Clever Messages From Roommates That Are Too Funny To Be True

Leaving our parents home for the first time (or the second, we don't judge) is something challenging enough, and adding to that a roommate to the equation is also very stressful. These relationships can be complicated sometimes and even if we put our best efforts, it's hard to attend everyone's types of living and traditions when you come from different places. Simple things that we been doing for years can be something really annoying for someone else and vice versa. And because of that, the human mind can create funny and clever ways to express, and this is the case for these roommates who were kind enough to share to the world their genius and clever ways to send a message without losing the tone or getting into a fight. Here is for your entertaining, 50 clever messages from a roommate to another in a kinda passive aggressive demonstration.



Martin Spooner

The dishes are quite a theme in a house and if you are sharing yours with someone who is not used to clean them up, is going to be a problem. Lucky those with genius ways to communicate that!

Bathroom Issues

The bathroom problems are hard to communicate and this cartoon wins all the prices, without words the roommate could express the situation over the toilet. And hey, this person needs to know how good is drawing!

Romantic Situation

How to tell the difficult things to people being nice? How about in a sweet and elaborate way? Well, this roommate recreates a whole romantic scene to ask for the rent. Who says romance is over?

Better Knock The Door


Well, the art for this sign is not particularly great, but the poetry has something definitely. We can't argue he must be upset and tired and he found this clear solution to warn the roommate.

Dear Gary

I guess we can assume that Gary is not a fan of doing the dishes and his kind roommate came up with a very clever note to let him note that. Go ahead Gary and do the dishes.

Flow Chart

This can sound like an attempt to solve some really difficult tech problem, but if you read it carefully you will see is only the message a roommate hang over the bathroom door. Genius.



This message was heard loud and clear, and also it was answered. Seems this sign wasn't taken it too well and someone decided to answer with a little gift.

Toilet Paper


Well, some people had a hard time when others correct them, and apparently, this was the case. Someone trying to explain the right way to put the toilet paper and you get this.

Brain Damage


Too funny, you had to admit this response is too funny and clever. You know how you hate those signs that are trying to teach you a lesson? Well, this roommate was angry too.

Passive Aggressive Model


This is the way you are 100 percent passive aggressive with your messages. These clever texts and the craft these roommates put on the fight is remarkable. They deserve an award.



Some may say Susie went too far on this one, but as we can imagine for her note the "stealing" was too much and she needed to teach a lesson.

Dishes And Friends


Dishes and roommates seem to have a very complicated relationship, and as we can see in this sign, they all need to be more and more creative to leave the correct message.



You can leave a note telling someone what to do, but you can help that person give you a clever and clear message of what that means. So be prepared for a Grammar lesson!

The Hair


When the note like this comes as an answer, you are in big problems! Or at least you would never be able to tell someone what to do again. Good job Robert!



Oh, this is a very clever way to tell someone has been caught! And the public revenge of this roommate it deserves an Oscar no less. Hey, you can never be too careful.

Mr. Dryer Vent


If this girl wanted to send a message to the roommates, we bet it was at least received it with a big laugh! We hope Mr. Dryer Vent has been clean already.

Not Brian


This has to be the best FYI received ever! And pointing out the obvious is always a good passive-aggressive tactic. We hope Brian is now free of the chores!

WIFI Remainder


Money subjects can be hard to talk about, but this roommate found the perfect way to communicate with the other roommates and remind them to pay the rent. Perfect use of the WIFI.

Art Gallery


This is perhaps the most artistic and intelligent way to tell someone that is really a mess. Although we must say it is very labored and we wish the art was well received by the audience.

Word Of The Day


This is what happens when your roommate is a talented artist and can leave you passive-aggressive notes with style and art. The doodles are very good despite the aggressive message.



Again another case of dishes vs roommates, and the result a very clever solution with some art. The picture of the empty sink is a genius one!



At least this person when wakes up would find out what happened with the pizza! If he remembers about the pizza at all. And we guessed the roommates were happy because he didn't burn the house after all.



Dishes problems strike again and originality wins! This roommate prepared a cover of the famous Dummies' books and created their own edition to educated someone. This is something for the art gallery for sure!

The Welcome


Hey! At least they took the trouble to bake a welcome cake! Not sure if it has the right message but the intention is what it counts, right?

The Rent


Maybe the roommate is asking too often to pay the rent? Or maybe they are super funny because this rent display is way too good! All that trouble to send some money…

Toiler Paper II


The toilet paper is another big issue of the roommates apparently, and this one is trying to make a point in a hard way. We are afraid to ask how the thing ended up.

Keep Away


This beer is a passive-aggressive one! We would like to think the roommate got the message and leave the beer to the owner, but you never know. Maybe would find a cover answer later…

There Will Be Blood


This, we have to admit, is kind of creepy more than passive-aggressive. But also a very good way to make a point about the undone chores in the share house.



We hope the owner of the old lettuce didn't want that… But Alex has a point and made a very good use of the passive-aggressive note and made an excellent point about a cleaning kitchen.

Wax Seal


Here is a good use of the wax seals and the ownership of a beverage. This roommate is pretty serious about the subject and he did what he must do.



You can't argue with a person that couldn't perform the task but leave you such a clever and funny note! This guy thought it would be easier to search for the joke than the doorknob.



Some people have a very particular way to communicate, and this is the case of the roommate and the lack of milk. The display of the dry cereals is definitely showing a message.

Fight Back


These roommates here are in battle for the passive aggressive notes on the kitchen, and looks roommate number two is winning so far. What do you think?

Lost Sock


FOUND: LOST SOCK.. At the beginning of the note is just another silly funny sign, but the "responds to sock" is what it takes all the applause from here. Excellent job!

Valentine’s Day


Valentine's Day provides the right amount of kindness and memorabilia to create such a good and funny messages. This proves you can say anything in a nicer way with hearts.

Door Open


This is so far the most elaborate passive aggressive note that we ever see. The writing for telling such a small task is genius. And funny for sure, our congratulations to this clever roommate.



Well, a passive-aggressive fight for some art differences seems pretty good. We don't know, although we would like to know, what the other roommate said about it.



A thoughtful reminder that you should storage your festive decorations once they festivities are over, otherwise is going to be a passive-aggressive note (and lots of post-its)

The Drain


Ok, this is way too gross but we would like to assume it was a clear message for the roommate that it was direct to. We would call more aggressive than passive to this one.



It is not very clear why the bother on such a long and complicated note, even if it is a really good and funny one, and why people has so many problems with the garbage.

Old Food


Old food and passive aggressive notes are a very good and funny combination, as we can already see in this note. Thankfully we cannot smell it, because that could be game-changing.



There is no excuse to take what is not yours without asking for permission, and this note is proving that there are no limits to keep what is yours.

The Drawer


You can say it, or you can write a passive-aggressive note and solve the problem with some clever and thoughtful message, like this one. And remind to the roommate this was a conversation you already had.

Morning Notes


Well, the note is respectful and 100 percent passive aggressive. We guess it wasn't the first time the roommate was asking to keep the voice down…



That was really mean! The poor roommate never got to eat the pizza, or at least a whole slice. We wonder why they decided it to leave this pizza message?

Dryer’s Filter And Clint


No one can argue this is a clever way to respond an order, and also is a good opportunity to see a good joke and a good photo of Clint Eastwood.

Toilet Paper, Again


Another proof of art, creativity, and passive-aggressive notes. The toilet paper issue is almost as important as the garbage on the roommate department like we already saw it.

Toilet Seat


Seems like some girls are punishing a boy for the toilet seat, at least they were polite but surely passive aggressive. Hopefully, the post-its are gone and the peace reigns in the bathroom battle.



Oh the hair and the drain, that's another subject of messages between roommates and the creativity always wins. Let's hope the message was well received and the story may continue.

A Lesson


Well, this roommates made an epic battle on the passive-aggressive department and we are not sure who won. But for sure is a funny anecdote for the next years!