Eerie Nature Photos To Increase Your Curiosity

Nature often presents bizarre, eerie, or even threatening things. This way, it can scare or disgust us.
Below we have compiled, for you and others, eighteen images that show how nature can chase us a cold shiver on the back.

Here, you'll see animals fly and crawl and also mushrooms and plants showing their dark side. So these photographs are not for those weak at heart, and especially those who are afraid of spiders, insects, reptiles, and amphibians may want to think twice about whether they want to see what those pictures show. And who has not had phobias, here may get some.

But do not worry, they're just photos. They can not do anything to you. So show courage and nerves and click and scroll through our eerily beautiful picture gallery. Is your curiosity aroused? Good, then look up!



Dead Man's Fingers

What looks like the hand of a zombie who wants to dig himself out of the ground is the collective fruit body of a mushroom species, the Xylaria polymorph). Due to its appearance, the multi-colored mushroom is actually known as "dead man's fingers".


What lurks beneath the waves looks like the tentacles of a treacherous sea monster, long tentacles hunting for prey. The truth is much more harmless, but also espectacular. The dark green forms are an algae species.

The Birds

This photograph shows the sky over Rome where thousands of birds are flying. There are so many that they are like a black cloud over the city. Like out from Hitchcock's "The Birds".

Puffer Fish

What looks like a bony pincushion here is the skeleton of a representative of the puffer family (Tetraodontidae). There are about 200 species of puffer fish, whose largest representative, the giant puffer fish (Arothron stellatus) can grow up to two meters.

A Rite

Many are disgusted by spiders, but those who eliminate so many other annoying creepy-crawlies like this representative of the Arachnids, have actually earned an award as a roommate of the year.

Frog Bowl

This is one of the most disgusting things I've ever seen, especially keeping in mind that these frogs probably came from inside, and they could come out anytime your are sitting in the bathroom. I'm screaming.

Little Skulls

What looks like little skulls on a branch, is in fact a plant of the genus of snapdragons (Antirrhinum). These plants are native to the western Mediterranean and western North America.

Snake Toilet

Remember when I told you that a toilet full of frogs was the most disgusting thing I've ever seen? Well, forget it. This is now the most disgusting thing I've ever seen. Disgusting and terrifying.

Octopus Mushroom

What looks like a demonic mouth rising from the ground is the so-called octopus mushroom (Anthurus archeri). Usually, the stems of this mushroom stick up like the tentacles of an octopus, but this specimen is very thick.


Here a statue has been so overgrown by a tree that the two are fused together. As Ian Malcolm said in Jurassic Park, "Life finds a way." Here it overcomes human-made obstacles.

Deformed Frog

What might be considered a whim of nature is unfortunately a man-made phenomenon. Numerous frogs in North America are born due to over-fertilization with excess limbs and other deformities.

Bird's Teeth

Even though birds have not had teeth since they evolved from the dinosaurs, the beak and even the tongue of geese looks quite jagged, as if it actually had teeth.


Bees search for the most peculiar dwellings. Such a large nest on the patio furniture should not please even the biggest animal lover. Now, I don't want to go outside ever again.

Pirate Spider

The web of this spider looks suspiciously like a skull. Either the spider that lives here is probably very morbid, pirate or she wants to tell the flies in advance what to expect here.


This moth is quite large and looks even more menacing with its glowing compound eyes. You can be glad that the window is closed, but you can feel that thing wanting to kill you.


This river in Battle Hill Farm, a regional park near Paekakariki, New Zealand is covered with eels ... and a few ducks that do not seem to be bothered in any form.

Ant Question

If Ant-Man and the Riddler ever had children, this would probably be the result. Ants got together to form a question mark. Just wondering what the question was and what the answer is. Probably 42.


Many people are afraid of basements and fear of the dark because you never know what lurks in there. On the other hand, this image proves that ignorance can be a blessing.

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