Check Out These Amazing Body Painting Creations

Body painting has been a major art expression since the beginning of times and it always seems to find a way to become relevant and up to date again. The creativity of using painting and make up techniques over the body and face as a blank canvass never seems to stop amazing us with bigger, better and balder creations that may not last longer than a shower, but can be portrayed in pictures and become endless and timeless pieces of art.

Join us and look at these beautiful creations that were only made with paint, human bodies and tons (and we mean tons) of imagination. Would you be up for this type of art expression done in your own body?



Black and Gold


A full black paint made a perfect canvass to create details (including an awesome contouring and a mandala like neck decoration) in gold paint, which mateches perfectly her blonde hair.

In living color


Unlike the first picture we saw, this one does the exact opposite: filled with colors, black and white shadow illusions detailing and patterns that imitate lungs this body painting is less sutil but quite effective.

Día de los muertos


Día de los muertos (the day of the dead, in English) is a Mexican celebration that takes place in late October and the first days of November each year and has this skull type make up called calacas.

I’ll be back


Terminator has some competition: this bionic robotic like painted arm is a great example of how much it can be achieved with body painting techniques. The addition of blood makes it more realistic and yes, much cooler.

What’s new, pussycat?


The spots on this jaguar show some incredible patience and tecnhiques since t was done in a way that has lighter and darker points to emulate a real animal. The ears and the eye make up provide the finishing touches.

Simply amazing


It may seem simple at first but the result of this work of art is incredible: a full deep blue painted body with colors in the back that are made to shine and pop look incredible and kind of glow in the dark.

Peacock style


There is no animal as fancy and colorful in the entire animal kingdom as the peacock: this artist emulated his feathers and made a great touch with matching lipstick and the addition of real feathers in the hair piece.

Eye of the tiger


Tigers are beautiful and powerful, but it was probably one of the hardest animals to honor in a body painting piece: each spot, stripe, color and technique show amazing talent and makes this one one of our favorites.

Paint party


Using your body as a canvass to express yourself doen't neccesarily need a great technique or a painting portrayed on you to be memorable, like this case: brushes of paint can do the trick and is just as creative.

Colorful leg


One of the best things about body painting is that is not required for you to use your whole body as a canvass: you can use your back, your face, arms or in this case, just one leg to create a piece of art.

Plenty of fish in the sea


We love this mix not only of techniques but of cultural influences: while the face shows a mexican skull type of work, the chest is decorated with two impressive and classic japanese koi fish.



This is a great idea for a party: if you want to give your body painting work some context join a friend who is also up for this type of creations and become the coolest animals you have ever seen.

Upside down


Body painting and make up techniques are becoming more of a thing everyday since make up artists seem to be experiencing what else they can achieve on their faces. This mirrored upside down style is proof of it.



Mandalas are circular figures filled with colors and details that represent the universe in Hindu and Buddhist symbolism. This woman took it a step further and did them on her face, neck and hands.

My sun and stars


If you are a Game of Thrones fan this probably reminds you of the famous Dothraki quote "My Sun and stars, moon of my life" and the silver Khaleesi hair also helps the reference. Does it look like this to you too?

Under the sea


Mermaids are now in style again and no wonder: the possibilities to emulate them either with accessories, nail art or even body and face painting are neverending and they will always look beautiful and sophisticated.

The circle of life


If you are a Lion King fan this body painting work of art will be perfect for you: ideal for brunettes and not that hard to try at home, gives an incredible result and a new version of your favorite movie.



If you are looking for a body painting that looks innocent, filled with color and has texture on in you will love this clown art. Notice how the hair line is included to add more texture and integrate it with the face.

One mouth, three styles


If you don't want to make your full body a canvass for art, a good way is to begin with just one small section of it: this creations on a mouth show you that is not about size but creativity.

Mexican Grinch


Once again we see a mexican skull inspired makeup but with an amazing green foundation that makes her look a little more of a Grinch than a Calaca. We love the effect that the red eyes add up, too.



Great impressive and bright colors, amazing techniques and all blended with the hair line and some hair pieces makes this one a simple yet incredible piece of art of body painting. What do you think of it?

The truth is out there


The X files fandom will love this creation on the back of this woman: a beautiful and perfectly done body painting art that would even amaze Mulder and Scully. Which TV Show would you paint on yourself?

Solar system


The Solar system is huge but can fit into a back when it comes to body painting: the result is a beautiful masterpiece with such simplicity that makes it impossible to ignore.

Make waves


If your love is the sea, you will love this wave design in japanese style made with paint in the back of this woman. The details and movement make it spectacular and amazing.

Black light


If body painting doesn't amaze you enough, look at this work of art made with special paint to look this way under fluorescent light: amazing, breathtaking and so original we would like to see more.



Another tiger in a different style, this time using more body parts than the one we showed you before. Notice how the details in each stripe make the look consistent and add a real result.



If you can't go to the beach, make the beach come to you in the shape of an amazing body painting that includes breeze, palm trees, sun and ocean, but make sure you don't get sunburned and lose the work!

Neon skull


Fluorescent paint can give a whole new look to the same styling of other body painting works: in this case a mexican inspired skull that has a little graffiti vibe to it and looks colorful and amazing.



With just black and white paint and an extraordinary attention to detail this artist managed to creat an ethnic look in this model that has a tribal vibe to it and makes it impossible not to look at.



This body painting work is the true definition of camouflage: painted from head to toes this model blends into the landscape as if it was a Photoshop effect. How many hours do you think it took to achieve that result?

All in


Another head to toes body painting that includes colors, patterns, shapes and an extraordinary bendy model that is able to show it off in a very artsy and memorable way.



This tree could have easily been designed by Tim Burton and the colors of the background make it extra special: the design might be simple but the overall pice is extraordinary.

Talk to the hand


This realistic zebra painted in a hand is insane: the detail and perfection in each stripe and the realness of the eye make it an example of a small piece that says a lot. We absolutely love it.

Three styles


Angel wings, a galaxy and a mandala : three simple styles done in the back of three different models that prove that regardless the style you choose, you can achieve a great look with body painting.

Feet in the sky


This one in exceptionally original because of the body part she decided to paint: her feet, up to her ankles in a deep purple color with white spots emulating a galaxy. Love It.

Black and white


This black and white work is extraordinary because just by using two colors the result looks as if she was wearing a one piece body suit made of leather. What do you think about this one?



If Pablo Picasso had ever used body painting as one of his techniques, he would have created something similar to this one: plane colors y a cubist way, ready to set foot in a museum.

Eye can see you


The realism of this eye makes it much more complex than other body painting jobs that take the whole human body as a canvass: the detail in the pupil, eyelashes and color makes it impressive.

Starry night


Vincent Van Gogh's famous piece Starry night not only has a special place in the museum of Modern Art but in this artist's leg as it's perfectly emulated with the same colors an brush techniques.



Realism at its best: the simple image of a plug and cord in such a specific and detailed technique makes it hiper realist and a piece of art: so simple yet so well crafted.



Lacing your shoes used to be a problem when you were barefoot but not anymore: can you believe the detail and movement of this feet painting piece? The details on each hole that provide depth are awesome.

Work of art


The moon and the sun met in this woman's back and even though it may be one of the simplest designs we have seen so far, it doesn't make it any less memorable: we find it beautiful.



Another hand but this time as an eagle: can you believe how smart the artist was to consider the size of this bird's pecker and using the thumb to emulate it? It looks absolutely great.



When it comes to Disney characters there is always a thin line that separated Cosplaying from body painting: this may be a mix of both, but definetly adds up to a great result that shows incredible talent.

Pop art


Be a living work of art if you dare: this pop art body painting that recreates Lichenstein's most famous paintings uses a simple but very detailed technique to get that effect, and we couldn't love it more.

Half and half


Another great advantage of body painting is that there are no rules to this art form other than following your gut an creative instincts: make it half a skulla and half a butterfly if you feel like it.



You may not see it at first, but this colorful patterned design holds the figure of a rooster in the model's forehead and captivated us with the details of the feathers and the bald choice of colors.

Mexican style


A different type of mexican old school día de los muertos art that may look simpler but is in fact quite impressive: notice how well defined the detailes and brushes are and how the hair adds up to a great final result.

Out of this world


The eyes sure help a lot, but if you take a second look you will notice that without body painting, this alien like cosplay wouldn't be as impressive or realistic as this one looks: depth, color, and details make it incredible.