People Hilariously Bent The Rules

One could never say that rules are useless. In a society, they help us maintain an order and also do the basic tasks that life requires. They are instructions that state how something should be done. All in all, it can be said that rules are one of the prime factors for which we can say that we live in a civilized society.




When these kids from the UK weren't allowed to wear shorts despite the hot weather because it was not part of the 'uniform', they showed the school how ironic it was that skirts were allowed.


Most of the times, festivals will go to great lengths to ensure that they end up with the biggest profit possible. But this store had the best response to their insane (and dangerous) rule.


When this mom read the sign that said that you breastfeed, you need to 'cover yourself' she followed the rule. Perhaps not in the way they were expecting, but she did!


In Iran, sadly, women are not allowed to attend soccer matches due to outdated and sexist laws, but that wasn't going to stop this group of women from showing up anyways.


This couple found the best way go around a rule of their school that said that the opposite sex was not allowed in the dorm rooms, in order to have a movie night together.


The New York subway doesn't allow dogs to travel in the wagons unless they are in a carrier. Well, there was no way this guy was going to leave his big husky home!


When asked to write a letter as a Chinese immigrant in the 19th century, this student had the best and most impressive response. I mean, he had to get the highest grade, right?!


In a town in Brasil, bars were suddenly not allowed to set tables and chairs on the sidewalks. But the owners were really clever and put them on trucks instead!


He may have done what he was old, albeit with a huge restraint, but Josh was certainly not a happy camper when they forced him to write a letter. He is hilarious though!


For some reason, this dorm didn't allow pumpkins to be placed as decorations during Halloween. So instead students replaced the traditional fruit for another. Halloween fun


This guy's school requires a very strict and stiff uniform, but during the winter there isn't one for coats. So this amazing outfit came out of this loophole.


This teacher was entrusted with giving a class on sex education, but he had to improvise and out his quick thinking to use when there were no condoms to demonstrate.


This guy's girlfriend told him that the cute puppy was not allowed to sleep on the bed with them, but she didn't say anything about the guy sleeping on the floor with him.


This Turkish fan was banned from entering his favorite team's stadium and seeing any of their matches, but he was so determined to watch them that he rented a crane.


Some classes actually allow students to use a single cheat sheet during exams, especially those who require complex and long formulas. Well, this student certainly made the most of the space.


This class was tasked with writing a paper pretending they were any Marvel character. And this student was the smartest one there because he chose Groot who can only say 'I Am Groot'.


This person's mom told him he could only bring rolls to the family dinner, and that is what he did. And by that, he meant swiss rolls, pizza rolls, and California rolls.


This person was not allowed to paint the walls of their new house, so they used paint chips as a way to decorate them instead. Actually, this is also a great DIY!


When you are recovering from septoplasty surgery like this guy, you can't put any pressure on your nose so that it can heal properly. But since he had to wear his glasses to see, he found a way around it.


When you work in places where a particular dress code needs to be followed, it can get pretty tiring. But alas, one still has the little things that bring us joy. Like this man's socks.


When from his new workplace told him that they needed a photo with him in a suit to upload to their website, he had to make do with what he had and had not. He didn't have a suit, he had photoshop skills


This mom put a lock in one of the drawers so that she could hide her children's cellphones whenever she wanted them to get scolded. But she didn't make the best choice, did she?


This school didn't allow teachers to give review lessons in class, but this teacher knew how necessary they are and gave them anyways. Well, they were 'chance gatherings'.


When this kid had a weekend with the house for himself, nothing could bring him down. Not even the fact that his father had installed security cameras in the living room.


The sign clearly stated that only green vehicles could park in that space, and no one can say that this car is not green. Sure, not the kind of green they were aiming for but still green.


You have to love loopholes! The sign prohibited many, many different means of transport but a monocycle was not one of them. So no one can really say anything, can they?


Parents want kids to spend as much time outside as they can, absorbing sunlight. And this mom particularly told her kid that it was too nice to play games inside, so he played games outside.


If you pay close attention to the signs, you'll see that they are pointing to two different sides. This means there is this tiny piece of land in between that is not subject to the traffic laws, and this person knew it!


Clever students can fill an entire article just by themselves. Look at this one, who decided to answer the bonus question even though didn't know the answer. And the teacher eve gave them a point!


Despite the fact that this pool insisted that no drinks should be drunk by the pool, this guys really love to have a cold beer by the water. So a very unstable straw was made.


If you are a nerd, and especially if you are a mathematician, you could appreciate how cool this cheat sheet is. Again, it was supposed to be a one-sided sheet. And it kind of is.