Annoying Everyday Things That Drive Us Crazy

There are many ways to have your day ruined, and most times it doesn't even take a huge disaster to achieve it. Sometimes they are the smallest things the ones that can be more annoying and let's face it, most of them are hard to prevent and we have all experienced them at some point in our lives.

Don't matter if it's a hideous neighbor, a wardrobe malfunction in the least expected moment or an ice cream that landed on your favorite pair of shoes, but stuff happens. Has any of the following ever happened to you and if so, were they enough to ruin your day?



Mean Sink


Design and construction fails are more common than you would imagine and they are annoying as humanly possible: how can you build a sink like this making it absolutely useless?

People who sit like this


If you ever feel too happy and need to get annoyed to gain some sort of emotional balance, you should take any form of public transportation and deal with people who sit like this.



Puzzle manufacturers have one job: make sure to send out all the pieces you need to complete a puzzle. Doesn't sound so difficult until you realize your whole work was pointless.

This nonsense


People who can't follow the simple order of taking pills as they are distributed on the wrap are probably trying to drive others crazy. Why would you take one out randomly especially if it's not your package?



Buildings often go through some improvements to keep them updated and functional so there is no possible explanation for these windows or why you would o to that trouble...for this result.

This paper stripe


Toilet paper usually comes prepared to be cut mistake free but have you ever noticed that most of the times it doesn't work and it leaves a hanging paper stripe that is more depressing than life itself?

Are you kidding me?


This product seems to come as a great solution for those unbelievable annoying packages that seem to contain all the veil in the world and it would be great if it wasn't packed just like that.

Stem center


There are some objects that don't require as much engineering and planning and that they are also quite simple, like glasses, so having yours with a stem that's not centered is quite annoying.



Finding a stop sign like this in lower cases for absolutely no reason at all is annoying because you would assume that someone would pay attention to the design of a street sign, right?

Design Mistake


Before printing thousands of cards, you would imagine that someone would double check that everything is in order but no, there can be a space between letters for no reason.

People like this woman


Wherever there are people walking or trying to at least get from one point to another, there is a person like this woman who really doesn't care about anyone else in the world.



You would expect that Amazon would take minimal precautions to ship a tube of toothpaste, although is hard to imagine why would someone order toothpaste in the mail. Anyway, this situation sucks.



Printing out a receipt as long as a dog after buying just one item at the store seems ridiculous, but it happens. Not only they don't care about the environment but they don't care about your time.



Literally, the second meaning of the word literally here is probably one of the most annoying things in the world and even more when someone uses it in that way.



I will never understand why some people decide to leave the empty toilet seat roll instead of changing it. Are they trying to make some sort of statement about life that the rest of us are not getting?



If you take the time to connect your computer to a TV in order to show a video to your class, you could at least take the annoying playbar out just by moving the mouse. It's not that hard.

This delivery


This wouldn't be so annoying if it weren't for the fact that this door opens the way that the package is sitting on, so there is no way to get the package without breaking it. So annoying.

This product amount


There are very few things in life as annoying as being underestimated by brands and their deceiving packages, like this brand new deodorant that has less than half of it inside.

Throw it away


Some people really have some weird bonds to almost empty packages: otherwise, there is no possible explanation on why they would refuse to throw them away when there is nothing left in them.



There is nothing more annoying than buying something that you will have no possible way to enjoy, like this popsicle that can't be held since the stick was put in the middle of it.



If you are going to use the same bottle and nearly the same labels on all your products, why on earth would you decide to put just one of them upside down? That's just playing mean to customers.

9 instead of 10


There is one thing that has to be right in this ten of spades: there should be ten spades, but there are nine in total. It doesn't have to be a magical card, it just has to have the right amount.



Buying a classic white t-shirt with the most simple design should be a good way to avoid a wardrobe malfunction but apparently, that is not a real possibility: even a simple circle can go wrong.



It's impossible to have a day ruined when there is a line of puppies involved, that's true. However, let's set this as an example of how a perfect color line can be easily ruined.

Useless Ramp


Why would someone think that is a good idea to buy a ramp that leads to stairs? Isn't the whole point of using a ramp avoiding using the stairs in case of need?



Some colors are used as a yes or no like it's the case of red and green. It's used, for instance on traffic lights so we really get annoyed to see that this remote have them in the exact opposite meaning.



There are some things that you can patch up in life and won't really matter for a while, but floor tiles are pretty much permanent, so it's at least annoying to see a floor tile like this.

Toothbrush invasion


Don't you find annoying when apparently you are hoarding a particular item at home and you can't even begin to understand how they got there, like this amount of toothbrushes for two people?



We understand that some things are done in average measurements, but we can't even begin to imagine how annoyed Aidan must feel everytime he takes a shower. How do you wash your hair?



Some people feel the annoying need to push the toothpaste from the middle of the tube and others decide that this is a normal way to cut butter. No, it won't be uncomfortable at all later.



Putting aside the fact that a business magazine has a Kim Kardashian quote in their landing page, there are two annoying things: referring to her as a TV personality instead of an entrepreneur and the obvious quote itself.

Crooked door


THere is something even more annoying than the fact that this door is crooked and that is the fact that it was done on purpose. It's not more comfortable, it doesn't look better and all it does is annoy us.

So close


Waiting for a once in a lifetime thing and realizing that you lost the chance to see it two miles ago can be one of the most frustrating feelings in the world.



There are many annoying things in this list, but this is the last straw to drive us insane: it shouldn't be this hard to drink a cold beverage. It shouldn't be so hard to make a straw at all.

Installation gone wrong


This panel was installed upside down in an airplane and we just can't imagine something more irritating than having to sit looking at it during a nine-hour flight. Awful.



When you were a kid, probably your parents told you that you could do and achieve anything you wanted if you set your mind to it, but they never told you to leave this out of the equation.

Ice cream


Uneven portions inside a package are always annoying for the simple fact that if you wanted all vanilla ice cream you would have just bought vanilla ice cream and not a half and a half pint.



I can understand people not paying attention on a card or even in a t-shirt but you would imagine that people in charge of making street signs would at least care a little more.



Why building a fridge with space for eggs, one of the most common things to buy by the dozen and only make eleven holes for them? What are we supposed to do with the remaining one?



If you have the tools and wit to build a car, a very complex piece of engineering you would imagine that setting an audio system in a round number would be a piece of cake. Apparently, not.



Super thin toilet paper is annoying and we don't even need to get too graphic on why, but I can't simply understand the logic behind this. Use more? Spend more money? Why is it cheaper then?



Nothing is more annoying than being underestimated by stores who think they can tempt you with a cent off describing it as the deal of your life. Not a bargain, sir.

Almost right


This is annoying as hell: it's not even a complex design or a piece of work that could take up months, it's just setting a printer to do it correctly. Why would you do this?



Of course that if you drop ketchup on yourself by mistake, the exact spot where it's going to land is where the color doesn't match the condiment to make your life a living hell.

No padding on the box


You would assume that a delivery organization would have minimum safety requirements to ensure your package arriving safely. Apparently not, and you are supposed to scratch sauce off the box.

I can’t see it anyway


What could be useful about having measurements set on a cup that is not transparent and that you won't be able to take advantage of anyway? Who designs these things?



You would assume that directions would make your life easier but sometimes they seem to have been designed to mess with your head and lead you nowhere. That's so annoying.



This uneven door knobs are so irritating because if you think about it, there is not much more going on with the doors, this is all they have and they did it like this.

It was so easy to pair them up


Someone found the shoes that his roommate had washed like this and I can't help by wonder, wasn't that much easier to lay them down already paired up and organized?



You have to have a lot of nerve in order to sell a wall clock that has one number completely different than the others, and you have to be crazy to buy it and hang it at home.