Anti-Boring Pics That Will Lighten Up _Your Day



Entertainment is something that we can never really get enough of. From watching fun videos to viewing interesting pictures, we just want it all! And, that's exactly why we thought of filling you in with 50 supremely fun pictures. If nothing else, they are sure to relieve you break from your hectic schedule a little.

Without further delay, we present to you short selection of pictures that will perfectly fill the space in your heart which craves for entertainment and everything fun.

Cabby Diva


This is about the last thing one expects when stopping a taxi. But it did happen in New York, so you can expect a few surprises like this driver who also happens to be a drag queen.

It’s pretty hot today


Golf is a game that requires a lot of concentration. All of your concentration, in fact. You really can't afford to be bothered by a gigantic forest fire. These guys, as you can see, are pro.

Oh, how very nice of them


But when exactly did this happen? If there was room for "the first nations" to move around, why couldn't "the settlers" just take the land that was available? Why did they have to make room if there was room already? I don't know if the map is all we need to answer these questions.

Carrie Underwood does not drive this truck


Obsession knows no boundaries. Although I do think this would be less upsetting if the vehicle wasn't that intimidating. Let's hope Carrie never sees this, as most scenarios I can imagine end poorly for her.

It’s ants


Yes, ants. That whole gigantic stain on the river is formed by ants. 7.2 billion humans inhabit planet Earth right now, do you know how many ants there are among us? 10 trillion. I'm confident they could take us.

Kanye being Kanye


Here we have comedian Amy Schumer, faking a fall in front of Mr. West and Kim Kardashian. I'm not sure what she was thinking, maybe she was trying to figure out if Kanye was still Kanye. Aren't we all? Isn't he also doing that? Do we want that? Results are inconclusive.

3, 2, 1, Perfect timing!


These next few photos were taken at just the right moment. This one is from new year's eve, proving that celebration and champagne isn't always the best combination. She looks happy though.

It hurts more than you’d think


Ducks are very cute, but I speak from experience when I say they aren't harmless. I was bitten by one approximately 12 years ago and I still have the mark on my finger to prove it. I hope her reflexes were better.

Who doesn’t love ice cream?


I've encountered several people in my life who didn't, but I've never met a bird with a distaste for it. Bird's love for ice cream is well documented on the internet, but the timing and most importantly the angle in this picture definitely sets it apart.

This is actually adorable


I don't care how much it hurt that hand (and I'm sure it hurt quite a bit), the little squirrel most certainly looks in a state of bliss. I don't wanna know what happened after, let me save only this moment in my memory.

You always hurt the ones you love

They were not laughing at this, I swear. The picture was taken right between the second after she got her hair a little too close to the candles and everybody realized and helped her out with the blowing.

Don’t blink!


Don't. Ever. Blink. With. White. Eyeshadow. Am I clear? If not, look at her face and picture her saying those same words to you at that moment. I'm sure you will take the advice.

A beanie isn’t a helmet


That playground does look very appealing. But like everything in life that excites us a little bit too much should be approached carefully. Let this be a lesson to the little one.

Can you blame her?


Yes, you absolutely can and you should. I'm positive she must've been asking to let her mom carry her little sibling (a classic) and told no (repeatedly) until she threw a tantrum. Listen to your parents, kids.

Can you blame him?


Yes, you absolutely can and you must. I'm positive he had started the gym like a week ago and was trying to show off his newly-found strength, finding here a great opportunity in the form of vulnerable children. Don't listen to your parents, kids.

They just won’t stop barking

If you ask me, all these cows look pretty pissed at the dogs. Maybe they realized they're way too big to have to put up with their barking at them all day and one of them decided to put all its weight on the matter.

It’s the little things

Up next, we have an audience favorite: vandalized signs. People's creativity flourishes like nothing else when focused on a noble cause. Here we see how far a little red tape can go to get a big laugh.

A classy stop


This should definitely be the logo for some bar, it gets your attention and invites you to sit, chill and relax. I hope you all can think of that without forgetting to step on the brake.

See? It’s a noble cause!


The kid already knew that, Ryan, but thank you. You do look way cooler this way but sadly, I suspect you are actually mad and trying to call him out to get his parents to fix your sign and ground him. Guess what? Plot twist: mom and dad also approve the glow-up.



And also the potential for genius advertisement. You already have the cute model, the only thing lacking is some sign to vandalize or something like that. If this isn't the perfect shave I don't even know.

Saving electricity


Hand dryers are already loud and obnoxious enough, standing in front of this particular one with my hands wet would just give me a heart attack. Everything is possible and we've already seen how creative people can get. What if Donald Trump actually starts talking? Are you gonna take your chances?

Sound advice


Trust them, they tried to put out the first three fires with the elevator and it somehow didn't work. But they still didn't know what did work, so with the information they had they made this sign so next time they would try something else. Later on, they found water worked pretty well. Bravo.

Good luck next time


That's a one-star review on Yelp right there. The crazy part is I'm not sure this is a joke, some people really are that literal. Next time don't go cheap on the sign and articulate it thoroughly, or maybe offer the actual service, having your hands washed by a stranger sounded really nice to this person, there could be others like him out there. Maybe they finally found their niche.

Free Bill!


We gotta wake up, people. Bill Posters is a working man who just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Did that just happen to him? Or did it happen UPON him? That's the real question. Bill Posters is just a patsy. Wake up!



This piece is just boundary breaking. It doesn't belong on a public restroom. This has got to hit the MoMA at least. Look how effortlessly it breaks the fourth wall. And the fact that it's not smiling makes it all eerier. I've always said toilettes are a place of profound experiencing, but this goes a step beyond, maybe they should move the MoMA here.

Thanks, Jay Z!


I think this is meant to lift you up when the printer doesn't work. But I'm not sure. Why that picture of him? No, this is definitely someone trying to decrease morale. I didn't know employers could get this creative.



Someone had to put a stop to this, although personally, I could just keep going. The intentions are nice, but it would be so easy to also vandalize this sign. I'm not sure it's a battle you can win, Carol.

The awkward phase


We've all done shameful things in the past. Many times not on purpose, unknowingly even. These next few are about the lack of self-awareness (or excess of it) and all the confusion that accompanies youth.

Is she going backwards?


This woman is actually a 14-year-old girl. It's not just the hair that makes her look like a grown-up, it's the whole thing. The outfit, the necklace, the earrings. It's almost too good to be true. I like to think it was performance art, and she does too.

War veteran gone punk


I think the expression on the dog's face says it all. That's probably how this boy's face looks when he sees this picture now. Gotta give him props for the guts.

I mean, it was Christmas


This one is just scary to me. I know it's supposed to be harmless and fun. Some kind of poorly designed toy that you immediately regret buying your kid (although it does fit him well). I hope it was just a trend and not how this kid thinks of festivities now. Maybe save for Halloween.

It’s more than the aesthetics


This little girl doesn't only look like my grandma, she has THE LOOK of my grandma. In her face. There is a sense of distress and anguish that goes so beyond her short existence. I guess this is what you call an old soul.

As long as he’s happy


That's all that really matters in the end. He is smiling, his shirt is smiling, the photographer is confused, you are smiling, I am smiling. This is truly the brightest side of the awkward phase.

Sometimes it’s not a phase

Yeah, some people never grow out of their awkward selves. This guy actually went out of his way to find the photographer who took this picture after a five-year gap to prove it. They even replicated the props!

Just chilling


Next couple of pictures find their subjects lacking just enough context for you to open your eyes wide and wonder what the hell is going on. For example here… I mean, some animals are weird. Maybe this is normal? But it really looks one step away from disaster. As long as it keeps calm I guess it's okay.

Dog or A.I.?


A lot of people are scared of the rapid rising of artificial intelligence. Some argue it's a dangerous thing, as one day they could become sentient (able to feel things) and we're screwed. My question is: what's gonna happen when we can't tell real dogs from robot dogs?

Sometimes dreams come true


It was hard to figure out what was happening here. At first, I thought maybe it slipped and fell over the other one? But why does it look so stiff? What is it doing with his little paws in the air like that? Then it hit me. It finally broke the chains and got to drive its own sled. Proud of you doggo, you're doing amazing.

They’re more confused than us


Or aren't they? I'm not sure how these things happen, okay? I'm trying my best to understand. Wanna give it a go? My personal guess is this is public transportation for frogs or some kind of carnival.

I’m happy when I’m arrested


The more I look at this one, the more disturbed I feel. The boy is looking right at the camera, and he's too happy and I don't understand what's going on. I'm gonna make up a story in my head that makes me happy (isn't that what people do?). The boy was stuck on a tree and the cops rescued him. The end.



I know, it's amazing. We all want our cat to look this cool. Because they are always cool but they don't always look cool. Even if they're the pet less likely to be a hero (fun fact if you die in your home they would start eating your body pretty fast and they tend to start with the face). Anyways, all you need is photoshop. Yeah, it's not real but it could be, as most of the following ones. Follow your dreams kids.

Cat boxing


What would happen if cats fought with their fists? Well, mine does it, and it looks pretty much like this. The only difference is the background really, it looks way less intense in a somewhat civilized apartment.

Narcissism can be cute, right?

Don't try it yourself though. Narcissism is cute on a cat because anything is cute on a cat. If I was in your apartment and I saw you owned a pillow of your own face, as any sensible person, I would just run away. Now, if you baked a cake with your face, I would eat it and then run away.

Hang in there doggo

I think it's time we understand any conflict can be solved with love and understanding and puppies. What the hell is that gun he's carrying? Seriously, what are you gonna fix with that? Your second biggest weapon is in your heart, sir. The first is obviously hanging on your back.

Dog friend best friend


I like to think our conversation touched him and he changed his ways. Now the officer and his best buddy solve crimes one heartwarming display after another even on the chilliest weather conditions.

Now, this took a turn, right?


No puppies this time (well, sort of). Here we have Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas trying a new approach to fighting paparazzi off. I think it's legit. If they stare long enough they could get nosy journalists running away or collapsing from cuteness overload at the same time.

Children are wise


Sometimes a conversation with a child can be surprisingly eye-opening. They bring something to the table that many times we've perhaps lost. Here we have a little girl explaining the end of Inception to my friend Leo Dicaprio.

Okay but don’t yell

When Americans (or just people in general really) do a German impression or try to speak the language, they tend to yell for some reason. Trump is really a great candidate to exemplify any senseless stereotype like we can see in this photoshopped image of a German newspaper.

Come at me, bro


Speaking of fascists, it would be really satisfying to see someone stand their ground and just shrug off a neo-nazi like it's nothing. Especially if that someone is a girl scout.

Everybody hurts sometimes

Let it go, Elmo… You'll find someone better who isn't actually a toy. For now, the best answer is behind you. Do you see the poster for War Horse? It's playing right now, be a good boy and go watch that and just let it all out, it will be great help trust me.

Off to new adventures!

I've always loved porcupines and always wanted to have one as a pet. I know a lot of people do but please let them be free, look how happy he is cruising through the jungle! Hope you had just as much fun cruising through this article!