Epic Cat Fails

If we can think of an animal that can always make us laugh with a simple action they are the cats. There is always a spirit of adventure for these animals that are prepared to investigate everything that surrounds them. For that reason, cats are most likely to entertain us with their curiosity around the house but also surprise us when they miscalculate edges or jumps.

The Internet is loaded with videos of them trying to reach difficult spots or falling really bad due to a very clean window that they didn't see. Here are the few of the most hilarious cat fails that are online. In the meantime, I'd like to recommend all of you to go and try to scare your cats with a cucumber. Does it really scare them?



Maybe it’s really yummy


Does this cat know that cactuses aren't made for eating? I can't understand what he has seen on this plant but I'm pretty sure he will suffer painful consequences for a few days.

Where’s the food?


The master of this cat promised him that he could eat some bread with the family and joined them in the family table. However, the cat doesn't seem to be finding the food they promised him.

It’s impossible


So the owner of this cat is trying to train him and make him more intelligent. However, it doesn't seem to be really capable of solving this tiny Rubik cube.

Is this really necessary?


The face of this cat really tells how angry he's feeling about the brilliant idea from his owner. I'm a little concerned about the safety of the four mice after the picture was taken.

Water slide


This tiny kitten was running in the kitchen when hi miscalculated the location of its own bowl of water. This might had turned into a great way of learning some break dance steps.

I need your ears!


The monkey surprised this little cat with its master plan: stealing the cat's ears in order to have a new chewing toy. I don't think the cat is really happy with this idea.

The food, its weakness


I'm trying to imagine the first time this family installed the cat door for the little kitten the just have bought. However, the diet of this animal didn't come out really well.

Give me your lunch money


The poor kitten was investigating the neighborhood when a bully dog intercepted in the way and threatened him. Look the tenderness of that bite, that left no mark on the cat's neck.

What’s in the…

funny feel

It was the curiosity what killed the cat. It was trying to look at the top of that night table but it didn't expect it to have that bowl full of water. I think he will never try this again.

Is this porn?


Once its owner went to the bathroom the cat climbed on the chair to see what he was watching and found out an ugly truth. How can you watch this with me in the same room!?

This is so pleasant

ebaums world

The cat is learning how to use the toilet properly. This idea came to its mind after watching the amazing movie Meet the Fockers. The family told it fell like a thousand time while learning.

Did you see the cat?


The dog was chasing the cat around the house when it suddenly disappeared without a trace. How long has the cat stayed with its claws on the doorway? I'm guessing it could've jumped on the dog to teach it a lesson.

Bad luck


Once again a dog and a cat were fighting across the house when the dog found the best hiding place to surprise its enemy. The scene after this picture might've been really painful for the cat.

When you’re trying to get your attention back


For a few years, you were the most attractive thing from the house. Suddenly, a new family member appeared in your life and you had to learn how to recover that attention from your owners.

I’m skipping work today


The cat woke up after a really long nap and it felt like nothing else really mattered. For that reason, it might decide to skip work and keep napping for an hour or so.

I like to party


The cat was enjoying a really nice evening with his owner, sharing a bottle of expensive wine while talking about the important things in life. "Don't you ever think of getting a dog!".

Comfy gutter


The cat was looking for the perfect place for a nap and found it right on the roof, in the gutter. The only thing it asked for prior its nap was that it didn't rain for an hour or two.

What are you laughing at?

acid cow

Stop laughing, this isn't funny, human. I can't remove this stupid case from my head. I've been trying for half an hour and my paws aren't helping me very much.

Your crush is coming, act normal

we heart it

The cat was showing his family how well he can walk using just two legs. I'm wondering how many hours were the humans trying to catch the moment in a picture.

Can we go outside?


The cat just saw Shrek and learned the power he have in his eyes. After the movie, he went to the room of his human and asked him for a nice walk in the garden.

Don’t make me do this


Listen to me, human, just give me my food or you can say goodbye to this stupid dog. The cat really looks like he is convinced with killing the dog in order to be the king of the house.

It is not funny


The cat is really angry with the idea of his master that decided to create an artistic picture for his social networks. I think it might've cost him a lot after he released the cat.

Stupid hat!

just cat videos

The cat is something in between angry, surprised and scared about the decision of his owner to put him the ducky hat. It looks like he's waiting really bad for the hat to be removed.

Another fan of Shrek

photoshop failed

The cat just saw Shrek and fell in love with the puss in boots from the story. For that reason, he decided to surprise his human with this nice and cute costume.

Have you seen the cat?


The poor cat was just taking a nap when the new puppy decided to make it clear who is the new king of the house. After this, the cat will think it twice before annoying the dog.

Nothing can come out nice from this

caught offside

Start the countdown to one of the most painful falls involving a cat ever. If it manages to catch the balloon, the explosion will scare him really really bad. Poor little thing.

Please get me down


The cat was trying to play with the drapes and finally got entangled with the string to open and close them. There's no way he can get down there without the help of someone else.

What’s vertigo?

soc wall

The cat decided to investigate the building and was found by its owner walking on the edge of the balcony. How would you react if you found your pet in a similar situation?

Let me in!

bored panda

The cat isn't enjoying what its owner found to be a hilarious situation. It started to rain really heavy and it only wants to come in again in order to take a nice nap.

He looks like if he was part of the packaging

cute overload

The cat was searching for some food and got really stuck on this cardboard box. In fact, he looks like if he belongs to the original packaging and his owner decided to post the picture online.

I’m almost there

you for animal

The picture caught the exact moment when the cat faces turned into an expression of joy. It really thinks it will reach the edge or the thing it proposed to with its claws.

Pretty please


The cat is asking for something but his master doesn't seem to be agreeing with him. For that reason, he stood in two legs and begged him to give him that something.

Bad mistake


The summer, the high temperatures and the swimming pool are not the best friends for a cat. In fact, they fooled this poor cat that thought it could rest in the swimming pool. How would he get out?

Knitting Kitten

viral scape

The kitten was a victim of the knitting classes its owner started to take. It is not enjoying very much the costume knitted for him and really wants to take it off.

I didn’t do it!


The cat's look tells very clear that it really knows it made a bad mistake. It is now regretting the moment it decided to play with the plants of its owner.

Leia the cat


The cat got a bath and after that its owner dressed it as the new princess of the house. A great homage for Leia from a huge fan of the Star Wars franchise.

You did what?

kitten toob

I'm sorry I'm trying to understand. You did what with the pigeon I caught this afternoon in the garden? It was really hard to get it and you throw it away without asking first?

Screw the system


The cat has made a point. It doesn't matter if the device you bought at the pet store was really expensive. He would eat the way he wants to and he will not follow any rules.

What’s a diet?


The cat is so fat he is tired all the time. It's impossible to make a cat this big to start a diet and complete the whole process in order to reduce its weight.

Worst homage ever

funny foto

It was going to be the time of celebrating its birthday, but the human ruined cake time forever. It is not a cat shaped cake, it is a monster shaped cake.

Packed cat

bored panda

The only way to explain this is with a really bad owner willing to torture his own pet in order to have a great picture for his social media. Can this poor cat breathe?

Cat in a jar


The jar was supposed to be used for the savings of the human. However, the cat seemed to found a new place for its naps. But how will it get out again?

Kiss cat


The cat was posing for its master that decided to make this great Kiss homage. The cat already looked like a member of the band, and with this pose completed the task.

So I’m not Cinderella?

ebaums world

Excuse me, so you're telling me that I'm not Cinderella at all? But I need to go to that dance party, I need to dance with my kitty neighbor in order to start a relationship.

The turtle cat


The cat found a new bed for its napping time and the best thing is that he can take it to wherever he wants. He might be sure that the owner doesn't throw it away.

This has to be photoshop

bored panda

It really looks like a real picture. However, this has to be the work of a master of Photoshop trying to create the ultimate meme. It should've been really painful for the cat.

Help me, please!


The girl was starting to stream a few yoga classes when the cat found the best moment to tell the world it was a victim of that lady. Help me, please! Come and rescue me!

You know I don’t play with this things!


Why are you doing this to me, human? You know I don't like to play with toys because I always end up hurt. So why did you threw this furry ball at my face!?

Lunch time!


The three cats went into surgery at the same time. The worst thing was that they all eat from the same bowl and they couldn't do it all together anymore.