Flights With Very Unexpected Passengers

Flights can be an amazing experience and they usually involve feelings of joy and excitement because travelling is one of the best things in life. However, other people are terrified of flying and can come across difficulties to relax and unwind during a trip and can be a very hard experience when it comes to long hours on the air.

We hope that everyone who is afraid to fly can come across such cute passengers as this because with those beautiful faces it's impossible to feel nervous. And yes, we know that animals are supposed to be caged for flights but wouldn't it be great to play with them and relax during a long flight? Have you ever seen such adorable passengers in your flight?





Who wouldn't travel so much more comfortable if they were hugging their dogs and sleeping cuddling with them for long hours in the air? We would love to do it for sure.

Service dog


If your heart isn't warm enough with this picture wait until you hear the back story: this dog was retiring after twelve years of service and the whole plane clapped at her.

Window seat


We all love the window seat and much rather travel looking at the sky than protecting our elbows against carts and this dog is not the exception: look at him contemplating the clouds.



There are very few things in this world as cute as a corgi puppy and this is one of those: a very frightened corgi puppy being held while experiencing his first flight ever. So cute it hurts.

Penguins can fly

Chuck Brewer

Have you ever wondered if penguins can fly? Well they can, if they pay a sit in an airplane like all of us do. This little guy seems excited for his trip and wants to say hi to everyone on the plane.

Meet Apple


We can't decide on which of the following statements is cuter: this is a tiny horse riding a plane or this is a tiny horse on a plane and its name is Apple. Apple, we want to travel with you.

Big and scared


This huge dog may be intimidating for some but how on earth can it make you feel scared when he seems terrified of his first flight too? Maybe he needs a hug and yes, we are up for that.

Tiny puppy


Let's face it: we all hate when the person sitting next to us in a plane stares at us for no apparent reason, but if your partner for the day is this little fellow, he can stare as much as he wishes to.

Calm and ready


I know what you are thinking: dogs on a plane mean trouble but let's be honest for a second here: they look much more calm and ready to fly that some people that you have probably travelled with.

Koala style


This cute as hell koala bear knows how to travel in style: first class is the only way to fly for this cuddly little guy and this flight attendant seems eager to please her new favorite passenger.

Hug and fly


This cute little puppy seems happy to fly but not as happy as the captain who has taken a brief moment to hold him: we know his job is very stressful so we celebrate this moment for both of them.

Do not pet


Service pets usually have a sign to let other people know that they should not be pet or played with so they can perform his duty correctly and with no distractions. They didn't say we couldn't love them from the other sit.

Cat and captain


Captains and flight attendants usually live a very lonely life since they are always travelling and most of them can't even dream of having pets at home, so we celebrate this cat being a part of their lives at least for a few hours.

Duck in boots


Who doesn't love ducks? Well, if you don't you probably will after you see this guy travelling like a pro with little boots on for a simple reason: plane floors are usually filthy and we all know it.

Dressed to impress


This dog knew he was going to be part of something special and dressed up for the occasion: a vest and tie seem appropriate when you are hanging with the captain and flying with him.

Tiny dog surprise


Imagine you have a very long flight ahead and you are wondering how you are going to keep yourself entertained during the whole thing: a tiny puppy eager to play sounds much better than watching movies on your sit.

Don’t wake me for meals


You know how some people find it impossible to sleep and get some rest during a long flight? This dog is here to school you on how to land rested and fresh: just relax on someone else's legs and enjoy a good sleep.

Hi there!


This is the kind of passenger we wish we would be sit next to in all our flights: happy, with no complains and of course, unable to start small talk about the weather and how the meal is not what he expected.

On the lap, please


Act casual: nobody will notice that you have the most adorable looking dog sitting on your lap if he's just sitting there like any other passenger on the flight. Seriously, no one can tell.

His first flight


You know how flight attendants and captains are women's magnets due to their charm and of course, how they look in a uniform? Now think of the reaction this guy had when we was also holding a puppy.

From above


Nothing bonds more a person and their pet like sharing an adventure: this dog seems nervous yet confident of what he is about to see and this is a moment both will remember forever.

First class is the only way to travel


Who wouldn't want to fly in the first-class area completely alone with no one to disturb or annoy you? This dog made our dream come true and decided to stand in the hall just because he can.

Sure, when pigs fly


This little piggy didn't go to the market but decided to make a larger trip instead: look at how happy he looks and how excited he is to be on a plane for the first time in his life. Good trip, piggy!



Not all dogs can chill when they are flying and this is one of the best examples: we want to hold this dog and let him know that is going to be ok and regardless of what he heard, plane meals are not that bad.

Penguin and Captain


This penguin looks so incredibly proud to be travelling that he steals the whole shot. Who wouldn't love to hold a penguin, even if it is on a plane and in the middle of your work shift?

Tiny puma


When you think of pumas you usually think of very scary animals ready to attack: unless you see this picture of a puppy one being held by a woman in the middle of a flight. Isn't this cute?



What? You had never seen a cute puppy being held during a commercial flight and making all of us feel very jealous of the woman who gets to hug him? I'll trade you my peanuts for ten minutes of puppy time, miss.

How I sleep


Have you ever felt jealous of those passengers who can sleep comfortably in a plane and arrive to destination feeling refreshed and rested? This dog probably lands looking younger than ever before.

Surprise pet


Cuteness is not reserved only for cats and dogs: all animals are welcomed as support pets in flights apparently, and this one may have come as a bit of a shock to passengers but he is just as cute.

Cats and dogs


We are not sure if all cats and dogs are enemies but these two apparently managed to leave their differences on the ground and gave the rest of the passengers an incredible experience on the air.

Got your nose


Nothing seems cuter than a wet puppy nose to keep yourself entertained on a flight. Imagine waking up after a long nap and finding this on the sit in front of you. Just priceless.

OMG food


You know how some people remain quiet and chill during an entire flight and then seem over excited when the food carts start to show? This dog seems to have found out that dinner time is here.

Let me sleep


There's nothing like having the plane seat next to you empty so you can sleep comfortably during the whole flight without being disturbed by anyone. This dog hit the jackpot to get some rest.

Act like Im’m not even here


This dog seemed to have understood the rule perfectly before getting on the plane: just act like he is not even there; he's just enjoying the flight and staring directly at you in case you were wondering.

Service dog relaxing


Being a service dog takes a lot of responsibility and even they need to get some rest at times: look at this adorable dog just cuddling with his human and getting some sleep before getting back on duty.

What is he doing?


Flights always have some people doing something weird like reading inappropriate things, clipping their nails or even snoring like there is no tomorrow. What do you think this dog just saw?

Surprise cat


This tiny cat seems quite comfortable travelling inside this man's shirt and acting like there is nothing weird to be noticed: is just a cat's head coming out of the shirt, nothing to see here.

Black hawk dawn

We all know the story: a very wealthy man paid for 80 plane seats, one for each one of his hawks. What we don't know is if the rest of the human passengers were very pleased with this decision.

Not there yet?


Isn't this one of the funniest pictures you have ever seen? This dog looks as if he just woke up thinking he had landed and realizing that he still has more hours to sleep. Keep on dreaming, big guy.

Puppy love


Wouldn't you just love to get on your sit on the airplane and realizing that the sit next to yours is being occupied with a happy smiling puppy like this one? We sure would love to have such luck.

Bring your dog


What can be better than getting on a plane with a dog? Getting on a plane with several dogs that make a puppy party out of the whole situation? Lucky people to have travelled with these dogs.

Sleepy friend


This white puppy is having the time of its life while sleeping comfortably on the lap of his human. We don't know if we are more jealous of him or of his owner who gets to cuddle him.

Found a pillow


This cute dog not only is enjoying a pleasant sleep but he also managed to find himself a pillow and a bottle of fresh water in case he gets thirsty. Not too shabby, little friend, not bad at all.

Hello there


Is this guy trying to come to the other side or did he just find the right position to get a nice comfortable sleep during the flight? No matter what, he looks cute as hell and we love to have him by our side.

Kangaroo Jack


Anything cuter than a kangaroo? Yes, a cute kangaroo travelling in your flight and looking at you like this little guy is. We don't know where he is travelling too, but we would be lucky to travel next to him.

Cute eyes


We love this picture of this puppy looking at his human with these huge beautiful eyes. It seems impossible to have a bad flight with this little dog resting on your lap. Too cute to be true.

Happy dog

madison noel

Can you imagine getting on a plane and looking across the plane and finding out that there is a smiling dog like this one staring at you and giving you comfort just by looking at you like this?

Merlot the cat


If you don't think this cat looks fancy enough, it's time for you to know that this guy's name is Merlot. And he seems just as fancy as any other first-class passenger that is enjoying the flight.

Save me a sit


This girl is not only lucky enough to be travelling first class at such a young age but as wll to be travelling next to her cute puppy, who also seems more than pleased to be travelling next to her.