Awesome And Creative Photos To Laugh At All Day

Time for some laughter, everyone! Our everyday lives are so full of worries, chores, responsibilities and all that stuff we wish we didn't have to care so much about, we deserve a five-minute break and some laughing. 50 awesome and creative photos like these ones are just what the doctor ordered!

You will find that all over the world there are people that snap pictures of their pets at the right moment, doing the right thing. There are also lots of objects and buildings that look like the weirdest, funniest things! You will find that the internet is full of those clever people that know exactly how to take a picture that'll have you smiling and cracking up the moment you see it. And you'll also notice how much fun some dog and cat owners have with their pets when they play dress up!



We’re On A Road To Nowhere


This awesome picture was taken at the right moment, at the right place. If we didn't know any better, we'd think this person's hairline is just part of a road that seem to stretch on forever on its way to nowhere.

Such A Pretty Painting


Posing with a photo in your hands trying to make it look as it's part of the place you are in has gotten very popular lately, and the results have been amazing. But nothing we've seen so far compares to what these two have done here!

This Cake Looks Just Like Me


Imagine this: your cat's birthday is coming and you want to throw him a little party, cake and all! What if you tried and make one that looked exactly like him? How happy do you think your kitten friend would be? The one in this picture is loving it!

Bob The Builder


If you grew up in the 90s, you probably watched Bob the Builder on TV (perhaps you now have kids that watch it!) This building looks so much like him, we're ready to bet Bob himself built it with the help of his friends!

I Am Master Of The Universe


Cats are known for doing the silliest, funniest, weirdest things, and that includes wearing objects they find lying around as hats. This kitten here seems to be ready to take over the world (we also think it looks a little like Darth Vader, which would explain the evil vibe).

Sail Away


These two raccoons here have gotten themselves in such a hilarious situation we can't believe this picture is real (and we bet you can't, either). We don't know where they're going, but it looks they want to get there fast. Good luck guys!

Happy Birthday To Me


Speaking of throwing birthday parties for your pets, what about a watermelon 'cake' for a duck? Ducks can't (and shouldn't) each chocolate or other foods meant for humans (they certainly can't eat bread) but you can surprise them with half a watermelon and some candles to blow!

Excuse Me While I Steal Your Dinner


Cats are often waiting for us to get distracted by something so they can steal food from our plate. It isn't any different with this kitten here. Look how fast he was in getting his paws on what he wanted!

The intruder


OK, it's time to pack for our weekend away… Wait, what's that? Something's definitely not right here. Something that shouldn't be in the suitcase is trying to pass as a towel. Or should we say 'someone'? Can you spot the intruder?

Funny Coincidences


So imagine this: you're riding the bus, minding your own business, and then you see these two men sitting right in front of you. We don't need to explain why the person that took the photo made the right choice in getting their camera out. Awesome coincidence!

The Eyes Have It


Are those just two droplets of water? Or are those eyes intently watching our every move? Another amazing photo was taken by someone so creative they saw the right thing at the right moment and knew how to capture it.

I Will Make Sure You Study For This Test


What's the main reason people get distracted when they're supposed to be studying for an exam or working? That's right: their phones! This person here has a difficult test coming, but their duck has decided it'll make sure they don't waste time texting or liking Facebook statuses.

A Man In A Black Hat


Here we have awesomeness and creativity at their best. Someone saw what others would have dismissed as a simple air conditioner and saw the potential for something great. They decided to get their artist's hands 'dirty' and add a man in a black hat sipping from it.

Just Like In Pisa


Here we have another example of how far you can go when you think creatively. These people must see the world through a different filter! Who would have thought that you could make a mini Leaning Tower of Pisa for your neighborhood, anywhere in the world!

Happy Coffee


Another happy coincidence that makes for an awesome picture! You're ready to enjoy your coffee and have a five-minute break, and then you see the smiley face and decide it's worth taking a picture!

Ready, Set, Go!


What did you do today? Oh, nothing, just the usual. Packed my lunch, went to work, paid some bills, sent a friend a card for their birthday, then when I was going back home I saw someone driving a Ferrari like it's no big deal.



How awesome and creative these shoes are? It must be really fun to step on wet cement while wearing these. Kudos to whoever came up with the idea, this is a pair of shoes we would love to have!

Taking A Nap With My Best Friend


As far as adorable pictures taken at the right time go, this one has to be one of the best you will ever see. Did you notice how carefree and relaxed they both look? And how about the dog with the pacifier in his mouth?

I’m Watching You


Someone with great imagination and an even greater sense of humor added little plastic eyes to this tree to make us see what they probably saw first: there's an owl hiding in there, watching our every move!

Smile Like You Mean It


Objects that seem to have human faces and people that notice them and take awesome pictures have to be one of our favorite things in the world! This 'guy' here is smiling like he really means it! It even has got ears! Good for him!

I’m A Good Boy That’s Been Bad


Dogs are known for loving boxes and other things that we leave lying around the house. However, this puppy here doesn't look like he's having fun. It looks like he's given himself a time out for something bad he did! That automatically makes him a good boy!

Dobby Is A Free Elf!


If you're thinking what your kids can be for Halloween (or if you just want to play dress up with them) here's an idea Harry Potter fans will love: Dobby the free Elf. Look at this child, they even gave him one sock! This here is creative parenting done right.

Maybe I’ll Just Nap Right Here


Let's not wonder how a cat got into some big store. Let's just take a minute to think about how he decided that was the best place to take a nap, and he simply went ahead and did it! How we wish we could do that!

Hello My Brother


Dogs often sniff each other when they want to play and become friends. This dog here has confused this graffiti with a potential playmate and is trying to get friendly. How sad he must have felt when the other dog didn't sniff him back!

Meet The Family


The cat looks totally surprised and terrified. Apparently, the owners decided to bring home some plush toys that look a lot like they could be related to him. This was not something that kitten was expecting, we tell you!

The Bee Knows


The tattoo in itself is amazing and creative, but let's think of the most awesome detail in this picture: the bee! Kudos to the tattoo artist for doing such an amazing job, and kudos to the person that took the picture at the right second!

Difficult Day


It looks like this dog here had a difficult day and decided to chill a bit. Unfortunately, he fell asleep. Congratulations to the owners for achieving such a creative picture without waking their pet!

The Three-Headed Dog


Some people get very creative when it comes to dressing up their pets. We can see exactly how much fun you can have with your dog in this picture of a chihuahua posing as a threatening, evil three-headed dog. 10/10, we're loving the costume!

Horseback Riding


This dog is all dressed up, and he's also wearing adorable glasses and the prettiest hat. He's also riding a toy horse! We can't believe how awesome some dogs and their owners at!



If you have some old tires you don't know what to do with, here's an idea: buy some painting and get creative minion-style! Later you can use these as big pots for your plants. Don't forget to add one or two eyes (depending on who your favorite minion is)!

I’m The Lion King


This dog here is going through an identity crisis: apparently, now he is Simba, and he must go back to the family he's left and save them from his evil uncle Scar. Or maybe he's just a dog with awesome owners that are Disney fans.

The Hulk


Some vegetables have the weirdest, strangest shapes. This one here, we sweat it looks like the Hulk's hand! You can even see the fingers (although this hand's got more than the regular five).

I Moustache You To Leave Me Alone


Another creative cat owner that saw the opportunity to take a great picture and went ahead! We don't know if the moustache is a tattoo or if it was simply drawn for the ocassion, but we're definitely loving the result!

Awesome Pineapple Haircut


Another proof of how awesome creative people are: this person here decided to go for a hairstyle that makes their head resemble a pineapple, no less! 10/10, we're loving the idea and the bright colors!

Babar The Elephant


This person probably went to the zoo just to take this amazing picture because come on, who has a picture of Babar the elephant saved on their phones on the day they casually walk into a living elephant? We love the idea, though, and the results are awesome!

Do You Like My Brand New Hat?


These people were enjoying their day off, watching TV, when their cat decided to show them the new hat he got. Wait, what? Are you telling me this is another case of a picture taken at the right moment? The cat's not actually wearing a hat?



Awesome drawing of a dog (look at the moles, they're so realistically done, the artist is very talented!). But then someone decided to add the effect of the tennis ball almost being caught by the creature's teeth. Totally amazing, 10/10 for the creativity.

Excuse Me, Aren’t You Forgetting Your Keys?


How awesome would it be if we had a talking purse that told us when we were forgetting something? We wouldn't mind being scolded by it if it meant never leaving home again without everything we need!

Mr Llama


We don't know if this was planned or not (perhaps the person in the picture didn't even know someone was taking it). But what's important is the awesome result! This has got to be one of the funniest pictures involving humans and computer screens!

I Love My Boat


This cat was just taking a nap when their owners decided to toss some towels around to create this awesome picture. The kitten may have never realized it, but we bet the masterminds behind this idea had a very fun time!

Look My New T-Shirt


Speaking of awesome kittens, this one here decided to get himself inside this paper bag. He's looking at the camera like he wants to show off his new t-shirt and his six pack abs! Good for you, kitten! Good for you!

Cool Cat


How cool is this cat owner? The one in real life looks a lot like the design in the bag, and if you add the appropriate pair of glasses… Well, the result is something amazing like this picture.

I’m Angry At You Because You Procrastinate So Much


Imagine if every time you procrastinate at work your computer began telling you off until you decided to get back to work! This is what this writing machine seems to be doing! It looks so angry we'd better stop looking at funny cat videos on the internet!

Cat With A Flower


Another case of a cat that went to take a nap without knowing their owners would decide to get creative. The blue towel they used for a cloud and the flower are really amazing details!

Cool Dogs


Here's one more creative picture taken using a laptop screen to add more awesomeness. These people obviously had a fun day in the office the day they came up with this idea! 10/10, it's super cool!



Another amazing detail someone noticed is that those windows there look like bodybuilders working on those muscles! Can you see the arms being flexed to show off their progress at the gym?

I’ll Be Watching You


When they were working on this building they didn't notice that those windows they added up there are like narrowed eyes on this watching everything people on that street do. Be careful, the eyes are always watching you!

Wake Up!


This is the alarm clock we all need! It's looking at us like it's so annoyed that we get so much time to wake up in the morning! If we had someone looking at us every day, we'd get up much earlier and definitely much faster, we're sure!



How do some people do to see amazing things in everyday objects? Take whoever took this picture for example. They saw a shark instead of a simple zip, and they took a photo that's so perfect we now can see the shark too!

What Do You Mean I’m Not LeBron?


Some cats don't like to stay at home all day taking naps and eating tuna. Some have big dreams, like this cat here that wants to play basketball and won't stop until his owners realize that his true calling.