Extremely Weird Houses

The era of the square buildings has reached an end. Now it looks like everyone should live in an amazing house that shines over the rest of the neighbor. It doesn't matter if it is because of its size, color, entrance or even its design. People need that. It's like those times playing SimCity and The Sims had turned us into a new species of human beings.

The ones capable of design our own stuff, and willing to make true our craziest dreams. Here are a few examples of the most extremely weird houses you could ever see in your life.



How hard to keep everything open


Imagine you are trying to refresh the house, to ventilate after a good day of cooking that left the entire house smelly. How would you open the windows in order to do this?

Is it all upside down?

a bed ward

It doesn't look like the work of an architect. It looks like the consequences suffered by a small town after a huge hurricane. Where do you have to stand in order to come in?

Water tower house


It looks like someone found an old water tower and decided to turn it into a new house. Or is it just another UFO that has landed on the Earth and we didn't know anything about the aliens?

A plane landed on the house


After they finished building the entire house, an old plane landed on the roof and they decided to keep it as a part of the structure from the house. Would you live in a place like this?

Is it Photoshop?


I'm not really sure, but I don't think you can live in a house like this without fearing for your life. It looks like it's about to fall apart. Or maybe it's just the work of Photoshop.

Is this art?


Like with the prior picture, this house seems to be the work of a Photoshop Master. I'm not sure this could be a comfy house to live in. I can't imagine how small it's rooms might be.

Shark decoration


Who would like to decorate their own house with a shark on the roof? I don't understand where the artistic point of view is for the architect behind this building.

Would you like some tea?


It looks like the kind of house where a few of the secondary characters from the Beauty and the Beast could live in. I'm wondering how must be the tea or the coffee from this house.

When you have little space

bonnes histoires

When you buy a piece of land but it is really small to build a regular house and you have to improvise. You can take this example as a clever way of exploiting the whole space.

Doggie house


I think this isn't a house for regular people to live in. It looks more like the kind of building perfectly designed for the dog pound of the city. Hope they treat dogs with love.

Stop with the Photoshop


Once again, this can't be a real house because it would be impossible to live in it. It looks like the hand of a Photoshop fan. Although the lady in the front entrance confuses me a little.



This is the work of an artist called Michael Jantzen who loves to deconstruct houses from all over the world and create new and complex structures like the one in this picture.

Did they glue a car?


I'm sorry, I can't understand this. Did they glue a car in order to create this artistic house? A brand new car? Are they out of their minds? Why can't they use an old car instead?

There are two of them!


It might be cool to live in a house like this. You might feel unique. Until you realize that in the back of this picture there's another house that looks exactly the same as the one you're dreaming of.

Impossible to live in

sued deutsche

You could think of living in a house like this until you realize that if the roof has that angle the floor might be really narrow to live in there. Would you say this is also Photoshop?

This one’s from Florida


This one is an actual house located in Florida. It's kind of a dome. And would you agree with me if I tell you that the front part looks like a smiley face?

Are they looking at something?

yack yack

It looks like all the houses on the block agreed to look at something on the floor. This could be the perfect spot for a creepy picture or a scary story for the children.



This house has the weirdest entrance ever. The architect behind this made it look like if it had teeth. So I'm wondering if the owners clean the house with toothpaste.

Would you live there?

crystal inks

This looks like an amazing spot to look the entire landscape around the town. But I'm not sure if I could live there without suffering some vertigo every now and then.

Ultimate Tree House

svoya berloga

It looks like someone found the tree from The Lion King and built a tree house on it in order to live the rest of his or her life. I would have done the same thing if I could.

A dream for sea lovers

trend hunter static

Would you like to live in a place like this? Just a sphere nailed to a cliff where you can look at the ocean every day and every time. Stormy days might be amazing but also a little scary.

What happened with the roots?


This is a pretty house to live in, hanging on a couple of trees and with an extra tree on the roof. But what happened to the roots of that tree in the roof?

For the Balcony lovers

pilot project

This looks like the perfect house for those people who love to live in a place with nice balconies and views. It has a lot of balconies and lots of floors where you can have an amazing life.



Everything can be used again if you want to build your house with your bare hands. You just need to take everything that could be used as a roof or a wall from the street and start building.

Smiley house, Part II

images china

Like when rappers put stuff in their mouths to look bad ass, this house has shiny tooth too. They even put a nose on its face and managed to build some eyebrows too.

A Taj Mahal Lover


This might look like the regular house you could find near the Taj Mahal. However, this was built in Toronto, Canada and it's a perfect homage to that amazing structure.

If the flood comes


The person behind this refurbished boat house looks like the heir of Noah. Is this person waiting for some rainy years? Has this person already collected animals to save them?

Castle lover

only in your state

Buying a castle could be a really expensive investment. For that reason, there are some easier and cheaper solutions. Like fixing your house and shaping it into a nice castle.

This one’s scary


Would you dare to walk in this street at 2 am in the morning when no one is around the block? This looks like the kind of house that would scare the hell out of you if you are not paying attention where you're walking.

What is this?

vox cdn

It looks like if these houses were permanently decorated as if it we are living in Halloween Town. I'm not sure if I could live in a place like this but I totally want a picture for my Instagram.

Don’t watch if you’re high


This looks like the kind of place that would confuse and make crazier the people that walk in that block being high. Maybe it would make them reconsider their habits.

Are they dancing?


These houses could be built for the children to play in them. However, wouldn't you agree with me if I told you that it looks like if the houses were dancing together?

Star Wars house


I don't know why, but this house reminds me of the TIE ships from the Star Wars Franchise. Maybe this is a reason big enough to convince a few of buying it.

Another Dome

the houses shop

This house is a little weird but I could live in it. Did you look the entrance deck? Doesn't it look amazing? This house is actually located in Melbourne, Australia.

The Ned Flander’s house


Do you remember that chapter from The Simpsons where the entire town of Springfield rebuilt the house of the Flanders family? Doesn't it look like this house was the one from that episode?

The shoe house

negro pimienta

This house is really cute. I'm not sure if it is the best and comfier place to live in but I would totally kill for a picture in the front door of this house. And maybe an invitation to spend one night.

The wagon house


When you're looking for a nice place to spend your winter holidays, could you think of a better place than this? Someone refurbished an entire wagon and created an amazing cabin.

It’s almost in the air

my bligr

You would probably need a group of architects that take a look to the house every year in order to prove that the water isn't eroding the walls. You won't like to wake up in the water some morning.

What is this?

all state log homes

If you were the person behind selling this house, how would you possibly describe it? I'm not saying I don't like it but I'm not sure if I like neither. In fact, I think it's a little creepy.



It looks like the house in that place is about to blossom. Would you like to live in a building like this? Who would you take with you to this place in particular?

Another boat house idea


Has your ship wrecked? Don't worry. We have the perfect solution for all your problems. Just hire an architect and turn the ship into a nice house for your family.

Colorful house

weekend notes

Ok, this isn't such a weird house. But there's something in its structure and its coloring that make me think of it as a funhouse. Would you like to buy it?

Best shoe house ever


Forget about the other shoe house we showed you in this article. This is the ultimate shoe house and the best shoe house you could ever think of. It has a balcony!

Ok. Now it’s a trend


It looks like shoe houses aren't that crazy after all and you can found different models all over the world. However, I don't like the color and the shape of this one.

A house with two houses on the top

the atlantic

Are you looking for a nice place to live with a few friends that you love and care but not enough to make them your roommates? Why don't you rent this building with three apartments?

I don’t think so

vox cdn

The creepy lady at the front door was the last thing that convinced me not to buy a house like this. I'm not sure if my children would approve growing up in a house like this.

The Flintstones


This looks like a nice replica of the Flintstones house. I think I could live in a place like this only if I had the animal power that the Flintstones had in the cartoon.

What’s this?

inselt age

This looks like another house built for the Star Wars Franchise. I think it would be totally easy to find a construction like this in a Lucasfilm set for the Episode IX.

The Hobbits’ House


This is the same house in which Bilbo and Frodo Baggins lived prior their adventures in The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. Or am I just imagining everything?

Nice but high maintenance

desktop nexus

Yeah, it is a nice place to live in. But had you considered the budget in products for keeping all those windows transparent, clean and shiny? And who would keep them clean?