40 People Doing Dangerous Things We Would Never Dream Of Trying



Danger. Adrenaline. Adventure. Some people love that stuff. Some simply live for that stuff. Whether because they enjoy the idea of having no control over the outcome of what they do or just have no ability to feel fear whatsoever, there are people who could not imagine life being worth living if they weren't putting their physical well-being on the line every once in a while. Or maybe every other day. Some make their living out of their dangerous preferences, such as those that are constantly surrounded by wild beasts that could chop their heads off in the blink of an eye.

If you, like us, enjoy watching these people and following their adventures from a safe distance, we recommend you keep scrolling to see 40 pictures of folks doing dangerous things we wouldn't even dream of trying. Enjoy!

Run For Your Life


You'd have to be pretty crazy to let a bull chase you, right? This is the kind of stuff nightmares are made of. Who would have thought people like this woman volunteer for stuff like this?

Take Them For A Walk


Some people earn their living walking dogs. Some wall crocodiles. That man seems to be enjoying what he's doing.

Petting Zoo


When someone mentions a petting zoo, the first thing we imagine are baby pigs and sheep and maybe a cow. We would never agree to petting what looks like an enormous boa.

Is This Seat Taken?


No, it's not that we are antisocial. It's simply that we would like to spend our break eating lunch alone while reading a magazine or checking out our friends' posts on Facebook instead of having to worry about a snake killing us.

I’m Gonna Ride, I’m Riding Free


If you thought this stuff only happened on kids' shows about horses and Disney movies, you were wrong. There are people out there doing this every day. Willingly. And they make a profit.



We don't have a picture of what happened after this, but we bet it wasn't pretty. That must have hurt a lot. Why would people choose to be regularly kicked in the face? And in front of an audience no less!

Things We Wouldn't Do: That


How can you stand there, under that monstrous thing, without being scared out of your mind? We wouldn't do that for all the money in the world!

The Perfect Shot


We all love the photos that go with National Geographic articles, but have we ever stopped and thought how on Earth they get those perfect shots? Here's the answer. Put this on the list of jobs we would never ever be able to do.



We bet this wasn't what Bizet had in mind when he thought of the toreadors in Carmen. Or was it? We don't want to find out what happened to this guy after the bull was done with him.

Just Keep Swimming


Remember when Titanic first came out over 20 years ago and a lot of people got scared of ships and the sea and stuff? Well, it's obvious these people never got around to enjoying Cameron's greatest film. Otherwise no one would have gotten on that boat.

You'll Need A Shower Later


Having fun outdoors is a great plan when you're young and carefree, especially during the summer. This guy was having so much fun riding his bike in the forest he got carried away and ended up looking like that. Could have been worse.

Run Away!


What is that woman doing? Why isn't she running away from those killer bees? Come on, girl. Do you have a death wish?

Hot Wet Dangerous Summer 


First off: kudos to whoever took this awesome picture. Really, it's amazing. We can't believe some people out there associate 'fun' with almost getting killed practising a sport. But to each his or her own.

Mad Cow


Riding your bike can be fun. It's good for you and it's been proven that kind of exercise does wonders for your health. The problem is when you somehow end up being chased by a mad cow. You better keep pedalling!

Oh, No!


This guy's face is priceless. It's obvious no one saw this coming. Kudos to the person taking the picture — they did a great job! We hope no one got hurt and that they all had a round of drinks to celebrate afterwards. That face though! Priceless.

I Have Friends In High Places


This can only be accomplished by people that have never watched the movie Vertigo, therefore, they don't know how scary heights can be. Would you take your chances and dare taking a picture up there?



Stop before it's too late! Well, they didn't. These things happen when you practise dangerous sports such as biking in the wild. Let's cross our fingers it didn't hurt much!



Remember your high school sweetheart? The one that owned a motorbike and was always asking if you'd like to go on a ride? This is them now, feel old yet?

Wedding Photobook


We are not gonna ask what that cow was doing there. Was it planned? Did it surprise the happy couple, and they said Ok why not? The picture is cute, though. We wonder if they invited the cow for a drink afterwards. (Who are we kidding? That cow 100% attacked the poor groom. Let's hope he wasn't badly hurt.)



Remember how much fun you had in middle school playing catch with your friends every change you got? Would you like to revisit those happy times playing catch by these guys' rules?

We’re Gonna Dance Till The Dance Floor Falls Apart 


Or until someone gets hurt. Who would have thought some fun, innocent pole dancing could end up with someone getting their nose broken?

Not The Best Idea Ever


They say you can tell who your real friends are because they're going to be by your side no matter what. You can also tell who your dumb friends are when they let you do stuff like this without even attempting to stop you.



This picture is hilarious. The poor girl didn't even notice her hair was catching fire; she just kept smiling at the camera like a pro. Her friends, on the other hand… Those faces are priceless.

We Would Have Covered Our Eyes, Too


Yes, we probably wouldn't have wanted to see that had it been ourselves laying there waiting for the impact. This is why parents should never let their kids unsupervised.



Again, we would have never imagined something as innocent as dancing could ever end up being such a dangerous thing. Apparently some people get too carried away, so much that it becomes an extreme sport.



We don't know what kind of wild party this was, but it does look like the people there were having fun. The dangerous kind of fun. The 'we are gonna end up in the ER sooner rather than later' kind of fun.



Two people riding a motorbike without helmets are already dangerous in itself. Why make it worse?

Hello, Bear


Did you know that if a bear every chases you you should try to play dead instead of running as fast as your legs will carry you? Did you also know that bears are extremely good tree climbers?

Duck Duck Goose


Poor guy only wanted to go in for a swimming and have some summer fun. We bet he never imagined he would end up being attacked by those fellas.

Thank God For The Helmet


If you're going to ride a bike or a motorcycle, remember that safety must always come first. Wear a helmet! Helmets save lives! Next time you're about to forget your helmet, remember this picture.

White Horse Strikes Again


What makes you think that the horse is not gonna attack you if you bother it? Yes, horses are pretty and all, but they like to chill out as much as we do. If you see one minding their own business, let them be.

Who Let The Dogs Out?


It's all fun and games until the good old doggie decides you look good enough to it. Man that must have hurt. Good picture, though

Put Out The Fire


Freddie Mercury said it once: "People get shot by people, people with guns" It's better off to stay on the safe side instead of messing around with guns. Someone could get badly injured.

Don't Ever Do This


This is not someone that likes a good adventure or the thrills you get from extreme sports. This person is irresponsible. You should never do this, you could hurt yourself and other people. This person's license should be taken away.

Later, Folks


That horse just had enough of it and decided to make a run for it. Let's hope no one got hurt as a result of his dreams of freedom.

Sword Fight


This is another thing you should never do if you are not properly trained to handle swords. Also, you should never do this in a car.

Sk8er Girl


You want to go out have fun with your skate? Remember to wear a helmet. We can't stress that out enough. It's one thing to enjoy extreme sports, but it's a whole different one to get hurt when you could have prevented it.

Ok, Whatever


Some people really like tempting fate. It says there that you should not smoke. It is pretty clear what would happen if that flammable thing blows up. And yet there you have that guy lighting up a cigarette like the doesn't have a care in the world.

Going For A Swim


Then you better make sure there are no unwanted animals hanging out near you. Unless you really want to risk it. But we wouldn't recommend taking your chances with an alligator.



We wish we were as carefree as this guy. Who wouldn't want to lay back and enjoy some fresh air without having to think of all your problems? Just try not to do what this guy is doing. Why not? Because it's incredibly dangerous.