Cats Didn’t Want To Be In Your Dumb Selfies And The Result Was Hilarious

Cats are so weird! I mean, don't misunderstand me, I really love them (though I love dogs more) but they can be very weird sometimes! Every time you want to show them some kind of affection or take a selfie with them, they just show you they hate you! Lol. Some of them are silly and cute but others are just mean and hilarious! So if you love (or hate) cats you should definitely read this article. I have made a list of 50 beautiful but mean cats that really really hate taking selfies with their humans! Enjoy it, please!



What is that face?


Look at that cat's face! It seems to be happy or excited about something! I don't know, but either way, the selfie is excellent and they both look very happy!

Fed up


This photo is great! Both human and cat look beautiful but if you look closely, the cat seems a bit tired and it appears to be that he hates photos… leave the kitty alone!

“I hate you!”


The face of this cat is priceless! I mean, look at that tiny and beautiful face! It seems he is not that into taking a picture with his human...



This little cat is no longer tolerating her owner's attempt to take selfies! She had had enough and had bitten her human's face! The photo is absolutely hilarious! What do you think?



Look at this poor kitty cat's face! He is clearly tired of his human! Poor lovely cat! I wish his owner left him alone… I really want him to be happy.



This is what happens when you try to take a mirror selfie with your cats! One of them jumped on its owner's head and the other is there, on the verge of craziness!

He is so angry!


This angry cat seems absolutely fed up with her owner! It seems that she is about to bite her, just like the other cat. You cat owners need to start respecting your pets!

What is that pose?


What is going on in this photo??? The poor cat seems to be fighting so much against his owner! He clearly doesn't want to be in his hands… Leave your cat alone!

“Stop it”


I love this cat's face. And the little paw!!! I'm dying on how cute and little he is! He seems to be a little bit tired of his own, right? What do you think? Do you love him already?

The cat doesn’t like this selfie thing


I'm starting to believe cats really REALLY hate pictures, mostly if their owners are involved! For instance, look at this kitty… He is clearly not into the selfies vibes!

“I don’t like you, Karen!”


This kitty cat seems a little confused about the fact that his owner is taking a photo with him. He is absolutely not enjoying it. Poor little thing, leave him alone!

The sequence


I really love this sequence of photos! At first, the beautiful black cat seems to be unaware that her owner is taking a picture of her. On the second one, she realizes it and in the third one, she is really annoyed about it!

“Leave me alone!”


This beautiful fat cat is super upset about the fact that his owner is carrying him. He really hates to be carried but mostly, he hates been photographed! Poor kitty!

“W H A T?”


This photo is one of my favorites! Both faces (the cat's and the human's) are extremely hilarious! They both seem a bit displeased about something that is going on back camera. I wonder what it is?

“I don’t like this!”


This photo is also hilarious as hell! I absolutely love the fact that the cat is so fed up with his owner! I mean, look at the kitty's adorable face! I would squish him too!



HAHA! Look at the black cat's face! She clearly hates the fact that her owner is holding her! She doesn't seem real, though. She looks like a cartoon or something!

“Don’t touch me!”


This picture couldn't be more perfect! I know they tried to take a "sweet" picture of them and the little kitty and failed, but the result was so hilarious that makes the photo really perfect!

“No photos, please!”


OMG, look at this beautiful white cat's pose! It really seems she is not interested in photos and want to be left alone! Hilarious, right? "No photos, please!!!"

He is the cutest!

AW, I really love this cat. You know I prefer dogs, but look at this fat cross-eyed kitty cat! I would definitely squish him hard and take hundreds of selfies with him, too!

Caught red-handed


Omg, what a great picture! Look at this cat's pose! It seems he was caught red handed doing something naughty or something he wasn't supposed to be doing. Hilarious!

“Go away!”


Awww, look at this beautiful kitty. She is definitely tired of pictures, right? I mean, if I had a cat that was this beautiful and sweet I would also take thousands of pictures of it!

I don’t know what this cat might be thinking


Look at this cat's amusing face! He seems a bit frightened or a bit surprised that his owner is kissing his forehead! Either way, the result is this great photo!

She hates her owner


This adorable fat cat seems to be a little tired about her owner! She doesn't seem to enjoy the fact that her human is always taking pictures of her together. Well, sorry kitty cat but you are beautiful!

Poor Thing!


Aww, what an adorable photograph! The human seems to love her cat so much, and the cat, even though he seems a little tired of her love, he is quite enjoying his owner's hug!

Selfie time!


This selfie is amazing! This kitty cat lives in this person's office and he quite likes to be photographed and so. Look at their faces! They both look so serious!

This cat hates its human!


Omg! Look at this incredible selfie! The beautiful white cat's face is priceless! She seems happy, excited and tired of her owner, all at the same time! Do you love it?

He looks so happy!


AWWW look at this beautiful grey kitty! He seems to be having so much fun with his owner! I really love him and want to kiss him and squeeze him, lol. LOOK AT HIS TINY FACE!

“Help me…”


This picture is absolutely hilarious! The human seems so happy to be hugging his little pet… but the cat is in a dark place… I mean, look at that horrified look. Poor thing!

“I don’t like you human!”


This cat is clearly yelling her owner that she hates her! Lol, for real, look at both of their faces. The cat seems angry and the girl looks a little sad!

“Human, turn around!”


This is one of my all-time favorite pictures on the internet. Fist, because it seems the cat is taking a selfie with his working owner. And second, because his face is absolutely priceless!

“I’m gonna kill her”


I'm dying on how hilarious this cat's face is! He seems to be planning the murder of his owner or something! The poor girl has no idea… If she only left him alone!



Omg, this woman trying to take a decent Christmas picture with her cat is amusing! The adorable cat is definitely not enjoying it! Poor little thing, leave him alone!



Aww, another of my favorite internet pictures! Both cat and dog seem to be trying to take a decent selfie. The dog seems pretty chill, but the cat is definitely not enjoying it!

“I hate my life!”


This picture is hilarious! The woman posing with her cat seems unaware of the fact that her beautiful white kitty is completely fed up and trying to murder her! LOL.

“Take your hands off me!”


Aw! This photograph is beautiful. Not only because the owner of the kitty is gently kissing her on the cheek, but also because the cat's face is absolutely laughable! Goals.

Fed up


That cat looks as if he had lost all hope! He is not even trying to fight back. He is just there, wanting his owner to just finish taking a picture with him! Poor little thing, lol.

The cat seems so angry!


Look at the cat's face! What might have happened that he looks so angry? He probably hates been photographed… What do you think? Maybe his owner should leave him alone!

“I hate life…”


Oh! Poor kitty! It seems he just got out of the doctor and he needs to rest quietly. But instead, some unbearable human is taking photos of him… Leave the poor kitty cat alone!

“Take your hands off my parts!”


This photograph is absolutely hilarious and it makes me laugh every time I see it! Everything is funny about it. The boy's hand, the cat's pose and the cat's face! I love it!



This cat is definitely outraged because of the fact that his owner is carrying him and taking a picture with him. He would prefer to be left alone! Poor thing!

“Is that my face?”


Omg, look at this incredible portrait! Both human and cat seem to be surprised about something! What would that be? Maybe something happened on the other side of the picture!

“Leave me alone, human!”


This cat is definitely not having it… She is clearly tired of her human and her squeezing her and taking pictures of her… It seems she would like to be left alone!

“Ddd, don’t touch me”


Aw! The owner of this cat looks so sweet. But the kitty, instead, looks as if he wants to get out of there as soon as possible. Anyways, it is a great picture!

“I’m gonna kill you!”


The face of this cat is terrifying! We are not able to see his owner's face, but probably, she seems scared too! What is going on outside the frame that we are are not seeing?

So tired of her


This picture is hilarious! The cat looks absolutely tired of her human! She is definitely not tolerating her anymore. Poor little kitty. Leave him alone!

“Stop with the freaking pictures!”


This sweet cat seems a bit tired of his owner taking selfies with him all the freaking time. He would rather be sleeping than posing with the purple-haired girl. Lol.