Epic Parenting Fails

Being a parent could be an extremely fun job. However, it would probably reach a point where you won't know what else to do with an extremely annoying kid. Those would be the moments in which a kid would make you feel really tired and would take all the energy you had left on your tank At that point, you would probably start to make stupid mistakes and commit the most dangerous mistakes. All of them, caught by the lens of a camera could become the memes of tomorrow and a great way for kids to blackmail you if you don't do as they say. Here are a few of the best epic parenting fails from the internet.



Package kid


You threatened him to put him away if he didn't stop crying but he couldn't believe you. So you had to prove what you are made of by putting your kid inside of a box.

You won't get wet

thumb press

Don't worry kiddo, you won't get wet when we ride the bike. I have the best way to cover you from the rain and that is also a real safety hack.

First things first

epic pix

Don't you dare to cry. The fall wasn't that hard for you. It's a really awkward moment for me, that I'm really busy talking on the phone with my friend Janice.

Is that Bill Murray?

blaze press

When you love your bike so much that you want to share it with your little child. You can't even wait for him to grow older enough to be capable of grabbing the bike himself.

How did it end?

juega la roja

How would this funny baseball story end? This could be the beginning of the next Adam Sandler movie. And I would totally love to watch it ASAP!

The apple can't fall far from the tree


This mom is really proud of her parenting skills that she wants to celebrate it with her kid. What a way to prove that the apple can't fall too far from the tree.

Where can I put you?

on fun zone

These are the kind of mistakes you make when you are pretty sure no one is watching. Except that they are. And they made themselves pretty sure that you won't do that again.

Was electricity


So you aren't a big fan of electric power? Well, I'm sure that can't be enough reason to sit your kids in a place like this. Or maybe you aren't a big fan of your children either.

We love Halloween


Are you trying to be a good example for your son but you don't know how? Well, here you have a great idea for the things you shouldn't do. Unless you're planning to get divorced.

He gave up

vitamin ha

This grandpa gave up like an hour ago. He was telling the kid not to do that but she kept asking for it and finally made him gave up and now he's really annoyed and pissed off.

That's a nice hat


The kid wanted to impress a girl and asked his parents for a hat that make him look balled. Next time he will try to be more specific in order to avoid this kind of things.

Now you carry me


Look at the face of this kid. He doesn't really understand what's going on with his waste mother. In a few hours or so he would probably realize he would have to push her mother home.Look at the face of this kid. He doesn't really understand what's going on with his waste mother. In a few hours or so he would probably realize he would have to push her mother home.

Two birds with one stone

google user content

This mother was too busy and needed to do two things really fast: feed the kid and take him to school. For that reason, she decided to feed him on the way to the school.

Nice tattoo


Even she doesn't know what she had a tattoo or she doesn't care enough to have a well-educated child. How could someone get a tattoo like this one? What's the point?

A little too late


These are the kind of parents that can't notice the difference between a selfie time and a picture that you shouldn't post everywhere. Another great picture for social services, don't you think?

This isn't funny


This isn't the kind of image you want to be around the internet. Unless you don't care about raising your child and would love that social services took care of the situation.

Do you need money for an ice cream?

life bru

So your kid asked you repeatedly for an ice cream and you hadn't had the money for it? Don't worry kiddo I got you. Just be sure to take as many coins as you can in order to buy one ice cream for me too.

Yeah… I'm not interested

lol wot

This mother just gave birth but needed to tell everyone on the social networks. Then she could nurture her kid properly. First things first, my friend. Don't let them convince you that this should be the other way around.

Two plane tickets

ny daily news

When you don't have enough money to buy a second plane ticket you have to be creative to take your kid with you. Like this mother that found the best place for him.

Are they break dancing?

bored panda

Would you consider them good parents? It was a silly accident and it really looks like they were trying to teach her some break dance steps for the future. Don't blame them.

He has to look like me

i love sticky rice

I need my kid to look exactly like me so we will start him with the tattoos at a really young age. It would develop a passion in him and he would grow as the man I want him to be.

You don't need an eye clinic

popsugar assets

This father just dropped ketchup all over his little baby. But instead of taking him to the proper doctor he decided to clean him himself. Nothing that a warm tongue can't remove.

So how's parenting going?


They told you a million times not to feed him before a long walk in the park. This is the price you pay when you are such a bad listener.

Mommy look, I fixed my brother!

imagenes para celulares

You told him a million times not to write on the walls but you kept forgetting to buy him some coloring books. Well, these are the things that could happen when you are a bad parent.

A great answer


Are you tired of being asked who the first twin to birth was? Here you have an excellent solution that could serve as an explicit answer to that question. You're welcome.

Electric fence?

thumb press

No wonder this man wears glasses. He can't even read a sign in front of his nose. This might be the last picture of his baby alive. Well, he might be dead too.

Isn't he a little young?


Isn't this kid a little young to behave like this? And can't anyone explain to him that what he's doing is not right? Why is the lady smiling as if this was the way things should be?

It's in the constitution


Why would you blame this American mother if the right of having a gun is in the constitution? This looks like the perfect gift for a little girl.

In case you didn't notice I was being sarcastic.


I'm not sure if this is a hygienic practice but cheers on this dad that had an amazing skill. Wouldn't you kill to know how to feed your child like this?

Didn't she have a bigger bike?

just something

This isn't body shaming. I swear it. But didn't this lady have a bigger bike to ride along with her daughter? I'm not sure if she is still breathing back there.

Badass picture?

ebaums world

This could be the best way to raise your children in order to be strong and confident. However, I'm not sure if social services would think the best of you as a father.

Beer holder

proxy 10

Next time you are looking for a nice beer holder why don't you grab your little kid? Look at this father that taught this amazing trick to the baby and now is comfy as hell.

Developing alcohol tolerance


Are you worried about having a kid that will grow into an alcoholic? Why don't you educate him or her in order to develop a great tolerance to alcohol like this dad?


boredom therapy

This looks like the kind of kid you could take to a job interview at the circus. He could make you really really reach. But I'm not sure if the person who took this picture thinks the same.

They party too hard

got funny pictures

I bunch of people gathered at a great party and they all ended up really wasted. However, I'm not sure if they remembered there was a kid in the house…

For the times you have to run some errands


Nextime you have to run some errands and you don't have a nanny to leave the kid with you could think of this solution. Just run to your favorite pet store and bought one right away.

He looks surprised


The man is trying to share his favorite reading with the little baby. Would you do the same with your children if you have some magazines? Be sure your wife doesn't find about this.



So you left your kids alone playing with some clay. What's the worst thing that could happen? Unless they read online about the great benefits of covering your body with mud.

Whose fault is this?


How long would you say they've been discussing until they decided to pick the little kid up? Would you say he was crying because of the fall or because of all the shouting?

Save that child!

what the flicka

Great picture for the Instagram thought this girl. However, did anyone notice the kid in the back? Are they just waiting for him to freeze till death like Jack in Titanic?

Sharing goes both ways

bored panda

Why would you blame this father if he shares his bed with his wife and sometimes with the little baby? It's time for this little baby to share his crib with his father.

Drunk alarm


Can anyone please stop this woman from drinking? Doesn't she know she can't drink while she is still breastfeeding her child? This isn't a funny situation and I think they should call social services.

Let's take a ride

oh my parenting

I'm assuming they decided to take him for a ride and didn't notice the bumpy zone they passed. How many miles had they walked before they heard the kid crying for help?

Did you see the irony?

live journal

This mother had to take care of her child and also needed to do some ironing. This was the best way of killing two birds with only one stone. Don't blame her!