40 People Doing Dangerous Things We Would Never Dream Of Trying

Danger. Adrenaline. Adventure. Some people love that stuff. Some simply live for that stuff. Whether because they enjoy the idea of having no control over the outcome of what they do or just have no ability to feel fear whatsoever, there are people who could not imagine life being worth living if they weren't putting their physical well-being on the line every once in a while. Or maybe every other day. Some make their living out of their dangerous preferences, such as those that are constantly surrounded by wild beasts that could chop their heads off in the blink of an eye.

If you, like us, enjoy watching these people and following their adventures from a safe distance, we recommend you keep scrolling to see 40 pictures of folks doing dangerous things we wouldn't even dream of trying. Enjoy!


Run For Your Life


You'd have to be pretty crazy to let a bull chase you, right? This is the kind of stuff nightmares are made of. Who would have thought people like this woman volunteer for stuff like this?


Take Them For A Walk


Some people earn their living walking dogs. Some wall crocodiles. That man seems to be enjoying what he's doing.

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