Unique Body Features Only A Few People Have

Our body is amazing. We are the same and, because of that, we share incredible features, but we are also so different that some people have a few features that can't be found in all of us. From incredible skin color to the ability to do strange things with random parts of your body, you may be one of them.

Feel special and unique, or feel just like the rest of us, it doesn't matter. Take a look at these incredible features and see if you have them or not, maybe you can all gather and create a club. I have a bald friend in a wheelchair that will be pleased to have you all in his mansion.



The Melanin Goddess


Khoudia Diop is a Senegalese fashion model and actress. She was bullied in her childhood but when she was discovered, she became an icon and was nicknamed "The Melanin Goddess".

 Eye Scar


This person was born with a scar inside one eye. It looks pretty cool but it can be really dangerous, leading even to blindness and sometimes needing a transplant.

Straight Thumb


This woman was born without the joint that lets us flex our thumbs. That's why her thumbs are extra smooth and she doesn't have the creases that we usually have.



This dude suffers from Dermographism, a condition that can be simply translated as "Writing on the skin" and is characterized by the abrupt onset of welts and hives where the skin is exposed to pressure, scratching, itching or stroking.

Cold Finger 


This condition is called Raynaud's Disease, and it makes some parts of your body (normally fingers and toes) turn white and numb when they are exposed to cold temperatures or even stress.

Freckled Face


His name is Hamad Jaman, and he is a model known for the freckles that cover a huge part of his face. Instead of feeling down for this unique feature, he capitalized it and became famous.

The Longest Legs


This is not photoshopped. Her name is Ia Östergren and she is a Swedish bodybuilder and model. This 34 years old girl was also bullied for her long legs, and this made her dedicate to build her body.

Cat Eye Syndrome


He is not dressed up for Halloween and those are not contact lenses. He has something called Cat Eye Syndrome, a very weird chromosomal disorder that makes his eyes look like this.

The Six-Fingered Man


This man has six fingers on his right hand and six fingers on her left hand. He suffers from something called Polydactyly, a genetic mutation that is the opposite of Olidogactyly (fewer fingers)

One-Sided Vitiligo


Vitiligo is something that nowadays is easy to find in runways and ads, and there are a few famous models that made the condition famous. In this case, it only affects half his face.

Prosthetic Eye


This guy had to have his eye removed. His doctor gave him this cool look, putting a gear inside his globe. Of course, it's not functional, but it's kinda cool, isn't it?

A Hole in the Ear


This is very hard to find and it's called a Preauricular Sinus. It is a congenital disorder that affects less than 100 people in the UK. This hole appears during early fetal development.



This is not a disease or a condition but a cool feature. She is a model called Sophia Hadjipanteli and she actually died her naturally blonde eyebrows to make them look even cooler.

Where’s the pinky?


We talked about this condition earlier. It is called Oligodactyly and is a very weird genetic mutation that causes the lack of one finger or toe.



For centuries, people suffering from Achondroplasia were doomed to be the laughing stock in shows and circuses. But those days are over and Dru Presta is an example of it.



Moles occur when cells in the skin grow in a cluster instead of being spread throughout the skin. Here we see a very weird case of moles covering almost every inch of this girl's body.

The Blonde Solomon Islanders


The inhabitants of the Solomon Islands have very dark skin. But they have challenged the scientist for years because of their very blonde hair. They recently discovered that this is caused by a homegrown gene instead of eating fish like they used to believe.



Distichiasis is a weird genetic disorder defined as the abnormal growth of multiple rows of eyelashes. Fun fact: Liz Taylor's famous stare was caused by this disorder.



People with Polycoria have more than one set of iris muscles. Since iris is in charge of letting light enter into your eye, people with Polycoria can have serious visual deficiencies.



Hypermobility Syndrome is a condition that features joints that easily move beyond the normal range expected for that particular joint. It is usually inherited and it does not require any treatment.



Heterochromia can be inherited or be the result of an injury. Some scientists say that the lack of genetic diversity can be the main cause behind this condition.

No Legs


Kanya Sesser was born with no legs, and maybe because of this, her parents abandoned her. She was then adopted by an American couple and when she grew up she became a model and a surfer.

Morton’s Toe


Does every unusual body feature has a name? Yes, it has. In this case, is called Morton's Toe and is a condition of a shortened big toe, in comparison to the second toe.

No Wisdom Teeth


If you don't have Wisdom Teeth is probably because the dentist took them out. But, Did you know that 20% of people are born without Wisdom Teeth? For example, all indigenous Mexican don't have them.

Blue Eyes


What's wrong with this photo? Well, maybe it is something common to you but only 8% of the World's population has blue eyes. Scientists say that this color comes from a genetic mutation.

Single Palmar Crease


This is also known as Simian Crease because it resembles the hands of non-human simians. Only 1.5% of the World's Population has only one crease in at least one palm.

Outie Belly Button


This is totally normal, but only 10% of adults have their belly buttons shaped like a little knot. Specialists say that this happens almost randomly, and that is only a cosmetic concern.

Heart Outside of his Rib Cage


This man was born with a condition called Ectopia Cordis, which means that his heart is outside of his rib cage. In fact, you can see it beating just millimeters below his skin. Doctors told him that a slight bump would kill him.

RH Null


This is weird, really weird. Only 40 people in the World have this blood type, that doesn't have any antigens. It is often called The Golden Blood.

DEC2 Gene


Palmaris Longus is a muscle that is disappearing from the human body. I mean, not from Your body, but from humankind. 14% of all World Population doesn't have it.

DEC2 Gene


Some people have a gene that allows them to sleep less and work more. Some of these people were Nicola Tesla, Margaret Thatcher, and Winston Churchill. These people go through a sleeping cycle faster than the rest of us.

LRP5 Mutation


This mutation is something out of The X-Men. This mutation makes your bones stronger and your skin is less prone to aging. So, there are Super-People among us, be careful!

Additional Ribs


This condition is more present in women than in men. It is not dangerous if the extra bone doesn't grow in size. If it doesn't, is just having an extra bone in your neck.

A Stronger Heart


Not all deficiencies are entirely bad. If you don't have much of the PCSK9 gene in your body, you are less prone to heart failures and diseases. It also means that cholesterol is not a problem for you.



Humans are trichromats. But some people have an extra cone cell that allows them to see more colors. They see all things different than the rest of us, Can you believe?

Hair Whorl


Only 8% of all the World's population have counterclockwise hair whorls on their head. The thing is if you are a leftie, the chance of getting counterclockwise hair whorls is over 40%.



According to some associations, Anisocoria is a condition that affects 20% of the World's population. If you have it, your pupils are slightly different in size. Sometimes it can be noticeable, but most times it isn't.

Werewolf Syndrome


It is not its official name, but it can tell you what this syndrome is about. People who suffer from it have a lot of hair in most of their body. You can't stop the hair growth, only slow it down.

Webbed Toes


This condition is usually discovered at birth. Scientists haven't discovered how to determine if a baby is going to have this, called Syndactyly, but it also affects one baby in every three thousand.

Cleft Chin


Cleft chins are an inherited trait caused when the two halves of the jaw bone (or muscle) don't quite fuse properly during development. It is more common in European men.



This can be a problem at an airport. Some people are born without fingerprints. Is an extremely rare genetic disorder, and there are only four known extended families worldwide which are affected by this condition.

Mallen Streak


The Mallen streak can be hereditary, although it doesn't have to be. The lack or absence of melanin is what makes that white streak present in the hair.

Marfan Syndrome


People with Marfan tend to be tall, have elongated limbs, and be highly flexible. Spanish actor Javier Botet made a career out of his genetic disorder by using his ability to bend and twist his body.



Tibetian Sherpas live in the heights, and for that, they need an extra hand. And that hand comes from evolutionism. They developed a gene that makes their body respond differently to the lack of oxygen.

Globe Luxation


When you suffer from Globe Luxation, your eyes are displaced from their orbits. This can be useful to scare your folks, but it has more disadvantages than advantages.

Perfect Pitch


Fewer than 1 in 10,000 people have an absolute, or perfect, pitch. Researchers can't define if this is caused by genetics or if it's just a natural gift.

Photic Sneeze Reflex


Some people have this weird disorder that makes them sneeze when they are exposed to sunlight or there's a sudden change of light in the environment where they are at.

Natural Light Hair


This may sound common but if you think about it, it's not. Most people's hair gets darker with time, but between 2% and 16% of all the World's population remain light-haired.

Flexible Tongue


Only 1% of us all can shape their tongue into a triple pipe. It requires patience, good tongue muscles, and a generous genetics. I guess Daniel Radcliffe has them all.

Movable Ears


22% of all the people on this planet can move one ear, and only 18% can move both of them. The fact is that the muscle responsible for ear movement was once well developed in humans but became redundant in the course of evolution.