumbs are not all options for preparing a breadcrumb. Try using sesame seeds, crushed nuts, chickpeas or ground lentils and oats. It is very delicious and healthy.

Reduce the salt intake


Try to reduce the amount of salt you consume. Influences negatively on the body, for example, causes the body to retain liquids and excessive consumption causes different diseases, like hypertension, diabetes, etc.

Add salt when the food is on a plate


Nutritionists say that salt that has not been subjected to high temperatures is much healthier. That's why you can safely add salt to your dish when it's already served (but not too much!)

Replace the iodized salt with sea salt.


Sea salt does not only consist of sodium chloride, it also contains other minerals: potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium, iron, iodine and other nutrients. Therefore, it is better to replace common salt with this one.

Prepare the vegetables in already boiling wáter


If you want to prepare cooked vegetables, it is better to add them to water that is already boiling. This will preserve more nutritional qualities like minerals and vitamins.

Cook steamed vegetables


It is very simple and the vegetables will be healthier. Now in the stores, you can get utensils and special machines that simplify to the maximum the preparation of the steamed vegetables.

Freeze the broth


Freeze it in ice cube molds. Add a few to the dish you're preparing to intensify its flavor. Also, remember that it is a good alternative to replace the oil.

Don’t forget about the spices!


Spices can transform the most insipid dish in the world into the tastiest one. They are also very healthy. Choose the spices that you like, add them to your favorite dishes.

We love nuts


You can safely add the ground nuts to vegetable and meat dishes. They match perfectly with food of this type. In addition, nuts are rich in omega-3, also known as "healthy fats".

And what about cheese?


In order to make a salad more nutritious and tasty, use low-fat cheese. This cheese is healthier than the others we usually use when we cook. They have a lot of unhealthy fat.

Add fresh herbs to your dishes


Fresh herbs are a valuable source of vitamins and antioxidants. If possible, add the finely chopped herbs to your food. This will make any dish more interesting and healthy.

Combine wheat flour with other types of flour


Baked foods and cakes can be prepared in a slightly healthier way. Instead of wheat flour use other healthier types. The taste of your muffins and cakes will be more delicious.

Learn to bake with whole flour.


Whole wheat flour is much healthier than finer wheat flour. Learn some recipes and try to cook with this type of flour. It's a bit unusual, but it's worth a try.

Replace the butter with a fruit puree


Substitute a part of the butter with the fruit puree. So your cakes and rolls will be much healthier. Preferably use applesauce or pumpkin. Make healthier meals to your beloved ones!

Try to consume less sugar


If possible, try to minimize the use of this product. For example, in cooking, you can use some nuts as an alternative or low-calorie sweeteners. Always choose the ones that work at high temperatures.

Use vegetable oil instead of butter


Choose the healthiest options, for example, almond or coconut oil. Both have a delicate and smooth flavor and are perfect for baking.

Get a multi-purpose pot


Consider very seriously buying a multi-purpose cooker. Modern pots allow you to cook using a minimal amount of oil. In addition, you can adjust the temperature, which means you reduce the risk of the formation of carcinogenic agents.

Eat bitter chocolate


Give preference to chocolate with cocoa content of up to 70%. This type of chocolate is the healthiest. It stimulates the brain, improves the cardiovascular system and strengthens the immune system.

Cooking in cast iron pots


Cast iron utensils are our favorites. Preparing the food into them is completely safe, such pots do not emit absolutely any element to the food and they do not give off microscopic parts.

Drink green tea with lemon


Citric acid helps the body absorb the antioxidants that are found in large quantities in green tea. Therefore, the next time you want to drink tea, remember to add a slice of lemon.

Do not forget the right aromas


If you'd like something sweet but when you look at the clock you realize that it is too late, remember the power of the aromas. The vanilla will take away the desire to eat sweets.

Buy a crockery with small plates


They will allow you to eat the amount your body really needs. Sometimes, if you have a big plate your brain will think that it's not enough food. So you do not need large plates.

Start to prefer milk and bananas


Mixing milk with bananas is an excellent combination that, besides being very delicious, is also very healthy. It will help you strengthen the bones because it has calcium and potassium.

Prepare the meat in honey


Forget high-calorie sauces and marinades. Try to prepare the meat in honey. Of course, this is also sweet and has enough calories, however, it is healthier. The meat is very soft and covered with a delicious golden crust.

Check that the fish is fresh


Before cooking an appetizing fish in sight, verify that it is fresh. For this, dip it in a deep bowl with water. If the fish sinks, it is fresh; If not, better not prepare it.

Eat fractionally


The doctors and nutritionists affirm that it is necessary to eat fractionally. An adult person should eat 5 to 6 times a day: breakfast, lunch and dinner and you can even afford to eat two healthy snacks during the day.

Eat slowly


So that the stomach can send a warning signal to the brain notifying you that you are full, before you have eaten too much, it is necessary to chew the food well and eat slowly.

Combine fish with red wine


Dry red wine perfectly matches with redfish. It helps to reveal its flavor better and increases the positive effect that marine products have on the cardiovascular system.

Preserves the aroma of coffee beans


Sometimes in the morning, you crave a cup of aromatic coffee. If the beans have remained stored for a long time and have lost their aroma, try to revive it. To do this, soak the beans in cold water for 2 hours.

Keep your fresh vegetables for longer


Fresh healthy vegetables, unfortunately, are not preserved for long. To extend it, cover the refrigerator compartment where you store your vegetables with paper towels. The paper will absorb the excess of water and protect the vegetables so they do not rot.

What are the empty calories?


Try to avoid simple carbohydrates. Bagels, candy, fast food and other goodies are not particularly healthy. These provide empty calories to the body and only cause satiety in the short term. It is better to change these foods for complex carbohydrates: cereals, whole grains, durum wheat pasta, etc.

Do not eat the tomatoes along with the cucumbers


This combination is not so healthy. Actually, cucumbers contain an enzyme that destroys ascorbic acid and prevents it from being absorbed. And tomatoes contain a lot of vitamin C.

Consume spicy foods from time to time


Add spicy spices to your dishes: paprika, garlic, chili powder, chili, etc. Spicy spices improve the metabolism and functioning of the digestive system, but don't abuse of them.

Eat fresh fruits and vegetables


Fresh fruits and vegetables are much healthier than those that have been subjected to heat treatment. They also contain a lot of fiber. Try to consume them fresh instead of cooking them.

Drink more water


An adult person should drink 2 liters of water per day or more. Do not let the organism become dehydrated. The sufficient amount of liquid benefits the metabolism eliminates toxins and improves the physical aspect.

Do not forget seasonal foods


Fruits and vegetables are given at certain times of the year. Try to buy them in the appropriate seasons. That is when they contain the greatest amount of vitamins and minerals that our body so badly needs.

Dinner 3 to 4 hours before sleep


In the night the organism must rest. Do not overload the stomach and have dinner 3 to 4 hours before going to sleep. It is enough time to digest and that the organism prepares itself for the nocturnal rest.

Cook the grains and cereals in green tea


You can prepare oats not only in water or milk. Experiment and prepare different grains and cereals in green tea. Add a bag of green tea to the boiling water. The result will surprise you.

Combine red meats with avocado


A nutritious avocado helps the flesh to shine in a different way. Adding an avocado to a dish of red meat makes the latter easier to digest; the dish will be more nutritious and healthy.

Add mustard to broccoli


Broccoli is a source of B vitamins. But you can make it even healthier. For this, you have to consume the broccoli along with mustard.

Prepare smoothies


A smoothy is the simplest and fastest way to consume a large dose of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients. Be creative. You can take as a base the milk or the natural yogurt. Add different vegetables and fruits and filled with vitamins.

Do not ignore frozen vegetables


Vegetables can be frozen, even for a long time. Even in this state, they keep most of their vitamins and minerals and this is a way to have healthy foods ready if one day you are very tired to cook.

Look for alternatives to replace sugar


Sugar can and must be substituted with other, healthier options. For example, honey, which must necessarily be in your diet so you do not get sick or low-calorie sweeteners like stevia.