Funny Pictures Of Cats Caught In Compromising Situations

Cats. They hold a special place in art and literature, which often depict them as guardians of a shadowy realm, having answers to questions we don't even know how to ask. For hundreds of years, their slitted eyes have enthralled people all over the world, and they've been associated with magic, sorcery, witchcraft, and even demons. The way they move in complete silence, how they always land on their feet, and their haughty disposition all contribute to the air of mystery that always surrounds them. But in the 21st century and thanks to the internet, they have become associated not only with the magical and mystical but also with cheezeburgers. And, maybe having readily available cameras at all times has made us realize that majestic though they are, cats are also huge dorks. If you need proof, just go through this list of some kitties that failed very, very hard.



Picky Eater


Kitties are known for being picky eaters, and this one is no exception! Bowls are for fools: when you're the king of the world, you eat straight from the container.

Upside Down


What do you mean you don't sit upside down on the couch to watch TV? Maybe we should all take a cue from this cat who knows what she wants and goes for it.



You can search your house top to bottom for hours and never find your cat... and all along he was sleeping on the hangers! Good luck getting the hair out of those jeans, buddy.



This kitty though she was winging it and doing just fine, getting up that tree like it's nobody's business. And then the sudden realization that there's no way to go but down #relatable



Cats can sleep anywhere. And yes, that does include a nylon bag hanging off the door handle which is ripping apart due to their own body weight. That's what I call a perfect nap.



Any space in your house is good enough for a quick nap... even if it's hanging three feet off the floor in between pull-out curtains. But sometimes you can't beat gravity, even if you're a cat!



Cats are famous water-haters, but who can resist a good soak every once in a while? Someone should give this kitty some pointers though, there's gotta be a better way to stay hydrated.



A daily dose of fruit and veggies is a must in everyone's diet. And if all you've been eating is dry food, barn mice, and tuna from the tin, a giant melon's a nice addition.

A Prank


Remember the good old prank of the water bucket on top of an ajar door? Well, welcome to 2018. Your prankee opens the door, and a startled cat falls on their head. Fun for the whole family!



Everyone knows the best place for a nap is in the bathroom sink: cool surface, nice tight space, and readily available refreshments. Watch out for that neck, though, or you'll end up needing a chiropractor!

Can’t See You


You know what they say, if you can't see the haters, they can't see you. Or, at least, if you don't see them you can continue living in denial, which is just as good.

Cat Logic


Sharing is caring, and these two kitties know what's up: a meal with your BBF becomes ten times better when you reach your plate by twisting your own neck over your friend's.

The Extra Mile


This little furball gives new meaning to the expression "chasing your food"... even if it goes from a resealable bag straight into your pink plastic feeder, you can always go the extra mile.



You can't know something is truly a bad idea until you try it and find yourself way in over your head, as this cat knows better than anyone. Who knew a sleeve was a deadly trap and not a comfy place to sleep.



You can be anything you dream of, even if you're a cat dreaming of being a bat. If you don't believe it, look at this brave dude who's living his truth and chilling on the curtain rod.

You Shall Not Pass


Sometimes you just have to go on, do your thang, and smash face-first into the door. You don't know for sure your plans won't work until you try for yourself, several times.



We've all been there: a midnight walk to the fridge for some cold cuts, the sudden realization that you're only eating to satiate unfulfilled emotional needs, a rush of shame, and the urge to retreat into a dark corner. This cat is all of us.



Perks of always landing on your feet include being comfortable falling asleep with paws on the couch and head on the side table, with 80 percent of your body hanging over nothing.



Cats were revered as deities in Ancient Egypt, and judging from the look on this gal's face, as soon as she put on that collar she astral projected into a past life.



After a hard and busy day running around, chasing birds, and taking naps, your legs might just give out on you. But as this kitty knows, that's no reason to skip dinner!

A Roof Over Your Head


Sometimes, all you need to be happy is a roof over your head - even if that roof is inside your house and you have to kinda duck to get under it.

Screen Door


Just like people, some kitties are very smart and some... aren't. Like this fella here, who saw the new screen door his owner wanted to install and just sat next to it waiting for someone to open it.

Spill the T


Not every cat is a natural born killer, the terror of mice and squirrels, the deathly shadow behind a little bird. Some of them just want you to make a strong cup of tea and call it a day.



Is this kitty waiting patiently for someone to come open the door or does she know full well the door is open and just refuses to acknowledge it? We might never know.

Life’s Hard


Who needs a soft and comfy bed specially procured for you when you can sleep on a hard cushion right next to it? This kitty did not come here to play by your rules, you fiends!



Sunbathing on the pool is everyone's idea of a fantastic afternoon, except for this kitty who found he got more than he bargained for when he jumped on top of this out of control floatie.



Climbing a tree is a COMMITMENT, you know? Once you start going up and up and up it can be hard to stop. This cat is proof that sometimes you go higher than intended, and it's a long drop to the ground.

Puss In Boot


One man's discarded orthopedic boot can be a cat's greatest treasure - or favorite nap spot. Let's just hope the previous owner gave it a good wash before passing it along!



Sometimes things just don't go the way you expect - like when you expect to go from one side of the curtain to the other by cutting directly through it, and you end up trapped for hours.

Call 911


Call 911, this kitty seems to be in a coma... from all the belly rubs! (We are legally required to warn you against belly-rubbing cats, so proceed at your own caution!)

Plastic Pellets


We're guessing when this cat saw an opened and unattended box she jumped right into it without checking to see what was inside: a hundred thousand plastic pellets all charged with static!



This is a strong, independent cat who don't need any laws of physics - he's gonna go where he wants to go, even if that means inside a very tiny glass jar that seems impossible to escape.



Are you in need of gardening services? Call on this kitty and he'll make sure to rid your property of mice and check all trees can be climbed - might need some help with the hose though!

Hang in There!


It might not seem like it, but this cat is exactly where he wants to be: recreating an iconic scene from The Lion King, the betrayal, and death of Mufasa. Long live the king!

Empty Boxes


Number one rule for being a cat owner: never spend money on complex and expensive structures and toys. Just take a gander around the neighborhood and bring back some empty boxes. You'll both be happier.

Comfort Level

Hold your horses before you mock this happy feline for sleeping on the coffee makers - this is actually the perfect nap spot: it's nice and toasty PLUS coffee's right there when you wake up groggy.



Why walk all the way around your friend to get your dinner, when you can just heave your entire body and rest on their spines while they also try to eat?

Spine Relief


Back problems? No need to see a doctor; just take a cue from this furry friend - compressing your whole body between cushions is sure to be wonderful for your spine.

A Nap


Evey once in while you take a nap so momentous and intense that you wake up wondering where you are, what day it is, and who you were before sleeping - and that's definitely what happened to this dude.

A Warm Belly


The next time you can find your cat don't forget to look next to any and all pipes. Everyone knows the best way to nap is with a warm belly!

Let me Sleep


A study from the University of Michigan stated that you become 302% more productive if you do all your work while a cat sleeps on top of your computer. It's science!

Sleeping on Top


These friends are definitely not here for the confining standards of pet products manufacturers. Who cares that the bed has clearly an inside space? They're going to sleep on top of it and that's that.



The easiest way to do something is not necessarily the right way to do it. And for this cat, it's her way or the highway: she's gonna drink out of whatever bowl she wants.



Slinkies were invented during the 1940s, and ever since then they've invaded every home in the United States and become sworn enemies to any and all cat. This picture captures a skirmish in this ongoing war.

Pool Table


Did you know that under every pool table exists a complex network of tunnels? For years there have been reports of the monsters lurking within those tables, but a photograph had never been obtained... until now.

Big Fan


Some might say that reaching your front paw into a fast-moving fan is not a great idea. But this cat has no time for caution when it comes to satisfying her curiosity.



Cats are known for two things: napping on pretty much any surface and a fiery passion for solving puzzles, and this one has managed to combine them both. Talk about a great afternoon!



Fortunately, in this case, curiosity did not kill the cat... but it did give him a good soak! Perhaps next time this kitty will keep well away from the toilet bowl.



"What do you mean this is exactly the most inconvenient spot I could possibly choose to have a little lay-down? I'm just trying to stay close to you at every moment of the day no matter what you're doing!"