Empowering Photos Of Woman Protesting

Women have manifested themselves in many ways and for many causes through the years, and they always seem to have a bigger cause that follows us all females until this day: the fight for equal rights, for feminism and to have the same opportunities in this life that any man can have.

Sometimes it feels like the struggle will never be over, and that is why we brought you fifty empowering and inspiring pictures of brave women protesting in different times and different places in the world over the years. Get ready to see some brave and tough women standing up to injustice like you've never seen them before. This are 50 of the best pictures of women protesting





This protester is holding a quite expressive sign during a protest in New York City in 2017 for Women's rights and defending her health care rights during pregnancy as it does with erectile dysfunction.

Danuta Danielsson


What a feisty woman we are looking at: during a protest, she hit a neo-Nazi with her purse in Sweden, in April of 1985 showing that sometimes the weapon you need is the one you have.


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There is nothing as powerful as love to fight hate: these two women decided to kiss in the middle of an anti-Gay protest in France to show that with or without you approval, love is love.

Kathrine Switzer

Boston Herald

Katherine Switzer made history by being the first woman who run in the Boston Marathon in the 60's, when it was not allowed for women. Even they tried to tackle her, she kept on going.



During a Riot in Chile in the year 2017, a woman decided to stand in front of an officer and look him straight into his eyes: the image of the young brave woman became viral all over the world.



This young woman begged a police offer not to use force on the protesters that surrounded her: the picture of vulnerability and empathy quickly travelled the world with her as an example.


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During a protest is South Korea in the year 2015, when police forces were about to use the force on them, an elderly woman decided to happily sit in front of them to stop them from interrupting.



You probably have seen this epic picture a few times: Jane Rose Kasmir putting a flower inside the guns of officer at a protest against the Vietnam War that took place in fron to the Pentagon.

Tess Asplund


During a Nazi demonstration in Sweden, Tess Asplund decided to stand in front of them to show no fear or intimidation from bullies. We love how strong and decided she looks facing them.

Gloria Richardson


The expression of her eyes, her body language, how she is pushing away the gun so fearless: everything in this Gloria Richardson photo is inspiring that will follow many generations after her.

Zakia Belkhiri


Modern protester: during an anti-Muslim demonstration in Sweden, Zakia decided to show how unafraid she was of them by taking a selfie in front of the crew with the peace sign on her hand.

Not wives

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During the Nixon Inauguration weekend, many years ago, this woman decided to become a pioneer in protesting again women viewed as functional objects and made this amazing sign.

Neo-Nazi demonstration


During a Neo-Nazi demonstration, this girl who was only sixteen years old at the time was brave enough to stand up for herself in her scout outfit and tell the guy off. With bubbles and everything.



Later, skater: this little girl in her roller blades was strong enough at her very short age to roll next to an officer holding a gun to prove that they couldn't scare her, even if they tried.


During the protest against The Shooting Death Of Alton Sterling in 2006, in Louisiana, this woman and her dress were detained and she even at that moment, showed no fear and nothing but dignity.


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Women have been protesting for years and everywhere in the world against breastfeeding being an obscene action instead of a natural, nurturing act that they have to do wherever they are.


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Emmeline Pankhurst being arrested during a protest for Suffragette on 1914 is a great way to remind us all that any of the things we take for granted nowadays were given due to women like her.

Israeli woman

Middle East Rising

We could be looking at this picture for hours: during a protest in Tel-Aviv, this young, powerful woman decided to stand up to the police and tell them a piece of her mind.


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This woman decided to protest in the best way she knew how to express herself: her interpretative dance in the middle of such a violent setting sure caught everyone's attention.

Saffiyah Khan


Saffiyah Khan decided to intervene in the middle of a protest to defend a fellow protester showing that women don't always need to be rescued and can be the heroes too if they have to.


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Another wonderful and inspiring example of how women have been fighting for centuries to get equal rights: in this case, she was detainedfor disturbs while protesting for women's ability to vote.

Zulaikha Patel


You can never be too young to stand up for your rights: Zulaika was thriteen at the moment of this picture, and so were her fellow friends who decided to protest aginst racism and bullying.


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In 1935 there was no social media available but women had a pretty clear idea on how to get themselves heard and noticed, like this picture of a woman setting posters on fire shows.



Tired of being yelled at and being told what to to, this womand and her megaphone had a very loud and important speech to have heard and that's what she did, yelling at this policeman.


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With her arm covered in blood after the disturbs of a protest during 2016, this woman didn't hesitate to use her remaining strenght to tell a policeman off and stand up for herself.



The way this woman is on her knees, holding up a feather as if it was a weapon in front of a line of policemen is so powerful and simbolic that we know will inspire many generations to come.



When violence is everywhere and it represnts what you are fighting against, creative solutions have to come up: this woman painted her lips red and kissed a policeman's shield.



This woman got wet during a protest in Turkey in 2013 and showed that far from scaring her out, they just made her more fearless and took the water shot with opened arms and dignity.



During the may global protest that have been taking place all over the world against violent acts on women, this woman showed with her art that she will not be silenced or ignored.

New Delhi


This fearless and brave woman was in a protest in India when many officers tried to hold her: she resisted and screamed making this event into an inspiring picture for all of us.



The "Not one less woman" campaign has becomed a yearly event of protest in Latin America: this woman in Chile is standing up for her and her fellow woman friends in 2017.

Annie Kenney

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Annie Kenney passed on in 1953 but her legacy of defending women's rights will live on forever: her we can see her getting arrested during a protest with a proud smile on her face.

Culture and Democracy

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During a riot for Culture and Democracy that quickly was intervened by the police, ths old woman had no problem in standing up in front of them, with courage and kindness to stop them.

Trump’s inauguration


During President Trump's inauguration Day, many Adolf Hitler fans decided to take the streets: this woman did too, yelling her heart out to him to show him how they will not be bent.

Stop sexist violence

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Buenos Aires is one of the places where "Not one woman less" has had more impact and passion in the streets: in 2017 not even the pouring rain could stop these women from standing up.



Sometimes there is no subtle way to get yourself heard or noticed: to protest against the amount of excecutions in Paris during the 80's, this woman decided to hang herself as a protest.

Circa 109


Two women stand proud wearing her signs during a Strike in the early 1900's. The power that these women added to any generations to come is so valuable that we can't be thankful enough,

Women in black


This protest took place in Serbia and thoug it may be hard to see a women lying with a plastic bag over her head, is what happens to a lot of victims around the world, and that shouldn't be ignored.

Justice for all

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During the "Justice for all" riot in Washington, this woman decied to cover her mouth with an "I can't breath" written on tape to show how sexism tries to shut up women instead of equaling her rights.


During the protests that the Labor reform brought to France in the past years, this old woman decided to stand in front of a policemen line with no fear or hesitation for them.


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A protest against the Istanbul goverment gave us this incredible picture of a woman showing her eyes and hands as peace signs in the middle of the riot looking proud and brave.



An army of men can be quite scary, but it wasn't for this woman who decided to stand up for her rights and yell at a policeman with every piece of her lungs. She is very inspiring.



Gas usage is a sad but well known defense of the police when they try to stop a riot: in this case we can see how they are spraying a woman with no mercy, and she stands there with no fear.


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During a gender demonstration, these Spanish women decided to wear masks to cover their faces and use signs that said things like "You don't shave your legs? That's gross" and other phrases of sexism.


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Nothing stopped this elderly Chinese woman and her cane from protesting and standing in front of a line of military men to prevent them from passing on to the protest, with sadness and courage.

No bras

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In front of a large group of man, this woman had no problem taking off her bra as part of the No bra movement that took place in the 60's to fight women's objetification and gender equality.



These semi nude women in Mumbai decided to take her tops off to be noticed and heard on a manifestation for gender equality and women's right, using their bodies for their own benefit.


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After a bill was passed for water resources that could affect Indigenous population, this woman had no problem standing up for her community and its rights and yell fiercely at a policeman.



During a demonstration, this woman decided to hold a daisy on her hand as a sign of hope and also honoring the famous 1960's picture with the flower on the gunshot that we showed you previously.


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During a demonstration this woman made two piee signs with her hands and helded them up in the air: the picture si so simple and powerful that we can't feel anything but respect for her.