Car Modification Fails. Please Don´t Do Any Of This To Your Car

Car modifications became a huge thing when the mtv show "Pimp my ride" appeared: what seemed like impossible and really unnecesary adjustments to your car to make it look more like you suddenly seemed possible and kind of cool, regardless of how uncomfortable they could later on be to drive everyday. Some of these car owners decided that the car as it was wasn't good enough and decided to change them a little, or let's be honest, too much. Would you make any of this modifications to your vehicle? We don't know what these people were thinking, but we sure wouldn't.





If your dream was to be a military man and you couldn't achieve it, maybe it's time to let it go, for your best interest and for the sake of your poor car.



I don't really get the whole design on the side of perfectly good cars, but this guy probably does and also thought on the smoke effect that it could do.



For most of us, the moment we use the bathroom is about privacy, but apparently, this man is really proud of it and wanted to share it with the world.

Duct tape realness


This one is probably my favorite one: if you don't take a good look you can hardly notice that the whole car is covered with duct tape. Points for his creativity.

Toys are us


Do you want to give your kid the most original gift there's ever been? Do like this man did and join pieces of a toy with an actual car. Not bad for a toy, not good for a vehicle.

Cars inside of cars


If you can't afford the car of our dreams don't worry: you can always paint it on the side of your much affordable current one. At least it's very creative, right?



Don't you just love a good juicy refreshing piece of watermelon on a hot summer's day? Don't you love it so much you would turn your car into a giant fruit? No, neither do we.

Star wars


Star Wars fans are known for having one of the biggest merchandising collections of all times, and this car is a good example of that: when you love the movie, you express it anywhere you can.

Turtle race


Do you know that old tale about the turtle who raced against a rabbit and won? Well, we are not sure if this car modification was inspired by it, or why would anyone do this to their car.

Game on


Racing games are so advanced nowadays that a game can look and feel like a real race. And if the effect is not enough you can always set a joystick on your car for redemption.

Shine on


This is how I pictured that a Kardashian car would look like: not suitable for people that want to keep a low profile, very appropriate for bling lovers. The thing is that is as expensive as it is tacky.



Don't you just love people who can overcome any obstacle in life with imagination? This guy put a kitchen sponge as part of his windshield and we don't know if it's insane or just genius.



They say size is not important, but apparently height is: with some monster truck wheels this old car can pull of the view of an SUV. With tons of imagination, of course. Tons of it.



Why on Earth would you do this to your car? I can only imagine this car being driven to a business meeting, a wedding or a funeral and trying to remain low key. This is just too much.

Old style


If you are an Amish person trying to live in a modern world, this car may be relatable to you. Why would someone buy a nice car like this and set it up with wooden wheels? Why?



I can't even begin to tell you how much is wrong with this car, but I probably don't even need to: how do you get in the car? How do you see anything else in the road but pieces of your car?

No wheels, no problem


As we have seen some extraordinary modifications, we can also see the opposite here: someone who just gave up on his car and left it to die in the middle of the road.

Creative doors


Car replacements can be very expensive and hard to find in the exact same model and color so why not just give up instead and put a piece of wood as a car door?

Dog lover


I'm going to stand by this guy in this one: if I had a dog as cute as this one I would have him painted on my car, my house, every plane I ever take, all my t shirts and I would hold him up every second of the day. Sorry.

Keep it long


Are you worried a limo just won't do it when it comes to impress your prom date? How about an extra-long one that you can take all your friends and a small town's population along?

Go big or go home


This looks very uncomfortable to drive: the huge wheels probably make it feel like a ride in an amusement park than a car. And let's not even get started on the color choice. Let's just don't.



Certain car modifications can be done to improve the vehicle's usage or to be able to store some things and prevent them from weather damage. Do you think this is the reason why this was made?

Pass on grass


Kermit the frog always said it: it's not easy being green. Especially when you are using a car that is filling the air with pollution and decide to even it up by making a garden car.

Another brick in the wall


This is kind of cute: this brick plotter design has a strong reminiscence to Mario Bros, don't you think? And the guy who owns it seems very pleased with it. Good for you, brick guy!

Skittles everywhere


Please tell me that someone is paying this guy to give Skittles free advertising. Or maybe is just a very enthusiast fan of the candy who wanted to express his love to the world?



Picture this: you get in your car on a very hot summer's day after having it parked in the sun for five hours…and it's covered in orange fur. Doesn't seem so fun now, huh?



If you were not lucky enough to be Bruno Diaz, or let's better call him by his real name – Batman- you still have the chance to build your own Batmovil. May not be as fancy as the original but does the trick.

Half & half


Is it a car? Is it a trailer? No! It's a unique hybrid of both that makes absolutely no sense at all and probably doesn't work very much for any of its purposes. We just don't get it, do you?



This is in fact a very good way to find your car quickly in a huge parking lot: paint it purple and give it some flames in the front so it can't get confused with any other car in the world.



If you put horns in the top of your car and still doesn't look badass enough, add a giant cigarette to it and nobody will even dare to make fun of you. Ok, they probably will, more than before.



Nothing says Super girl like writing it on your car with a Superman sign on it. And add lips to it to show that you can save the world by yourself, and still wear lipstick.

Car trio


If you can't get decided on a car and you have three in mind, there is no need to decide apparently: you can do what this person did and just join them all together in one big ugly vehicle.

Toy Story


If you have been hoarding toys for ages and no longer have any storage room available, sticking them all in your car is an idea. Not a good idea, but an idea. This must be very hard to clean up.

Mixed messages


A very strong threat like "Don't make me cut you" may make people think you are a mean dangerous person, but nothing that a cute drawing of a beloved childhood character can't even up.

A Jeep thing


No cars on your door and no money to replace them can be real trouble unless you have a great sense of humor like this guy had: "It's a Jeep thing, you wouldn't understand it". Kudos for the humor.

Another Bat Movil


If you ever wondered how would Batman's car would look in the 1920's, just look at his picture. What we don't understand is why would he also add the bat shape on the front. We got it, man.

There are no small wheels, just small cars


We don't think this was an intended car modification to look cool, but a very McGyver thing to do in a desperate wheel loss situation. Can you even drive a car like this?



Growing up is optional and there's nothing wrong with expressing your love for Rugrats in your car but do they have to look like a trashy gang? Why is Charlie so old and Tommy so young?

Flaming style


Nothing says style like paying attention to design details: not the case of this car that has a flamingo ornament attached to the front of the car with duct tape. Sorry, but it doesn't seem legit.

A car with a view


It on the inside that counts and this person decided to make that statement by making his car ugly but having a window to look at the inside. Motors have feelings too, you know.

Rare window


We appreciate the effort to paint this little door in the same color of the car but we have bad news: we still notice the door with a lock on it so please don't use it as a safe for your valuables.

The TV nobody can watch


We won't even be discussing the lime green color of the car but there is one annoying thing that makes no sense at all: who can watch that screen? What is it there for? Why would you do that?

Family portrait


When you first see it, it looks like a van painted with some tacky characters but no: it is a portrait of the family members smoking and drinking and letting the boobs out for air.

The sweet escape


We don't get how this modification can improve your life, driving or even parking in any way. It doesn't look good either so, why do you think they did it?

Got it


The phrase "Touch them where they poop" is something we will all be wondering about in the next few hours, days, weeks or even months. Maybe it was this person's plan after all.



Do you want a car with a view? You can have it, only that it will probably be the ugliest thing you have ever seen, impossible to drive and will have some random numbers written on it.

Holiday spirit


This person is probably one of the kind that is so excited about Christmas that not only decorates everything at home, use rain deer sweaters and starts doing it prematurely in July.

Puppy love


Who doesn't love dogs? If you are proud of your puppy, it won't be enough to play with him every day, feed him and give him love: you will also need to make your car about him.

Pimp my ride


We are not sure how this car works (if it does) and why did anyone modify it to look like this, so please, if you can think of a reason leave us a comment and let's figure it out together.