Fun, Unexpected And Surprising Facts About Interview With The Vampire

Even though the film is now a cult classic and fans favorite, Interview with the Vampire became a smash hit when it was released in 1994. Of course, it had three of the most handsome man at the time. Two already popular with several movies hits on the way and a young, promising, talent whose career was about to take off.

It was also the long-awaited film adaptation of Anne Rice's greatest novel that was 18 years in the making. Yes, eighteen years! Full of mysteries and funny details, diva moments and rants, this article will show you details you had no idea about. Enjoy!





Though in the novel Claudia was 5 years old when she was turned into a vampire, Kirsten Dunst, then little actress who got the role, was 12 years old when the movie was made.

Claudia's death


Claudia and her Vampire Partner, a woman who had lost her child and was willing to live forever with her newly adopted vampire girl, were turned into ashes after being exposed to sunlight by their captors. This scene was a horrific experience for both actresses.

Kirsten Dunst


Kirsten Dunst was not allowed to see the movie when it was released because her parents thought it was too dark and scary for a little girl, she was 12 years old at the moment.

Louis Depression


Though in the novel, Louis de Pointe du Lac falls into a deep depression after the death of his youngest brother (who suffered from mystic delusion) and had a blind father to take care of. In the movie, they made things simpler. His wife had died.

Louis Origins


Louis de Pointe du Lac was actually french, he was born in Southern France in 1766 and traveled to America with his family when he was a little kid. They set a New Orleans plantation named Pointe du Lac after the family.

Brad had no fun


Actor Brad Pitt, who played the role of Louis in the movie claimed in a 2001 interview that shooting this movie was a miserable experience, "They were several months of darkness".

Is that Armand? Really??


In the novel, the ancient vampire Armand, also known as The Amadeo, is a beautiful, mysterious red-haired Russian teenage boy turned into a vampire. Instead, we got Antonio Banderas in a wig.

First Kiss


12-year-old actress Kirsten Dunst had her very first kiss on camera while making this movie. It was a one-take shot and is the one you can see in the final cut.

Crazy makeup


Actors playing vampires in the movie were hanged upside down in the makeup room to keep their faces flooded so makeup artists could draw their veins, creating that unique translucent look

Tom Cruise Diva moments


Tom Cruise requested a private jet just for him, though the entire crew had a 2 hour trip back and forth to film locations by car. He also had three hairdressers on set to get his wig ready for each take.

Too high, too short


Even though they look almost of the same stature that is not the case. Actor Tom Cruise (Lestat de Lioncourt) had to wear platform shoes to get closer to Brad Pitt´s height.



Fans of Anne Rice's novel Interview with the vampire were not happy with Tom Cruise being cast as Lestat de Lioncourt when the news was out but his portrayal in the movie ended up being a crowd pleaser.

Theatre des Vampires


By the second half of the movie, we are presented to the Horrifying Theatre des Vampires, a little theatre in Paris where vampires actors murdered humans on stage. In the novels, we learn Lestat owns the place.

Lestat and Armand


As mentioned before, Lestat is the owner of the Theatre des Vampires. They even shot a scene with Lestat (Tom Cruise) and Armand (Antonio Banderas) but in the end, Director and Producers decided to cut the entire storyline from the movie.

Lestat Robot


A full-size animatronic model of actor Tom Cruise was built by the Stan Winston Studio. It was used on the scene when Claudia (Kirsten Dunst) cuts Lestat's throat and lets him drain on the floor.

Set up


It took actor Tom Cruise several hours in the makeup room to get pampered as the sexy and lascivious Lestat. 3 hairdressers onset and a team of 12 makeup artists were involved in the transformation.

Bloody dinner


While in the movie we see a scene were Lestat (Tom Cruise) and Louis (Brad Pitt) pretend to eat at the table on empty plates, in the novel they do that only to fool Louis´ blind Father.



Long covered corridors were built so the actors portraying vampires could walk freely from the set to their trailers without revealing their makeup art to keep it a secret from the media.

The Vampire Chronicles


Interview with the Vampire, written in 1976 by Anne Rice, is the first of The Vampire Chronicles, a series of (until now) 12 novels that sold more than 90 million copies worldwide.



The rights of the novel were sold to Paramount Studios for $150,000 that same year. It took them 18 years to adapt the script.

Mrs. Rice is not happy


When author Anne Rice found out about Tom Cruise being cast as Lestat she wrote the Studios: "Mr. Cruise could not carry the part" calling the casting "so bizarre; it's almost impossible to imagine how it's going to work".

Rice's apology


When author Anne Rice finally got to see the movie was very impressed and happy with Tom Cruise´s portrayal of the vampire Lestat. She later wrote him a public letter as an apology for her attitude towards Mr. Cruise cast.

Claudia runner-ups


Christina Ricci, Dominique Swain, Julia Stiles, Erin Moore, and Evan Rachel Wood auditioned for the role of Claudia. But 12-year-old Kirsten Dunst ended up getting the role of the vampire child.

A Whole universe


The movie set the market for a whole new universe of fan fiction, short stories, comic book adaptations and even threw renewed attention on the already existing Vampire Chronicles book Series.



Producers were worried about how audiences would react to all the homoerotic scenes in the movie. Though written in 1976 they though 1994 was not ready for the Vampire Chronicles. They were proved wrong.



The ending we know was written especially for the movie. The novel ends abruptly when the reporter goes out searching for Lestat. The whole driving scene, though funny, its a made up.

A Dancer


Stephen Rea, who plays Vampire Santiago, a member of the Theatre des Vampires clan, studied French comedy and pantomime to prepare for his role. You could see him performing a Fred Astaire inspired entrance in the movie.

River Phoenix


Though the role of Dave Malloy ended up being taken by Christian Slater, it was meant to go to River Phoenix but he died tragically before the movie was made.

In loving memory

Christian Slater donated his entire salary to River Phoenix´favorite charities as an homage to the actor that , in the end, gave him the opportunity to be in the movie.

In loving Memory


River died literally a few days before the shooting of Interview with the Vampire started. In the rolling credits by the end of the film, it reads: "In Memory of River Phoenix 1970-1993



In opposite to other traditional vampire tales, Anne Rice's vampires could see themselves reflected in mirrors, are quite fond of crucifixes and love garlic, but they die if being exposed to sunlight.



In the Vampire Chronicles, all vampires descended from an Egyptian queen who had been possessed by a demonic entity. Even though the movie makes no mention about it, Claudia and Louis do travel to Egypt at some point.

Claudia Amidala


Now well known Academy Award winner and fashion icon Natalie Portman auditioned for the role of Claudia, the Vampire Child. Claudia Amidala the young girl in the movie



Anne Rice is credited for the Screenplay but it is well known that director of the movie, Neil Jordan, heavily rewrote it. Rice is still credited as Screenplay based on her novel.

Tv series


A whole new Vampire Chronicles - Interview with the Vampire TV Series has been in development for years. But pre-production started working in late 2017 produced by Anne Rice herself.



David Malloy, the radio journalist who interviews Louis (Brad Pitt's character), played by actor Christian Slater, is always referred in the novel as The Boy. We never get his real name.

Superman Reference


By the end of the movie, we see Louis (Brad Pitt) going to the movies to watch Superman. That scene is not in the original book as it was published before Superman was actually released.



During the interview, there is a shot of Louis looking at the city of New Orleans through his hotel window, if you pay close attention you will see he is actually looking at a photograph.



Though the Théâtre des Vampires was made up by Anne Rice for her Vampire Chronicles. There was a similar theater in Paris called Le Théâtre du Grand-Guignol, created in 1897 and specializing in horror shows.

Kissing Brad Pitt was disgusting


Child actor Kirsten Dunst was disgusted about having to kiss actor Brad Pitt in the film. "it was horrible and I hated it. Brad and Tom [Cruise] were like my big brothers on the set, so it was like kissing your big brother–totally gross!"

Julian Sands


When actor Tom Cruise´s cast was announced to the press, both fans and author Anne Rice herself signed a petition requesting producers to make actor Julian Sand to take the role of Lestat.

Spanish Lessons


Spanish actor Antonio Banderas, who played ancient vampire Armand in the film dubbed himself in castilian spanish for the Spanish release of Interview with the Vampire. He was requested to do it in several movies afterward.

New Orleans


There are several Interview with the Vampire guided tours in New Orleans, the city that inspired the novels and where most of the drama takes place. Often, visitors do the tours all dressed up as the characters from the movie.

Real life vampires


Upon its release, Interview with the Vampire was a subject of a big controversy when a man name Daniel Sterling told the police he stabbed his wife and drank her blood because he was inspired by the movie.

Lestat girl


Back when Anne Rice was afraid that the reason her novel was not being made into a movie was that of its gay content, she rewrote the story as if Louis was a female vampire. Anjelica Huston and Cher were suggested for the role.



For his portrayal of a well hearted vampire in the 2007 movie Daybreakers, actor Ethan Hawke inspired his character on Brad Pitt's rendition of Louis de Pointe du Lac in Interview with the Vampire.

Rat robot


Many Special Effects props were requested to the awesome Stan Winston Studio for Interview with the vampire. One of the weirdest was a rat robot for the dining table scene.



Religion is always present in Anne Rice's work. Interview with the Vampire is full of references to Catholic Church and Christianity. Director Neil Jordan said his movie was all about Catholic guilt.

A long journey


Louis feels the world became a tomb to him once Claudia was murdered. He lost all his compassion, love, and sympathy when his dearest was taken from him. Still, he won't kill himself.

Visit Louis house

Louis home scenes were taken at the historic Oak Alley Plantation in Vacherie, Louisiana, near New Orleans. The plantation "guest book" is on display and was signed by Pitt and Cruise. Why not planning a visit?