Epic Pranks By People With Way Too Much Time

When the time of making a prank comes to your life, you suddenly become the faster learner of the world. You gave everything in order to make the best joke ever and be remembered as the king or queen by your friends. Thanks to the internet, now it's easier to find great ideas to practice at home. Of course, once you decide to make one of these pranks, you should be prepared to face the consequences and the revenge of your friends. And you know that these things tend to escalate really fast. With that said, enjoy a great list of pranks captured by the lens of a camera.



My notebook!


No one likes people messing with their computers. Our whole lives are pending on what we have in there. Do you wanna scare someone? Why don't you buy this plastic fake milk splash?

This can be complicated

the jest

If you have the time and the victim in your mind, you can go to a flower shop, buy some seeds and plant them on your colleague's keyboard. But you will need to be patient to see the consequences.

Don’t mess with my Oreos


If you're willing to ruin a whole package of Oreos you can also ruin the breakfast for your friends. Just spread some toothpaste in the cookies and voila, you've just won a few enemies.

Son of a bleach

new creator

Fill some plastic cups with bleach and place them carefully around every part of your mate's cubicle. It will be expensive but there's no funnier way of annoying someone in a hurry.

Good to know


Buy a package of cotton, separate it into balls, dip them in cold water and then cover a car with them. Is amazing how cold makes wet cotton like if it had superglue.

This one needs patience


For this one, you will need the collaboration of the employees from your closest store. And you will also need the patience to fit every stroller and form a circle. Enjoy!

Insert security pin


You will need to take your friend's wallet and then a few plastic precincts. Then just sit and watch how important are the things he has inside his leather wallet.

I hate school


Just spread some wool strings all over the classroom and see how much does it take for the janitor to tidy the mess for the next class. If you can record it for the best, so no one can know it was you.

A silly one


This prank can be done by anyone that would only like to annoy in a small amount. In fact, I think this can be also funny for the one being the victim.

The rainbow


Just buy a set of paints and put them in the windshield during a rainy day. How funny can this be for all the people stuck in a traffic jam?


just something

Did someone annoy you so much you want to find the perfect revenge? Why don't you pull this silly but humid prank to that ugly person? First, you should practice the glass flipping at home.

Pimp my ride


Do you have some extra post its? Why don't you decorate your boss' car while he's at work shouting to the rest of your colleagues? Be sure that they never accuse you.

Art Attack


You only need a used paper towel cardboard center and some water. You will have your own duty to carry around and put at any place you want in order to disturb someone.

Please get me down

wild ammo

For how long would you say she was laughing for being stuck to the wall? That tape is really hard to cut with your bare hands and she will need at least a pair of scissors to get down.

It’s more painful than actual fire


Uhm, boss, some kids were playing with the Legos and never put them in their places again. Don't worry, I have a great idea! Just leave them where they are.

Homer’s worst nightmare

your daily dish

This happens when people are bored and don't want to eat anymore. You will need a box of nice plain doughnuts and a jar of mayonnaise. I think that if you do it with one or two, people will get the idea.

The corpse prank


The next time you are on vacation you can make this practical joke to the people who clean the rooms. Just practice at your house how to fold the sheets and leave the room like a perfect gangster.

The perfect revenge for the coffee lovers


Next time that dude from work forgets to refill the coffee jar, you'll have to make this. Take some whipped cream from the fridge and spread it all over his chair.

So you have troubles going to public bathrooms?

brake work

Next time you invite a friend that is not too happy with using someone else's bathroom just feed him a few laxatives and have the toilet ready. Be prepared for the cleaning.

A lunch saver


Just buy a bag and some green paint. Spread a little paint in the bag and then use it to keep your food of the mouth of your annoying colleagues.

I said you couldn’t park here

wild ammo

Are you tired of that neighbor that always leaves his car in your driveway? Well here's a perfect revenge. Some tape will teach him a lesson and he will never do that again.

The disturbing copy machine


This could ruin some important copies for your boss and your coworkers. You only need to glue this Nicholas Cage's face to that part of the copy machine and it will be enough.

That’s disappointing


Next time your kid starts annoying you with the idea of buying him a kinder, you will have this in your fridge. A painted egg and a camera for his breaking heart face.

You’re smelly


Your friend needs a shower urgent and you've already planned it. Replace his soap bar with a fancy piece of cheese and enjoy the disgusting in his your friend's face.

Key mixing


Nowadays there's almost no one left that doesn't know the keyboard like the back of their hands. However, it could disturb a few of your friends that are not too shiny.

Big news

your daily dish

I wrapped your whole cubicle as a birthday present. The best part is that it would only cost you just two or three papers and a tape to perform this prank.

Laxatives, Part II


This is the revenge for that laxative prank. Feed some laxatives to your friend and prepare the camera to record the moment he enters the bathroom. There's no way he would have a clean scare.



This could be the perfect joke for that coworker who annoys you all the time and also hates fish. Be sure to tape the bags correctly unless you want to be fired because of the mess.

Do you like ice cream?

story pick

Next time you invite a friend for dinner you can let him know that you will be in charge of the dessert. Just grab an onion, cut in half and put some chocolate on it. Voila!

Wake up!

press cdn

This will be the last time your boyfriend stays sleeping till noon. There will be no escape for him and he might even need to drink all the plastic cups.

Refurbished scent


This can be the great prank for those who you hate the most. Next time they go to the bathroom it will be impossible for them to leave the room with a nice smell.

It could be expensive


You will need the help of a friend in order to get the bike in a high place. However, if that place can't hold the weight of the bike, it could cost you a lot.

Hope he doesn’t need to puke


This could be the worst prank for a friend that got really wasted the night before. The only thing is that you have to be sure he doesn't need to puke or you could kill him.

I liked this one


Unlike the prank with the bike, this can be done by a single person and it would probably be cheaper. The only problem is that the security from the park doesn't get angry.

Hope you aren’t in a hurry

trend hunter static

This can be a dangerous prank if the victim is really desperate for a bathroom and doesn't check the place very well. The good thing is that there a lot of tin-tacks so it would be impossible not to notice them.

Unlimited soap

vash gorod

Just paint the soap bar with fingernail polish and locate the soap back in the shower. It would take a long time for the victim to realize the soap isn't working.

Noisy work


The good thing about this prank is that you won't need the laxatives and your coworker will probably fall with this joke. However, if your boss isn't really ok with this, it could cost you your job.

Try your luck


This prank is for you to prove how lucky or unlucky you are. How would you test the ball that you got from the jar? Would you lick or would you bite?

It would be funnier is the bag is small

jokes 4 laugh

This one needs you to be really good with your hands. Wrap every bag like this and put it next to the dumpster waiting to see how the responsible for picking it up reacts.

Justin Bieber Fan


In order to accomplish this prank, you will need to use more than two keyboards, so this would need the participation of a few of your coworkers. Enjoy the prank!

Tidy your room!

wild ammo

So your kid has trouble being tidy and respecting your orders? Why don't you teach him a lesson by sticking all his stuff to the ceiling? It would take a while for him to tidy up the whole room.

Why doesn’t he leave the toilet?

ebaums world

This prank could be done with a pair of shoes and a pair of trousers that you don't use anymore. It would take hours for people to realize what's going on.

The truck must be hot!


Once again, a great way to teach the guy who stole your parking lot a lesson. Just wrap his entire truck in tin foil on a hot day and enjoy the rest.

Lazy worker


So you are tired of that coworker that never does a thing at work? Why don't you hide all his stuff and replace them with these cardboard look-alike items?

Don’t mess with the toilet paper!


This is the perfect prank for that friend that annoyed you the whole vacation trip. You need to fool him with this fake paper towel roll and enjoy his desperation.

Ruined socks


You need your friend's favorite pair of socks and a sewing machine. Then, with a little patience sew the first half of the sock and enjoy the face of your friend trying to make it fit.

Cool prank


Buy a package of mentos and put them in the fridge with the ice. Next time a friend wants to use some ice to cool his soda it would be an explosive experience.

This is da bomb

daily pakistan

When your soldier friend is trying to dismantle a bomb, why don't you explode a bag full of air behind his back? Sure, this would be the last thing you'll do in your life.

Nice surprise!


Your child has been really annoying with the idea of you getting him an iPhone for his birthday so, why don't you surprise him with this nice PAIR OF SOCKS!?

You won’t use the Playstation till you tidy!


Your kid has been telling you he's going to tidy up his room and he never does. It's the right moment for you to make him feel your power and suffer some consequences!