Adorable Snakes And Facts That Will Make You Change Your Mind About Them

Snakes have one of the worst reputations in the animal kingdom which make a lot of people to fear them. Though is true that some species can be harmful and dangerous, there are over 3000 species of them in the world. But here are some facts to help you change your mind: they don't have eyelids, they respond to movement and not sound (so don't be afraid to play a flute near them), even though they are covered in scale their skin is very soft and smooth and they are a key part in the ecosystem's balance.

But just in case these fun facts about them were not enough to make you stop fearing them, we bring you 50 adorable pictures of them: Are you scared of snakes? These pictures will change your mind



A unicorn


I have no idea whose idea this was but whatever you are, thank you: this snake with puppy eyes and a tiny unicorn hay made my day and I'm sure I'm not the only one.



This little snake is as thin as a noodle and seems quite comfortable wrapped around this human hand: we can't imagine it doing any wrong or hurting anyone, EVER. Can you?

Prom queen


This white snake is celebrating spring time with a tiny crown of flowers on top of its head. If it allowed some human to put this on it, we dare to think it is not dangerous at all.

Hi there


Let's face this fact: The tilted head move always, always works when it comes to dogs, little children and yes, you guessed it: also makes snakes seem cute as hell.

Like s sir


Having a rough week at work? Did you get stuck in a traffic jam? Please set this tiny snake with a fancy top hat as your screensaver and change your mood for the rest of the year.



In the 3000 species of snakes in the world (at least that we know of) there are several types of color and skin combinations that when you pay attention, make them seem like one of the most beautiful animals we know.

Snake ring


Remember in the 90's when snake shaped rings were a thing and everybody used them? This is the same, except is not a ring, it's a live and it's so cute we could kiss it.

Pop the question


Still struggling with the idea of liking snakes? Think of how incredibly small this one is that it fits perfectly inside of a ring and can be a wing man on a wedding proposal.

On the palm of a hand


You know how snakes put out their tongue and sizzle it? It may make you feel scared, but is actually how they smell the air so no, they are not trying to hit you with deathly venom.



This little guy seems like he just found out he made it into some adorable pictures of snakes post and is so excited he wants to tell all of his snake friends about it. Ok, probably not, but still cute.



If you are the kind of person that finds it adorable when a cat sits on top of its human laptop, you will probably start changing your mind about snakes with this one.

Ready for winter


Snakes become less active when the weather is cold, but they don't hibernate like other species such as bears and turtles. The temperature of their blood changes with the weather.

Pull my finger


Even though the pull my finger joke never seems to get old, if you get a tiny snake friend you can add a very unexpected twist to it. Do you dare to pull it?

So funny

Nikhil kanojia

It looks like a carnivore plant or just a snake who just heard the most hilarious joke of its life but no, even though it opens the mouth widely, it doesn't mean it will attack.

Tickle me


Really? Can you still be afraid of snakes after this picture of a baby snake laughing because it's being tickled by a human finger? At least admit that is very sweet. That's a first step.

Big eyes


Snakes have very poor vision, although they can improve their sight if they are in a dangerous situation and they feel threatened. Did you know this fact about their eyes?

Stick out your tongue!


Since they have very poor vision skills, other senses are enhanced to guide them better, like the sense of smell that is located on their tongues and that's why they stick them out.

Bite off more than you can chew


Snakes bite when they feel threatened and as a self-defense mechanism if they feel provoked: like you would in a threatening situation, they try to protect themselves but will not bite you just because.

So tiny!


The smallest snake in the world was found in the Caribbean and it is called Leptotyphlops. It's as thin as a spaghetti string and can fit rolled up in a quarter.

It’s a snake!


Most species of the snakes known to man (approximately 70% of them) give birth by laying eggs. This proud father of two is very excited about this fact and his new family members.

Looks like a toy


This one is so small and has such a beautiful metallic color on its skin and scales that it looks like a tiny toy. How can this little thing hurt anyone?

Into the wild


There are species known as the grass snakes that can grow to be a meter long and they eat either small fishes or small amphibians. They are not dangerous to humans.



This pink snake is beautiful to look at: look at the texture of its scales in that pale light pink shade and that excitement face it makes as if it was so happy to be there.



Love is love and even though it may look in the picture as if this was a terrifying two head snake it's in fact a couple of adorable small snakes looking through the glass.

No, it’s not a frog

Matthieu Berroneau

One of the most beautiful things about reptiles in general, and particularly snakes is the amount of colors they have and how each one is very special like this one with its frog like eyes.



Mind blowing color combinations like this (it looks as if it was a taxi snake) are very usual among snakes and make them special and unique in their own specie.

Picture time


We know that there is a scientific reason for snakes when they stick out their tongue and we love this picture because it seems like it was doing it just for the camera.

You there?


We know that some large snakes can be a little intimidating, but this small ones that look so vulnerable and scared wrapped around a human hand just melt our hearts.

Pocket time


It's not the most normal thing in the world, but it gives a sense of calm when we see a snake making human contact: this means they are not so intimidating after all.



Even though they have a bad reputation some snakes actually feel very comfortable around humans and even enjoy playing with them: as long as they feel safe, they will not bite.

Toothpaste commercial


Let's be honest: if there was a toothpaste for snakes, this would have to be their model and ambassador of the brand: look at those perfect teeth and that shiny smile.



This snake looks like it's playing hide and seek inside of that box and we think this may be one of the cutest photos ever taken of a reptile. Would you play with it?



We don't know if it's the color it has, the shape of its nose and puppy cute eyes or what, but this is as adorable as it gets: look how comfortable and safe it looks resting on that hand.

Magic snake


If you are still not sure of snakes being cute and adorable even after all this pictures we have shown you, we bring you a Gandalf themed cosplay one that you are going to love.

Spring is here


Ok, so this one is larger and can be a little more intimidating than the smaller ones we have shown you, but look at it just chilling with its daisy on top. We love it.

Magical picture

Andri PriyadiReport

Well, this is not a scientific fact or anything but let's be honest for a second here: this is one of the most beautiful animals we have seen in pictures. They do know how to strike a pose.

A sweater for snakes


What is cuter than any animal using a tiny Christmas sweater? A snake that of course has no hands or legs trying to fit in one. Good for you snake, at least you tried.



Another cute thing that snakes do is to stand or stay very still when they are trying to figure out whether they are or not in any kind of danger. They are like tiny statues.

I left you a note, human


If you need some perspective on how smalls some snakes are in real life, here is a great example of it: they are smaller than a post it and unbelievably sweet looking.

Shhh, I’m hiding


Sankes seem to hide a lot but there is actually a good explanation for this and it is a fun fact: since wood piles absorb heat, they use them to stay fresh and their blood cool.

Black and white


This tiny friend may seem simple but look at the patter, color combination and shine of its skin: it is absolutely mesmerizing and, also…It's really tiny too!

Tiny friend


If you get scared by this smaller than a cookie snake, please leave us a message in the comment section and let us know because we can't imagine anyone being scared of this one.

Not here, sorry


Snakes hide a lot when they are kept in captivity like this one for the simple reason that is a major part of their instinct and this is what they do to keep safe from danger when they are in the wild.



This thin friend seems to be hiding in some grandma's tablecloth drawer: hopefully whoever finds it will think is cute and hell and not run away in desperation.

The funniest joke


Doesn't this small snake look as if it just heard the funniest joke there's ever been told in the history of the world? If you don't think is cute, at least agree that it would make a great meme.

Happy to see you


Hey, is that a smiling snake on your hand or are you just happy to see me? Our guess is that this fellow thinks that by this picture, you have already changed your mind about snakes. Did you?