Abandoned Places That Will Take Your Breath Away

Some ordinary buildings remain unnoticed until they stop functioning as always and the owners forget all about them. Once they are empty, these factories, subway tunnels, hotels, and hospitals, get a spooky appearance, and people start noticing and exploring them.

Sometimes they became really popular when local people start spreading rumors about those places, convinced that they are haunted or cursed. Urban explorers, curious teenagers, and brave tourists always find their way in and get an inside view of these dusty buildings. Take a look at these terrifying places and turn on the light if you believe in ghosts.



I.M. Cooling Tower, Old Power Station – Belgium


This abandoned power plant was built in 1921 and closed in 2007 due to pollution it created. Although the plant itself has been demolished the cooling tower is still there. But it has been locked and there's no way to enter.

The Sunken Yacht – Antarctica


The 76-ft boat was carrying a crew of four researchers to film a documentary and it began to sink. Luckily, the crew was rescued. The boat could be seen from the surface.

Domino Sugar Refinery– Brooklyn, New York.


This building was the original refinery of the American Sugar Refining Company, which produced Domino brand sugar. The refinery was opened in 1882 and was closed in 2004, leaving this huge construction abandoned.

The Maunsell Sea Forts – England


These Maunsell Forts were built during the Second World Ward by the United Kingdom for defense. After the war, the forts were used for others activities, like pirate radio broadcasting.

The Last House on Holland Island – U.S.A


This American island was originally settled in the 1600s. It was once inhabited by fishermen and farmers but now remains abandoned. The wind is currently eroding the place and the houses once built there.

Pripyat Amusement Park – Ukraine


Pripyat was founded on 4 February 1970, as a nuclear city in the Soviet Union. It was evacuated after the Chernobyl explosion. The abandoned Pripyat amusement park is one of the most visited tourist places in Pripyat

Kolmanskop – Namibia


This ghost town is located in southern Namibia. It was once a great destination for miners due to the huge amount of diamonds found there. But the town was slowly abandoned after World War I.

House of the Bulgarian Communist Party – Bulgaria.


The monument has become one of the world's most famous modern ruins. It was built during the Soviet Union period and it has written slogans and phrases related to the communism.

Chateau Miranda – Celles, Belgium


This scary building looks like a horror story location, but it was a 19th-century neo-Gothic castle in Celles, Belgium. It stood completely abandoned since 1991 and was completely demolished in 2017.

Abandoned church – Czech Republic.


Known as the Church of Nine Ghosts, this terrifying church has been abandoned since 1960. The white sculptures represent the ghosts of Sudeten Germans who lived in Lukova before World War Two.

Nara Dreamland – Japan


This amusement park was inspired by the Disneyland Park in California. It opened in 1961 and closed on August 31, 2006. Due to the failing attendance, it was left abandoned and completely demolished in 2017.

An Overgrown Palace – Poland


This palace was once a beautiful one. It was built in 1910. After World War II it was converted into an agricultural school. It was used for different purposes until 1997 when it was finally shut down.

San Zhi Houses – Taiwan


These pod-shaped houses, also known as "UFO houses", were abandoned and left incomplete. This set of houses was originally designed as a vacation resort, the construction began in 1978. The project failed due to investment losses.

The Jet Star Rollercoaster, Seaside Heights – New Jersey


This rollercoaster operated from 2002 to 2012, when it was swept into the Atlantic Ocean by Hurricane Sandy. The Jet Star Rollercoaster was a replacement for another rollercoaster, which operated on Casino Pier from 1970 until 2000.

The 102-Year-Old Floating Forest in Sydney – Australia


The ship SS Ayrfield was a 1,140-tonne behemoth built in 1911 as a steam collier. It was used during the World War I. After that, it was left behind and remains abandoned.

Uninhabited Island in Southwest Florida – U.S.A.


These dome houses were built in 1981 by a retired independent oil producer as a vacation residence. The houses were slowly abandoned. Department of Environmental Protection ordered the cluster of houses to be removed altogether but this never happened.

The Haunting New Bedford Orpheum -U.S.A


The Orpheum Theater opened on April 15, 1912. The Orpheum was located in the middle of a bustling commercial center and catered to a French-Canadian neighborhood. It's such a shame that this beautiful place is abandoned!

Train Station, Abkhazia – Georgia


This floral tunnel is actually a train station. The station has been abandoned since the War in Abkhazia, in Russia. It's located on the Black Sea coast's 63-mile long Abkhazian Railway.

Military Hospital in Beelitz – Germany


This huge military hospital is known to be haunted, according to the German neighbors. The hospital was used during World War I and II. It's a great tourist destination for those looking for scary adventures.

Salto Hotel – Colombia


This haunted hotel is located near the Tequendama waterfalls. It was opened in 1924 and finally closed in 1990. It used to welcome famous and rich people from Colombia. Now it is a museum.

Subway Tunnel in Kiev – Ukraine


This spooky abandoned tunnel is a great destination for some tourist and it takes almost three hours to walk through it. The project for the tunnel took almost 100 years to be started.

Submarine Base in Balaklava – Ukraine


This submarine base is considered a monument. It was functioning until 1993, after the collapse of the Soviet Union. In 1996, the last Russian submarine left the base. Now is a tourist destination.

The old retro bar in the abandoned Pines Hotel


It sure was a fancy bar once, but now is a desolated building. The Pines Hotel was opened in 1930; it was one of the largest hotels in the area. The Pines was finally closed in 1998.

Hanging room in a coal mine (Miner’s bathroom)


This terrifying view is from a hanging room from a mine; this room was used to hang the wet clothes from the miners after they were washed. This was a common thing to do in the 1950s.

Underwater City in Shicheng – China


This Chinese city was flooded on purpose in 1959 to make way for a hydroelectric power station. That never happened and the city remains exactly the same but 131 feet underwater.

Wreck of the SS America – Fuerteventura, Canary Islands


The ship was launched in 1939; it was used during World War II and helped on the rescue of 483,000 soldiers. In 1994 the ship was declared a total loss and left abandoned.

Old factory in Italy


What it looks like a painting or an optical illusion is actually a photograph from the staircase of an abandoned factory in Italy. It seems like the perfect location for a horror movie.

A forgotten hallway


This hallway could perfectly be in a Wes Anderson movie. It probably was once a gorgeous hotel or palace, place of fancy parties. But now is a dirty and abandoned building.

Soviet submarine base


This frozen and unfinished submarine base was supposed to be nuclear-proof. The construction began in the 1960s, but it slowed in 1980 until it was completely abandoned. It was thought to serve as a nuclear shelter.

An abandoned pool – U.S.A


This solitary place seems like a perfect one to take a walk and relax. But swimming in the pool is not an option since the place is completely abandoned and the pool hasn't been cleaned for a long time.

An abandoned rice field in Fukushima – Japan


This vending machine was brought to the abandoned rice field by an intense tsunami in Japan. Since the place is inhabited nobody took the time to take it somewhere else.

An abandoned mining track -Taiwan


What it looks like a floral path is actually an abandoned mining track in Taiwan. It was abandoned after the mines ran out of the precious metal. All the equipment was left behind, including these tracks.

Abandoned nuclear reactor


This is what an abandoned nuclear reactor looks like from inside. Even though it has water on its inside, the bare footprints haven't been erased and they are still visible.

The Eastern State Penitentiary – Philadelphia, Penn-sylvania


This old penitentiary is now a historic place and it's open for tourist. It used to be the most famous and expensive prison in the world. The most dangerous criminals serve time in this notorious prison.

An abandoned church in a submerged town– Re-schen, Italy


In 1939 the local power company created an artificial lake that would unify two natural lakes, but the plan failed and the town submerged in 1950. The church's bell tower is the only building that remains visible.

An Abandoned Mill – Sorrento, Italy


This abandoned mills date as far back as the 13th century; they remained active until the 20th century. They were left behind due to the difficulties to access the place. Now it is a great spot for climbers.

Willard Asylum – Willard, New York


In this haunting hospital, there are still belongings from the patients that once went there, seeking medical attention. The hospital was opened in 1869 and closed in 1995. Some patients were left in a room and forgotten till they died.

An Abandoned Church in the Snow – Canada


Even though this church is abandoned, it's one of the nicest places on earth. The way the sun enters through the windows makes it look like a magical place. And the snow makes it even prettier.

Doll Island – Mexico


This place never intended to be a tourist destination but it transforms into one due to the spooky dolls hanging all over the place. This island is dedicated to a girl that was killed under strange circumstances.

Tree inside a piano – Japon


On an abandoned field, a piano was left behind by someone that was no longer interested in playing it. A tree started growing above it and it didn't stop because of it. The tree continues growing through the piano.

Dolls factory – Spain


This cursed factory seems like it was abandoned in a hurry because nothing was cleaned up. Merchandising and other things were left there and no one ever claimed them. The doll's body parts make this place even spookier.

Abandoned house in Florida - USA


This house is hidden in the woods and two trees have grown inside it. It looks like a place taken out from a fantastic film since it's not scary at all and it looks like a peaceful spot.

Abandoned Library – Russia


It's such a shame that so many books were left behind in this forgotten library. The library was inside a school in Beslan, North Ossetia, which was taken hostage in 2004.

Cars Cemetery – Belgium


The U.S soldiers hid vintage motors in this place after World War II, which turned into a car graveyard because soldiers were told they would have to take personal responsibility for the cost of shipping, so they left them there.

Amusement Park – Chernobyl


After the Chernobyl disaster, the city was left empty and abandoned. This children attraction was taken over by nature. The electric cars are still there and surrounded by plants and trees.

Proveglia Island – Italy


This cursed island is allegedly inhabited by the ghost of the millions of people that died in there when the island functioned as a mental health hospital. The health center was closed more than 50 years ago.

Gulliver Park in Kawaguchi - Japón


This amusement park, built in 1997, was dedicated to the Gulliver story. The park was opened only for four years and then it was closed forever but the attractions remain untouched.

Shipwrecks in the Bermudas


This mysterious part of the ocean is known for being the spot where many ships disappeared. In this case, some boats got stuck on a sandbank and sunk. The boats can still be seen from the sky.

Epecuén Ville – Argentina


Even though this village is in ruins, it is not completely empty. One man lives there because he refused to leave the place. The village was abandoned after a tremendous flooding.