Celebrities Who Were Caught in Cheating Scandals

There are many factors that can make someone cheat on their partner: boredom, routine or a lack of will to resist temptation. We often find out about new celebrity couples and place our bets on how long they are going to last, but it's hard to tell who will cheat on who since some celebrities give such a wholesome image and it's not possible for us to imagine them in that sort of situation. However, these celebrities were caught cheating at some point and even though in some cases it's been years since we found out, we can't seem to forget they did it. Do you remember how shocked you were when you found out? Humans after all: these celebrities were caught cheating on their partners



Jennifer Lopez


Pop singer, actress and Latin diva Jennifer Lopez is Jenny from the block and does the same things an average person does, like cheating: on 2003 she began a relationship with co-star Ben Affleck when she was still married to Chris Judd.

Larry King


Host Larry David always liked younger women and it seems like he also likes to keep it in the family: after having two kids with his over 25 years younger wife, he cheated on her with her even younger sister.

Heidi Klum


The supermodel and hostess of hit show "Project Runway" had a happy marriage with songwriter and performer Seal that ended in 2012. Although she never admitted cheating, she acknowledged she had being seeing the family bodyguard. Heidi Klum was married to Seal from 2005-2012. Their marriage ended amongst accusations that Klum was cheating on Seal with her bodyguard. After the divorce was finalized, Klum admitted that she was "seeing" her bodyguard, but claimed she never cheated on Seal.

Brad Pitt


How can we forget the cheating act that divided the world into two teams? Brad Pitt was married to Friend's star Jennifer Aniston when he started a relationship with co-star Angelina Jolie that ended…in another marriage.

Kristen Stewart

Wikimedia Commons

Twilight stars Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson made one of the hit couples for a long time, but it all ended when she was caught on pictures kissing married director Rupert Sanders.

Jessica Simpson


Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey were one of the hottest couples in the beggining of the 2000 era, and even had a reality show on their married life, which apparently ended with an affair of her and Adam Levine.

Britney Spears


Who could possibly cheat on Justin Timberlake? Apparently, Britney and she did it twice: during their long term relationship she was accused of having an affair with her choreographer at the time.

Arnold Schwarzenegger


The gubernator also has a past: he had a very long and apparently happy marriage with Maria Shriver but had something on the side: he had a son with the family's housekeeper while he was married.

Coco Austin


Coco Austin and hit rapper Ice T had a hot relationship but it quickly cooled off: she was apparently cheating on him with another rapper, AP-9. We see a pattern, Coco, do you?

Jude Law


There's a pattern where celebrities cheat their partners with people they hire at home and Jude Law is not the exception: he was caught cheating on Sienna Miller with his nanny.

Sienna Miller


Well, pay back is pay back, Jude. Even though Sienna Miller forgave Jude Law for the nanny affair, she got back at him by cheating with her then co-star Daniel Craig which she confirmed. Call it even, guys.

Ethan Hawke


Here's another reason why celebrities should never ever hire help: Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman had a happy marriage until he left her to marry their nanny in 2008. Put them in your list, Uma.

Kris Jenner


Kris Jenner was once Robert Kardashian's wife and started with him the whole Kardashian clan. One her autobiography, she admits cheating on him with a mystery man and even taking her daughter on dates with him.

Anne Heche


Before Ellen and Portia were a thing and our relationship goals, Ellen had a very strong relationship with actress Anne Heche, who cheated on her with a man and then cheated on him with another man.

Ashton Kutcher

Ashton Kutcher

Remember when Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore were married? Well, it was not all a bed of roses apparently and he had a one night stand with a much younger woman named Sara who may have been responsible for ending the relationship.

Meg Ryan


Once upon a time, actress Meg Ryan was married to actor Dennis Quaid for a whole decade and they seemed very happy together until she had an affair with fellow actor Russell Crowe and ended the whole thing.

Billy Crudup


Actor Billy Crudup had an affair with young actress Claire Danes when his wife was seven months pregnant and left her for her. We are not judging but you make it very hard for us, Billy.

Elizabeth Taylor


Icon and actress Elizabeth Taylor had anything else but a boring love life. Apparently, her on and off relationship with Richard Burton (who she married twice) started when she was already married in 1963.

Rob Kardashian


We don't mean to be mean but Rob hasn't had much of a career but managed to have something we remember him by: he cheated on Adrienne Bailon after having her named tattooed. That's just dumb Rob.

Jack Nicholson


If you are under 30, you probably never even knew that Jack Nicholson had a very long on and off relationship with actress Angelica Houston, which ended when he knocked up mistress Rebecca Broussard.



Madonna always said it "Express yourself don't repress yourself" and it seems like she applied this thought on her love life: she cheated on her them husband director Guy Ritchie with baseball player Alex Rodriguez.

Hugh Grant


How can we forget one of the biggest celebrity scandals of all times? Hugh Grant was arrested while he was found with a prostitute cheating on her long term girlfriend Elizabeth Hurley.

Tiger Woods


It was a huge scandal back in 2009 and still is: golf sensation Tiger Woods apparently cheated on his wife with a ton of different women that once she found out, she couldn't handle.

Chad Michael Murray


This is so 90's it hurts: Chad Michael Murray and Sophia Bush were once happily married when he cheated on her with then co-star and heiress Paris Hilton. That's not hot, Paris and Chad.

Ryan Phillippe


Once upon another era, Ryan Phillipe and Reese Whiterspoon were happily married with a child and were an it couple…until he cheated on her with Abbie Cornish and that was that for the couple.

David Letterman


Late nigh host David Letterman was also caught cheating on his wife and admitted having an affair with a CBS producer after he was extorted for money to keep it under the rug swept.

Josh Duhamel


Jorh Duhamel and singer Fergie have been a happy couple for many years, but a stripper said she had a one night stand with him while the marriage was going on. He denied it, but we'll never know for sure.



Sean Diddy Combs had a long on and off relationship with Kim Porter for years, which included relationships with other women when apparently, they were one a break. And that even included a child.

Luke Worral


Kelly Osbourne didn't have any problem admitted she was once cheated on boyfriend Luke Worral on social media after finding out of his affair with a transgender woman whose name remained secret.

Katharine McPhee


Katharine McPhee was not only famous for her American idol performances but also hit the tabloids when she was caught kissing Michael Morris (her then director) while she was still married.

Kobe Bryant


Kobe Bryant not only cheated on his wife but made a huge scandal out of it: he was arrested with charges of sexual assault that he denied but later on bought a 4 millon dollar gift for her wife as an apology.

Frank Sinatra


Frank Sinatra is still an icon due to his signature voice and amazing hits, but he was well known for being a cheater too. He started a relationship with Ava Garner while he was still married and then, married her.

Ted Haggard


Ted Haggard not only is a well-known preacher but a cheater too: he was caught cheating on his then wife with a male escort who later said that he had been getting paid for sex for years.



Despite him saying he didn't do it (who would admit cheating?) the story says that Usher cheated on his long-term relationship with Chili after she declined a wedding proposal. Revenge is never good.

David Boreanaz


Actor David Boreanaz cheated on his wife (who he had been with for a decade) with former Tiger Woods mistress Rachel Uchitel. He claimed that the affair helped his relationship. Not sure it was the same for his ife.

Jesse James


Not once but a lot of them, a lot of times: Jesse James cheated on actress Sandra Bullock a numerous time of occasions with different women who accused him on media. He apologized to her but she divorced him anyways.

Billy Bob Thornton


It wasn't just the Jennifer Aniston Brad Pitt situation who gave Angelina Jolie her reputation of being a homewrecker: many years before that, she started a relationship with Billy Bob Thornton while he was still engaged to Laura Dern.

LeAnn Rimes


Singer and songwriter LeAnn Rimes started her relationship with actor Eddie Cibrian in a double cheating way: they were both married to other people when they started seeing each other.

John Edwards


John Edwards not only cheated on his wife with a campaign worker but also took him four years to recognize that he had a child with her during the affair. Quite a scandal, don't you think?

Tori Spelling


Aaron Spelling's daughter and America's sweetheart Tori Spelling was married when she started a relationship with also married Dean McDermott. Years later, they said Dean eventually cheated on Tori too.

Tim Burton


Director Tim Burton and actress Helena Bonham Carter have been a couple for many years, but it wasn't always good: he was caught kissing a blonde woman in 2013 who was definetly not his wife.

Woody Allen


This is wrong on so many levels we don't know where to start: Woody Allen cheated on then wife Mia farrow with Soon Yi, the child they have both adopted, and married her later on.

Jon Gosselin


TV reality star Jon Gosselin cheated on his wife Kate with a school teacher in 2009. The scandal escalated quickly because as we know, both parties involved love media attention more than anything in the world.

Anthony D. Weiner

Vanity Fair

We are not sure how this marriage survived such a scandal but it did: Anthony was caught not only cheating but sending naked pictures of himself and sexual texts to many women while still married.

Kevin Federline


We always knew Kevin Federline was a douche and pop royalty Britney Spears should have known it too: when they started dating, he was still engaged to someone else and expecting a child.

Tony Parker


Who could possibly cheat on someone as beautiful as Eva Longoria? Well, Tony Parker could and cheated on her with a teammate's wife too. The couple went through a very painful divorce after that.

Mark Sanford


South Caroline Governor Mark Sanford went to Argentina for some affairs, including an actual affair with a woman there while he was still married. And of course, she wasn't invited to the trip.

Eliot Spitzer


Eliot Spitzer was a family man happily married who was caught cheating with high class prostitutes. The sex scandal hit his Governor's career too hard and he had to resign to his position.

Balthazar Getty


How many times have we named Sienna Miller so far? Well, she was also seen with Balthazar making out in 2008 (and topless, by the way) while he was married to someone else.

Jason Aldean


Country Pop star was married when some pictures appeared of him kissing and cuddling with former American Idol participant Brittany Kerr back in 2012. Quite a scandal for the country world.

Bill Clinton


Halle Berry did not cheat, but has been cheated on more than once by former boyfriends Eric Benet and David Justice. And that didn't stop her from becoming an Oscar winner and one of the hottest women on Earth so the joke is on you, guys.

Kevin Hart


In September of 2017 actor Kevin Hart made a public apology to his wife and children on his Instagram page and apparently, was in the middle of an extortion of him cheating he tried getting out of.