Best Office Pranks Ever Made

Working in an office is something that most of us have to do at least once in our lives and even though it can involve professional and personal growth, new friends and exciting possibilites, sometimes it can also mean dealing with increibly irritating people and situations.

But in every office you can find some fun if you set your mind to it: it can be with the job itself or with some hilarious coworkers that will make your days pass better and happier. These pictures sum up what working in an office means. Do any of these remind you of yours?





You are probably familiar with the world famous Windows XP screensaver: well, someone at this guy's office decided to put a giant picture of it covering the whole window and making it look like a giant screen.


When you ask your employer to please buy a wall clock for the office and you get this giant Justin Bieber wrist watch you should know that your office is trolling you long and hard. Yes.



The phrase there is no I in team is one of the most famous when it comes to encourage team work and group effort, but apparently this office staff has a very strong and different point of view.



This is probably one of the best pranks we have ever seen, in or out an office: when someone sits down there is a very loud horn sound and nobody will understand what happened.



After the bosses' daughter was born, the office walls began to get filled with some of her drawings. Unfortunately, this was too much for Justin to handle and he decided to get some of the attention back.

Dress code


Don't you hate dress code offices? We know that keeping up with it is a must if you want to keep your job but sometimes, emergencies happen and all you can do is pray that nobody will notice.


I have no idea who had the brilliant idea to set this Bob Marley poster next to the printer but there is one thing we know for sure: we will never be able to listen to Jamming again the same way.

The bet


The backstory behind this picture is absolutely hysterical: this guy had a bet with his boss a few months ago and got paid by him, all in pennies. That must be hard to carry around, right?

Nice spelling


The count will always go back to zero when it comes to days with no sarcasm in an office, but the specific punch line of this one is so funny that it became one of our favorite pranks.



This is hilarious: nobody wanted to admit that they had written that sign on the bathroom but apparently there is only one person from Scotland in the office team so that's pretty much solved.

Card readers


I don't know whose office this is but I definitely want to submit my resume and start working there: their card readers are mixed with funny pictures. What a great joke to star your day with.



This office prank may had cost a lot to the poor IT crowd if someone fell for it: can you imagine the smell in the office after a slice of onion in set in your DVD player? That's gross.



Someone put a sign up in the office chart about a cute little rabbit looking to be adopted by a loving family somewhere, but someone responded with a recipe of slow roasted rabbit instead.

Toilet faint


This poor person fainted and fell down in a urinal at work, but of course that was hardly the worst part of the thing: someone made this sign and put it up in the bathroom wall so he doesn't forget.



The guy who printed many copies of this and left them around in the office is expecting someone to buy this and start talking out loud giving instructions to the office supplies. So much fun.



If you have enough knowledge and wisdom to change the words on the printer, the least you can do is turn it into an amazing prank like this one that says Insert coin instead of ready.

Labeled sugar


It's very common that most people label their stuff at work so they don't get stolen: this guy took a bag of sugar that someone else decided to label as Not cocaine and added a sad face to it.

The chart


I think we should all print a copy of this office chart and put it in a wall in any work environment. This is one of those "It's funny because it's true" situations and it cracked us up.



If you want people to stay away from your lunch in the office shared fridge, a great way is to put it in a Human organ for transplant bag. If someone goes for it anyway, they are very sick people.



This man who is apparently the boss at the office got trapped in his place and they had to cut a hole through the wall to let him out. Of course, one of his employees took a picture of the moment.

It’s going to hurt


Office supplies can easily become lethal weapons if your staff is bored and I don't know if it ever happened to you, but getting hit by a rubber band is one of the most painful things on Earth.



By some reason we will never find out, someone went into the office bathroom and found one of these jumping devices prepared for toilet clumping emergencies. That's so weird, guys.



One of the office rules in any place you ever work at should always be not to warm up any fish in the microwave. Only crackers shaped like fishes or candy shaped fishes are allowed.



This is one of the meanest pranks you can do to people at work who always expect candy: this person mixed M&M's, skittles and Reese's pieces all together in a bowl, creating total chaos.



Lava lamps usually form different shapes, and in this case, the shape is clearly a penis. The poor guy who was caught staring at it with a face full of love and desire will never forget this.



When someone asks if you are running low on anything, the answers can be as different as the people who work there. The will to live response, however, is very relatable in an office space.

Photo contest


We love all companies who try to keep their team together with some ridiculous activities, like this Awkward group photo contest. We don't know if they won, but they should have.



If you are asked to kill a spider in the office you have two options: either kill it and become a hero for all of them who fear spiders or to keep it alive and write the funniest sign we've seen.

Shark tank


During a very long thread of emails about additions to the office, the boss of this staff decided to please the guys and give them a shark tank. Nobody could believe it, until they saw this.



Someone tried to announce a baby being born by leaving a sign with some clues on it but people just can't seem to pass on a chance to prank someone and they left this terrible response.



It will never stop being funny when people take this too literal: they asked people to please check if they have flushed before leaving the bathroom, and all they did was write checks there.

I quit


I absolutely love this guy up here. On his last day at work, before he quit to go to someplace new, he decided to print photos of himself making that face and leaving them around so he is not forgotten.

Jack off friday

The poor innocent boss who tried to leave a note saying that on Friday Jack had a day off should have thought about how he was going to say it a little better: he even created an office holiday.



When the office microwave stopped working, someone at the office decided to honor it and cherish the times where he had helped the staff like no other by making an obituary and printing it.



Someone left her cubicle for a few days and came back to find that the coworkers had turned into a fully equipped bathroom including a toilet, towels, a basket and even shower curtains.

The chair


It's not that we have a dirty mind but the picture of this office chair seen from this angle sure looks like a penis. We don't know who uses it, but probably gets bullied a few times a day.



Don't you love creative passive aggressive notes that people leave in the office to avoid confronting their coworkers like adults? We do and want o borrow this for our office fridge.



You may not see it at first, but check out the little hands that someone left at an air ventilation spot in this office and tell us you wouldn't be freaked out if you saw it.

Dirty guy

If you are dirty in your office space, you will probably be hated by everyone who works with you and end up receiving notes like these: nobody is here to clean after you, be a damn grown up.

Biology classroom


This note was spotted in a Biology classroom and we want to give a standing ovation to the teacher who trolled his students with such charisma and wit. We love you, professor passive aggressive.



We love this one: there was an old phone in the office that nobody was willing to replace for a newer one so what the staff did instead was putting a description as if it was part of a museum.


We always love how creative people get when they look at signs and this is no exception: we love how after you read this, it does look as if someone was washing their hands using a potato.


This vet decided to retire and in her farewell party someone brought this nasty cake: it looks as if it was dog poo on it saying she will be missed and dear god, we hope it just looks like it.

Work like a meme


If you ever have free time at work, it's key that your employer doesn't notice it: not like this guy who couldn't care less and decided to draw on his board all the memes he could think of.

Play hard


Office sports team are always a great way to bond with your staff and have a good time after a stressful day: apparently not everyone takes it as lightly as you and some are up for hard play.

Super prank


If you decide to troll a coworker by putting next to him a picture of Nicholas Cage, get ready for a bigger revenge: like this one who made a huge picture and pasted it on top of the first one.

Air freshener


This person decided to get creative at the office and use his spare time for a greater good: he decorated the office air freshener as a monster that they could all enjoy. Not that they would, though.



Someone at the office was asked to bring a homemade cheesecake and here it's the result: a regular average cake shaped and colored as a piece of cheese. This is absolutely brilliant trolling.



Office supplies are hardly ever used for the purpose they were first bought for: in some cases, employees can be so creative that they manage to make a tiny little arch out of rubber bands and clips.

Ice machine

When the office ice machine stopped working someone decided to show his discomfort by leaving a post-it with a passive agressive message. Too bad that someone came for him and slayed the answer.