Terrible Haircuts That Will Make You Laugh

At least once in your life you went to the hairdresser, you told them "just an inch" and he ended up butchering your hair. It happens even in the best families. But this selection of haircuts goes beyond that. These were haircuts that the people actually chose to have on themselves, and I do not even believe they went to the hairdresser to do it. A respectable one would have told them to pick a different look. So, next time you think your hair looks terrible, think about it again. It could be worse…much worse. We hope you enjoy it and have a good laugh!



Wrapping your head


It seems like this guy has one of those hats with strings, minus the hat. I am trying to understand the reason for this look but it is impossible to explain. He even had to grow a beard, and shave the rest of it.



Ok. So this guy thought "What is the worst way that I can cut my hair AND my mustache? I know!" And he did it. Or maybe he lost a bet. That mustache is too thick for his face.



It looks like one of those walls that kids write all over it when their mother is not watching. It does not even follow a straight line or something, and what is it with the curls?



It seems like this guy up here thought that a haircut AND buying hats was too pricey for him, and to cut a little bit from the budget, he got two for the price of one



This guy is a fan of spiders. I mean, look at it, they could resemble those awful legs that spiders have. Or maybe he just hasn't washed his hair in a couple of days, or years.

Hair gel


This is not an unusual haircut, I have seen it a lot on those low budget eighty movies, so I believe it was a hit back then. It looks like grass



Hey, buns are a hit right now. And one on the top of your hair…it is even greater. But I do not understand the sides, why did you cut them?

Third eye


This guy must be a huge fan of magic and stuff. I mean, come on, he even made a third eye with his own hair so people will know that you must not mess with him! That is commitment

Dirty hair


I do not understand what the deal with dreadlocks is. Why would you have something on your hair that will make it impossible to wash it, therefore it will smell really bad? Imagine traveling next to this guy

Proud of his look


Well, at least this kid is happy about it. It is not one of those cases where your mother tells you what haircut you should have and you hate every single thing about it.

Mustache on top of the head


This guy is such a fan of mustaches that he even had one on the top of his hair, matching the little one he has in the right place! Look how happy he looks



This is another haircut that was a hit back in the eighties, especially amongst nerds and people that fix electronics. He even used gel on his hair to maintain the look, well done



This one is everything. It shows true commitment from this girl. The glasses, the fringe, the dead stare on her eyes and the attempt of a smile. Pure eighties golden years.

Mix of haircuts


See? Another happy guy about his haircut. I like the shirt, buy the way. It goes well with the redneck look. The hair well…not so much. Maybe if he cut the back side of it



This is a mix of being an emo and a fan of combs. He is indeed such a fan of them that he had to have a haircut that looks like it.



I am trying to understand what the deal with this guy is, but I can't. Why would you have hair drapes that will cover your eyes, and therefore you will probably fall somewhere?



This one really looks like a haircut that your mother makes you so she does not have to spend money on the hairdresser. And it looks like this guy still lives with his mother, so it makes sense.



Do you know how hard it is to maintain that look? All the spray and gel she has to use? That is true commitment. And it shows what a fan of helicopters she is

Harley Quinn


This young boy right here is a fan of Harley Quinn, and he wants to show the world how much she loves her. I mean, look at his face, he is so happy about it.



It is all about the eighties. Man, I love that period of time, look how incredible pictures it left us. This young girl looks so happy, and it is not easy to have a hair with volume

Full moon


Is he trying to resemble a werewolf AND the moon at the same time? I do not understand. He was trying to shave his head and the light ran out so he got half of the job done?



I am assuming this guy is a fan of those animals with colorful tails and combined all the look with some gel (I hope it is gel) and there it is, although he doesn't seem happy about the outcome



Remember Ugly Betty, the TV Show? But no the Latin-American version. Well…this guy tried to copy the fringe that Betty used to had on that show, minus the rest of the hair. Dear Lord

Proud of it


What is it with guys and hair gel? It is only made to maintain a correct, dapper look. Not to commit this kind of crimes! What were you thinking about?

Lizard fan


We have some other animal fans in here, like this guy for example. He loves lizards, so he tried to have one on the top of his head all the time.

Bad boy


He is a badass and he does not care about your opinion. And he wants you to know that by having the worst haircut in the world and taking a picture with a scary face.

Spare time


This looks like a guy having too much spare time on his hands. He even tried to shape his beard. We have an artist in here, but maybe you should try art-street, and not on your hair

Up and away


This has to be photoshopped. It is impossible to maintain this look, unless he hasn't washed it in like, two years. Can you imagine this guy trying to walk into a room with a low ceiling?

Getting bald


I have seen this look before but on older guys. Somehow they know they are going bald, so they try to keep their hair as long as they can, but this guy over here is young. So he chose this look. Why?

Saving some money


This one looks like the guy with the hat-shaped hair, although I do not understand what shape his hair is. It looks like a mini ceiling, maybe to keep him from getting wet when it is raining?

A little bit of everything


Apparently back in the eighties, the idea of a comb or a brush was non-existent. And they were all for it trying to mix different hairstyles, like straight and curly on the fringe.

Mother and daughter


The looks run in the family, for better or for worse. At first, I thought the little kid was a doll (something much creepier) but thank god it is a kid.

Space girl


First of all, this little girl is in desperate need of a pair of glasses. Although judging by the look of the photo it seems like the eighties, so this girl must be a blind lady by now

Curly fringe


I all for the messy hair, but what was the deal with the fringe? Why would you have the hair that looks like you were recently hit by a thunder?

It’s all about looking creepy


What Is it why guys going bald and trying to make it worse by leaving those certain parts that still have hair on? They are making it worse. And it looks kind of creepy, too



This has to be some character from a bizarre movie or some low budget science-fiction TV show from the eighties. And the superpower from this man must be leaving terrible haircuts to people.



Ok, this one is another guy that is trying to save some money, probably on hats, even on scarfs. If he keeps all the hair around his hair, he will not be cold during winter. It's terrible but simple.



First of all: I love her earrings. But besides that, nothing else. Can you imagine the effort that requires maintaining all the hair up for the entire day? She must live in a city with tons of humidity



Is it a Stormtrooper? Is it some sort of emoji? Was this guy drunk or lost a best? Who knows? The job is well done, but the idea is simply terrible

Fan of cookies


See? This is what you call being a true fan. She Is such a fan of eating Oreos, that she made a statement to the world, with her hair. And to be honest, who doesn't love those cookies?



Ok, so this guy was in the middle of a makeover, maybe to get a nice shot, and suddenly he realized it was getting late and he had to go with half of his hair done. That is why he looks so mad

Elvis Trump


This is like the lost child of Elvis and Donald Trump. God only knows how much hairspray this fellow must have used to make it look like that. It has to be a wig

Not that bad


Ok, judging by the other looks from the article, this one does not look so terrible after all. And the person seems to be enjoying it. But that shape of haircut does no good to anybody.

Bowl hair


This one looks like one of those haircuts when you mom grabs a bowl and uses it as an inspiration to make the shape of your hair, but it is worse because it has so much volume on it, it can catch the signal from HBO

Mad about it


This is like the angry child of Farrah Fawcett and she is really mad because she did not want her hair like that. Or maybe she is just hungry and wants to know when the photo shoot will be over

Strawberry fields forever


Strawberries are yummy, and they are good for your health. Although, I do not know for sure if that means you should have your hair like the shape (and color!) of a fruit to prove that.

The look of regret


That is the face I make when I tell the hairdresser "just an inch" and leaves my hair like the picture. Only the result from above is 100 times worse.

Guitar hero


This looks like a doll with Photoshop, at least the guitar-esque part because there is no way that a person can endure such a heavy hair for more than a couple of minutes. Her neck must hate her

Noodle hair


Because it is impossible to make an article without mentioning the noodle look from Justin Timberlake when he was part of N'sync. For real man, what were you thinking? (repeat this question to the full jean look)



Either this guy has from birth the head like the shape of an egg, or he hit his head with something, that also made him lose the hair, and this is the outcome. He is brave, I wouldn't come out of my house.