Things you´ve always done wrong and you didn´t know.



Life is hard enough, so why not make things a bit easier? There's a lot of little problems in our daily lives that we do not perceive as a problems, but finding a solution would definitely be an improvement. Sometimes the solution is so close and we still do not see it.


Are you also annoyed that, some eggs simply can not peel after cooking? Try this next time: Peel only the egg tips and then blow it vigorously. This makes egg detaches easily from the shell. It peels off almost by itself!


Ketchup from glass bottles sometimes don't come out, and sometimes come out too fast. The company Heinz has a small 57 marked on the sides. Just tap exactly at that point and even the bottle. That way you can control de Ketchup flow.


Would you like to eat a firm yogurt on the way, but you can't take a spoon with you? Just roll up the lid to a small practical spoon. You can then throw it away with the cup when you have emptied your yogurt. Brilliant!


Sure that's enough? Spaghetti spoon can help quite simply: Put dry spaghetti into the hole in the middle. That's exactly one portion!


When sauce is cooked then comes the next dilemma: The spoon can't remain in the pot, because it burns. Simply dropping is not possible, because it will make a mess. Ingenious trick: Put the cooking spoon into the handle hole and everything remains clean.


This happens all the time: You give your child a boxed drink and the child presses too tightly and makes a mess. Just fold out the flaps. This way the drink remains in the box and T-shirt remains clean.


Toilet is clogged, and now? You need to have the right tool. Important to know: the rubber suction cup is for the drains. To unclog the toilet you need the rubber suction cup on the left. With the right tool you will be the perfect handyman.


Peanut butter is delicious, but quite greasy! It is not so delicious when the whole oil settles in the bottom of the glass. You can prevent this by simply placing the peanut butter jar upside down. This way the oil remains distributed and you can perfectly enjoy your peanut butter.


Many people don't like to drink from the can. Unfortunately, the straws are always way too long, they drift upward and fall out. This can be easily prevented by rotating the cap over the hole and pulling the straw through the eyelet.


Have you ever wondered what is this funny thing at the back of your shirt? That actually has a meaning! You can simply hang the shirt on the clothesline or a hook without crumpling.


I bet that you think you've always done this the right way? The long side of the hairpin goes down, right? That sound logical? It's not correct! If you put the wavy side to your scalp, the pins hold much better!


Do you always stay with half the roll of aluminum or plastic film in your hand when you want to tear a piece off? Then you definitely have never looked at the side of the packaging. If you press the tabs as recommended, they keep the roll firmly in the box.


The to-go boxes at the Chinese are really handy to take away. But did you know that you can fold them easily to use them as plates? This way you will have room for sauce and your dishes remain clean. Great trick!


Toblerone is quite tasty, but also quite hard. To split it you often have to have your fingers full of chocolate. It's faster and cleaner if you simply press the triangle with the thumb down. That way you can simply break off a piece.


These small things on the top of the cans are often quite persistent and can also win the fight with your fingernails. It is easier if you use a bottle opener. It is even simpler if you have it with your keys.


A pot of sauce is too little, two is too much. If you just fold the little pots apart you will have more space and you can fill just the right amount of your favorite sauce, and one is already quite enough! In addition, you can scratch the gravy with the sloping walls much better from the bowl.


Ups, I accidentally dropped half the box of Tic Tacs! Did you know that the bottom of the lid is specially designed so one Tic Tac fits and you can easily choose the amount dispensed? But who wants only one Tic Tac?


Peeling oranges for a long time leave your hands smelly. These times are now over. Because if you just cut the top and bottom pieces, cut the shell in one place and then pull the orange apart, you can simply and cleanly pull a piece from the shell.


If you want to peel a banana without sticking the annoying hairs to the fruit, just start at the bottom. How do we know this trick? From our hairy relatives: monkeys do it quite naturally! And if someone knows how to peel a banana, that is a monkey!


Cupcakes are delicious, but the the cream and the cake portion is somehow unfavorably distributed. You can hardly eat them without sticking your nose on the cream. If you simply cut the top and put it on the bottom half, you will have a delicious cupcake sandwich!


The next time you cut a watermelon, cut it crosswise into many handy pieces. That way you won't have huge slices that are impossible to eat! In addition, the shape of the melon remains intact and at the next party you can look smarter and much more professional.


If you are already looking posh with a wine glass sitting there, you should also hold it accordingly. The style is not for decoration! You should hold the glass with your thumb and index finger. Do not worry, you do not have to cling to your glass, it will not run away!


Is annoying if the headphones wiggle, slide and constantly fall out, right? This can be easily prevented by carrying it just as intended: lead the cable behind the er and everything is already sitting perfectly and you can enjoy your favorite music stress-free.


There you have such a nice, juicy pizza then you take a piece in your hand and everything falls down. If you simply fold the pizza U-shaped so that the edges do not hang down, the whole piece becomes more stable and the whole surface stays exactly where it belongs.


Chicken Wings are sooo delicious but soooo small. To get the most out of your little friends just pull the cartilage on the top of the wing and remove the bone completely. A piece of meat is left behind, into which you can simply bite.


Summer time is strawberry time. Stems can be very annoying when you eat fresh strawberries. With a simple trick you can prevent this: just push a straw from the bottom through the strawberry and this will completely remove the stem. Bon Apetite!


How do you actually cut a mango? Very simple: cut the fruit into 3 slices. Simply peel the middle disk, use the two outer ones as a tray, and cut the pulp with several crosses. At the end, separate the pieces with a knife from the bowl and you only have the pulp left!


When you are doing push-ups it' is very important that you hold your butt straight and do not move with the buttocks and back but with arms and stomach muscles! After all, they are the ones you want to train.


Another exercise where you should place your butt in the right place is squats. The thighs must be at the lowest point parallel to the ground. This means that you should not stretch your butt like a duck, but take it down with you!


Girls only! Why is this little bag really in your panties? On one hand you can store your already opened tampon clean and safe until you are ready to take it to its destination. On the other hand, you can simply put a handkerchief here if you do not have a panty liner. So everything stays tight, if you lose one or the other droplets.


Do you find it so annoying when you have to tie your shoes all the time? You can prevent this by tying the loop horizontally. This makes the loop much tighter and does not detach easily. Be careful the next time!


Peeling potatoes is a horrific for most people. The potato is usually still boiling hot and you can easily burn your fingers. The next time boil the potato, and then dive it in ice cold water. You will see that the shell comes off easily.


The BLT sandwich (bacon, lettuce, tomato) has long been a classic in America. Unfortunately, the long slices are not really designed to be placed on a sandwich. You can change this by simply folding the slices of bacon to a grid as big as your toast. In the end you will have a perfectly matching, crispy bacon layer. Try this American classic right away!


Nail design is an art and it starts with applying the nail polish. The result is more beautiful when you start with a point in the middle, first downwards, then upwards and finally successively distributed along the sides of the nail, as seen in the picture!


Household appliances that clean themselves. Great, isn't it? Your mixer can do that too! Instead of cleaning it under running water, simply fill in some water, rinse and let the mixer do what it does: Mix. You will have a clean mixer - without having to do much!


When you press the ends of the aluminum roller, the roller will hold itself. If you want to fight bad smell on the toilet it helps to drip a few drops of your favorite fragrance inside the cardboard of the toilet roll. There the scent keeps itself super and spreads in the whole bathroom. When you make knots at the ends of the floss, you can hold it much better.


Why do some Lollis have a hole in the stick? On one hand, this has to do with production, but on the other hand, this is supposed to save your life. Because the lollipops inside are hollow, you can still breathe through the stick if you accidentally swallow it.


Love popcorn, but don't love how those un-popped kernels can chip your teeth? Next time you pop a bag of corn, open the bag just a little and, in the words of Taylor Swift, shake it out. Yes, shake those kernels out, right into the trash. There, perfect popcorn and not a chipped tooth in sight!


Keys! They are the bane of my life. I'm forever mixing them up or losing them. You too? Well, fear not, this hack will help you out. Use nail polish to colour co-ordinate your keys. There. You'll never use the wrong key again. Bonus: You now have keys in every colour of the rainbow.


You're out doing your grocery shopping like the responsible adult that you are, which means you'll need a shopping cart. What's this I hear you say? You don't have a quarter for the coin slot on your cart? I hear you. This happens to me all the time. Use your key instead. Just don't forget to remove it when you're done!


This is a great life hack for those days when you're at the beach and would rather not leave your valuables exposed when you go for a swim. Wrap them up in a diaper. Nobody will go near that thing!


Love heels, but have trouble walking in them? Tape your toes! It might look at little odd, but taping your toes will help with the foot pain caused by high heels. The things we do for fashion!


Tired of your computer and phone chargers falling to the floor every time you unplug them? Here's a simple life hack for you: delve into your office stationary supply and find some clips that will keep all of your chargers in place. Genius!


Out of space but still have so much more recycling to do? Use cardboard (old pizza boxes are good!) to add another level to your recycling bin.


This is a genius food hack that you can share with all your friends. Add one teaspoon of baking soda to hard-boiled eggs to ensure effortless removal of the shell. Easy peasy.


Whiskey and Salad may not work together, but guess what does? Using an alcohol miniature as the container for your salad dressing. Your friends may at first think you're an alcoholic, but when you explain, I bet they'll be impressed.


Getting people to take you seriously is hard, I know. Here's a top tip: If you really want to be treated like an adult, buy a briefcase. Now, everybody will think you are a very important person. I guarantee it.


Don't have a corkscrew for your bottle of wine? If you have a toolbox, then you're good to go. Push a screw into the cork and use a hammer to prise it back out again. I mean, it seems like it could work.


Use a straw to easily pop the stem off a strawberry. This is something you really didn't think you needed to know, but will probably use at some point in your life. Like when you can't find a knife.


For a professional level ice-cream sandwich, take a sharp knife and slice directly through the ice-cream container for perfectly round circles of ice-cream.