Do you also like going to the cinema? Just switching off, sitting back and while you nibble on popcorn with relish, on the screen there is an exciting movie. However, there is a lot that you certainly do not know when it comes to the full cinema experience. Have you always wondered which are the best seats in the room or how it can be that cinema popcorn tastes much better than supermarket or home made popcorn? All this will be revealed to you. Here are 10 tips to help you pay attention to your next visit to enjoy yourself even more.

The Best Seats

For the best sound and the best view, you should sit down on a place about 2/3 away from the screen. There is where engineers sit when they adjust the sound. In the middle, of course, is the best, but a little on the side is not a problem. The last rows are usually more expensive and have no advantages.


When the cinema is cleaned between performances, there is no time for a thorough cleaning, just to wipe the floor. The actual cleaning takes place only at night. So watch out for anything that might be on your seat.

Be Clean

You should take your trash out with you when the movie is over. If, for some reason, you must leave your popcorn bag there, put it on the seat instead of under it. This way the workers can clean the cinema much faster.

The Sound

Not all cinema operators pay attention to the audio system standards and adjust the volume to their own taste. Especially in action movies, the explosions and battle scenes are usually played louder than it would be allowed. For your health, it is better not to watch too many action films on the screen, and then not to sit too close to the laterals.


Based on the data from several sources, you pay for popcorn over 6-7 times what it costs to them. While one pays in the cinema for a larger bag of popcorn 6-7 €, the same amount costs the cinema operators just 1 € to make.

Only about 60 years after the first air-conditioned cinema was opened in the USA, the practical drink holders appeared. That was in 1981. The fact that popcorn is eaten in cinemas developed during the Second World War, because at that time there was not enough sugar for other sweets.

The Taste Of Popcorn

There are several secret ingredients responsible for the seductive smell of popcorn. As an example, coconut or rapeseed oil should be mentioned. Some movie chains also rely on chemical additives, inquire about it.

Everyone who likes to cuddle in the cinema and thus harass other viewers should know that this is recorded by cameras. After a polite advice from the employees, you will be thrown out of the hall if you continue. That is the house right and your money you will not get back.

Combo Price

With you purchase combos with popcorn or nachos and coke you don't actually save money. Counting the prices together, one comes almost exactly on the same thing as in the economy menu. Even Mc Donalds used this inglorious tactic for a long time.

It Lasts

Many cinematographers admit that one of the best things about popcorn is that you can keep it for several days without it getting bad. The Popcorn that remains in the evening is wrapped in plastic and used again the next morning.

We have reached the end. Now you know everything worth knowing about cinema. There is only left to wish you much fun on your next visit to the cinema.