50 Funny and Genius Tats

If you have ever beaten yourself up about a bad decision you made, this is the type of post that will make you feel better for sure: there is no worst decision in life than getting a horrible tattoo. No matter if it was an honest mistake, you had a bit too much to drink or even if you went to a cheap place to get it done to save some money, once they are done they will haunt you endlessly, even if you cover them up or have them removed.



We really hope that getting this tattoo was Dave's decision and not a tattoo artist prank: sorry Dave but the poem and its lack of sense aren't even that funny to pull this off.


A lot of us get inspiration for our own tattoos from strangers on the internet who had them done before, but before copying someone you should make sure you are not including a body part as part of the design.


People deal with going bald in the best possible way they can, but this seems like a bit too much: not only because he tried to have a second face, but also because that face is creepy.


If you are going to get something as permanent as a tattoo on you, the least you could do is take two minutes to google what you are getting written on your skin for the rest of your life.


Tattoos can be expensive, but it is always better to get no tattoo at all than getting a very cheap or amateur one like this tiger that seems to be designed by a five-year-old.


Some tattoo artists seem to let their imaginations run free and make abstract concepts out of things, but if this tattoo is a galaxy, I'm a Victoria's Secret model. And no, of course, I'm not.


Talking about ugly designs, the proportions of the tiger's head and body are not even accurate. What is wrong with this animal's head and why would you get this tattooed?


I don't understand why you would feel the need to take advantage of anything you have on your body and make it a part of your tattoo. I can assure you this does not seem witty.


Not only Bon Jovi is written with a mistake but also the grammar on the most simple sentence you have ever read is wrong too. Do you think he was worried that he would have to pay license money?


These were supposed to be a ton of stars, but they look like the weirdest freckles on Earth or as if someone spilled a jar of poppy seeds on her chest. No stars from where I'm seeing this.


I can't even begin to decide what the worst part of this tattoo fail: is it the Marilyn face that looks nothing like her or her body made entirely of roses?


Seriously guys, whenever you decide to get something as permanent as a tattoo done, make sure to check the design as many times as you can or you will end up in a fail post.


We all know that this was supposed to say "Believe in yourself and never lose hope" but apparently hope is such a difficult word to write that it ended up in Hoop.


This is one of those tattoos that I would bet everything that someone gets made just so people think that they are funny and creative, but they end up with things like these.


Finding a good pair of printed leggings can be a real trouble, so getting your whole leg tattooed to imitate snakeskin might seem like a brilliant solution. Or maybe not.


Seriously? Neither you or the person who made your tattoo know where south is located and where west is? Two people failing with this at the same time? Can't believe it.


Keeping in touch with your inner child is a healthy thing, but having it tattooed over your chest and making it look as it controls your life is a complete fail.


I could understand why a desperate bald person would tattoo the back of his head, but why would you do this if you have a whole head filled with hair? Do you love gorillas that much?


Who doesn't love dogs? They are generous, joyful and loyal animals that brighten up our lives asking nothing in return. Not even this tattoo fail to laugh forever about it.


Some people choose to wear glasses even if their vision is perfect, just because they look cool so what could be cooler than a tattoo of a pair of frames? Pretty much everything.


I can't begin to describe in how many ways this is a complete failure: it's tacky, racist and not even funny so we can't understand why would anyone choose to have this done on themselves.


Angelina Jolie is one of the most beautiful women in this world, so it's hard to imagine an ugly version of her. Luckily, with this tattoo, we don't have to use our imagination at all.


There are so many negative things about this tattoo that it's hard to choose where to begin with, but I personally believe that the nose is the biggest fail of it all.


Let me be completely honest: a tattoo of your mother might be one of the most adorable ways to show her your appreciation, but if you do it, make her not look like a monster.


The beautiful forest design could not have turned out any worse: there is really no resemblance between the shapes, details of the birds and branches and shadows from the original one.


This fail at least can make you smile but who could even consider the possibility of tattooing Eminem as an M&M? Why would this be the best option for anyone? No idea.


Is this tattoo supposed to be a gangster or something? First of all, nothing says that you are broke as much as a money talk tattoo and the face...don't even get me started.


I think that the biggest fail of this is the caption she wrote along with the awful tattoo as if she just had the smartest idea in the world and has solved the biggest vegan issue.


Some people should really start embracing their baldness and loving their heads enough not to have this horrible things done on them: why would you have a turtle on your head?


I don't see anything wrong with getting a Pikachu tattoo if you are a Pokemon fan, but the least you can do is have someone do it right and faithfully to the image.


The tiger is horrible, the flower on the back doesn't even look like a flower, the petals are square, the color is hideous...should I keep going or did you get the point too?