Epic Advertising Fails

People behind advertising tend to be really clever and with a wit that anyone could envy. However, sometimes things don't go out as expected and those creative people end up being a joke.That doesn't mean that we should condemn those guys for their whole lives, but it's good enough to laugh at them for a little while.

In fact, most times we don't even know who they really are and we must settle with the name of the company responsible for the advertising campaign. Here are a few of the most hilarious compilation of street ads that were thought lightly or were put in the wrong places.



Didn’t they see this coming?


Ok, it is a little hard to believe that the ones responsible for putting the second ad didn't see the complete picture. How is it possible for someone to let this happen?

Wrong word splitting


Wasn't a bigger billboard available so the company could put the entire word on a single line? This is the kind of situations that show the wit of some ad workers.

A little sexist


Who could ever think of letting this happen? This looks like the kind of thing a sexist mind thought as a joke and the rest of the work colleagues thought this could make an excellent ad.


bored panda

Ok. Leaving the gun show advertising aside, what was the mind thinking when it wrote "black & unwanted"? Did it really think it would make a great billboard? Isn't it racist?

Why a rifle?

funny signs

So after you decided to buy a ring for your beloved woman, you can be rewarded with a hunting rifle. Just in case things don't go as you expected them to be.



Isn't the point of a driving campaign not to make the drivers text while they are on their cars? Who could be this stupid in order to pass an ad like the one on this billboard?

Irony or sarcasm?


So the Rotary club members were trying to be funny or did this just slip through after a party with too many beers and an open bar? Is this a billboard that we are supposed to read when we walk by?

This one’s funny

damn you autocorrect

This looks like the kind of job that a funny person with tons of money loves to do. Who would care enough to put a bad joke on a billboard in order to make all the drivers read it?

Wrong door


This looks like the kind of trucks you have to be careful every time you open the doors. Not because you can hit a biker but because you can offend some people passing by.

Doesn’t it lack a letter?


So you printed like a hundred of these billboards and they were too expensive to do them again? Don't worry. You can trust in that ability of the mind to read properly even when the setnecne is misspelled.

Nailed it!

basic funerals

This is the kind of ad that makes me reconsider my funeral decisions. Now I want my family to hire the services of this hilarious funeral home for me and my kids.

Something’s wrong


After watching this billboard for a few seconds I've decided not to but my glasses there. Something's wrong with the lady's face and I can't figure out what it is.

Bang bang

daily news dig

Once again, the ones responsible for the second ad should be responsible for telling the company that paid that billboard that they should look for another street sign. This couldn't happen that often.

Does this count as blasphemy?

ruin my week

If this funny moment is the result of two different billboards placed in the same spot, does this count as blasphemy? Or should we blame the ones behind those ads?

What an expression

kym cdn

This is a funny coincidence. A new expression for those moments of your life when you are really enjoying your food and you don't know how to put it in the right words.

Tell the parents

retail hell underground

Next time you see a combination of movie posters like this be sure to tell an adult. This might be the work of a gross man trying to conquer an innocent boy.

Never put a bald guy in the paper


There's a reason why you just don't put pictures of bald guys on the front page of a newspaper. This is the perfect way to understand how bad this could be.



There's no doubt about this. This is the work of a smart ass Photoshop master that thought it could make a good meme. But if you see this on the street please let us know.

Pay the electric bill

daily picks and flicks

So you are trying to succeed in business and you want a store with a nice luminous sign? Be sure to choose the right letters and PLEASE be sure to pay the electric bill on time.

Are they telling us to eat babies?

team jimmy joe

Just to be sure, is McDonald's trying to convince us that eating babies should be a regular activity in our lives? This kind of messed up billboards shouldn't be approved.

Why the initials?


Who in the entire world calls this show by its initials? How much expensive could it be for the company to create a bigger ad that used the entire name of the show?

Too much


When a billboard goes too far the limit and it's too late to regret what they have done. How could it be possible for a company to have a billboard like this approved?

In your face

creative criminals

Audi advertised their new cars with a billboard that had the following text: "Your move, BMW. Implying that the cars that Audi makes are superior. BMW simply responded with a bigger billboard.

Don’t get anxious


These are the kind of mistakes that people make when they are extremely anxious. How hard was to hire a model that actually drunk the bottle of water? At least Photoshop the cap off.

You made the baby cry


You were so excited about the new billboard at the subway station that you forgot to see what was on the billboard in the spot next to yours. This isn't good advertising.

This can’t be real

play buzz

So once you put the entire ad in the back of the bus you should be conscious enough to realize it would make it the laugh of the entire street. Why can't you use another ad?

Ash is right!


Because Pokémon is a great attraction for the ones who have problems with drugs. The best way to prevent drugs spreading in the neighborhood is with an ad like this.

Bad place for a sticker


I'm not sure if Lil Scrappy is happy with the place that this store chose to put the price sticker. It could bring a few jokes to the internet and a meme that will last forever.

Isn’t it obvious?


Yeah. I probably have a really dirty mind and I'm condemned to rot in hell. However, isn't this sign a pretty obvious for everybody? Why does the church allow this kind of billboards?

Drugs problem


When you can't decide which kind of drug you will use to have a bad life. Like the poor family that now has a prostitute instead of a daughter. What's your secret sauce?

Quick answer


When you are looking for quick answers and life give them to you right away. Now is the time for you to consider if you agree with the answers life is sending to you.

Impossible to read the other words

on fun zone

Once you saw this ad in the gas station it's impossible to read the little words written in orange. Massive advertising fails in a place where jokes with gas happen all the time.

They are recharging their batteries

crimson marketing

Don't blame them. They are not tired. They are just refilling their batteries to continue with their 5 hour day lives. Shame on the one who decided to take this picture to make fun of them.

Funny coincidence


What are you hiding down there my friend? The best time for a new billboard to fall and let some space for the old signs still glued to it. Like this funny kitty.

How could this be possible!?!?

speaker box pr

Can Ford go any further after this stupid sexist ad? How could anybody let them print signs for this? Hope they paid a big lot of money for this idea.

Let’s print

discover magazine

Those times when you truly didn't think what you were doing. Because if you watch the pages on the computer you can actually realize the bad coincidence without printing it!

Yummy noodles


Great idea to make some extra bucks in the pier. Just be sure that the captains of a few ships agree to print some stickers in their boats and you will be ready to increase your bank accounts.

Drink your problems


Alcoholism? What is that? Never heard of it. How can a company approve a billboard like this with all the drunken people living in the world having trouble to recognize their addictions?

When you don’t like shoes


Many people have grammar issues. Like the one behind this store sign that misspelled a few letters and now it's one of the most remember shoe hater ever known in the entire world.

You’re late!


This has to be the work of bad glued letters that fell at the worst moment. Or is this an ad for those who own a time machine and can travel back in time for a free taco?


just something

Worst way to choose the letters for a name. When you are thinking of an acronym for your company, be sure to think the acronym first so you won't suffer this kind of trouble.

Call your grandpa


Just to be sure, call your grandpa after reading this picture. A great HBO sign wasted due to the little billboard below it. Don't be surprised if you see this ad as a meme in the future.

But the didn’t sew her right

funny signs

She might have had a great surgery but the doctor failed when putting the stitches in the head. The top of her head is about to fell down and no one seems to be caring.

You ruined it, Jack

the poke

Sometimes perspective is all in the advertising market. Like this ad ruined by the face of Jack Nicholson and remembered by eternity thanks to a clever photographer. Never underestimate perspective.

Cows matter


Don't underestimate the power of a single letter. Thanks to the invention of the internet and social networks, everybody is trying to find mistakes in the world to publish them online.

Liar Liar Pants on fire

lol wot

People should sue this company for lying about their products. Shame on you Hershey's, you were good enough and you didn't need the fake publicity to gain more buyers. Why did you do this?

The third one to put the billboard will rot in hell

rant lifestyle

If those with two billboards making a funny ad should be condemned what should we do with the ones responsible for a third sign? Like the one who put the third billboard and made a blasphemy.

Nice hats

team jimmy joe

Don't blame the workers that glued all these billboards. Blame the designer responsible for design this sign that tempted the fate of the poor man on the billboard. Shame on you!

Can someone buy something to them?


This looks desperate but it convinced me to beg you. Can anyone of you behind a computer go and buy a drink or whatever they are selling so they can keep the store running?