Here's Why Texting Your Ex May Not Be Such A Good Idea



We've all been there, right? Someone mentions that person we cannot get over, or maybe we see on TV or hear on the radio something that reminds us of them… and there it is! Suddenly we're dying to text them.

Every relationship is different, and not all of them end the same. But if you and your ex have broken up, then you must have had your reasons. Sometimes going back to a place where we were unhappy or caused someone else unhappiness is not the best idea.

Take a look at these examples and decide for yourself whether it'd be in your best interest to send that text.

Thank You, Next

Ok, so you've done it. You've sent that text. Now what? Now you wait. A lot can happen. Your ex may want to see you; they may even want to talk about your relationship. But what if they reply clarifies that they've moved on? That must have hurt.


Speaking of moving on… some people are great at doing that. Before you know it, they've fallen in love with someone else and are even considering spending the rest of their lives with them. Some things are best left unknown.


Wow. That must have been a hell of a breakup if the only thing they want to say to their ex is simply 'No'. Better not to insist. It's time to move on.


Sending your ex (or anyone for that matter) unwanted nude pictures is never the way to approach them. No one enjoys getting a nude they didn't ask for. This shows that guy is their ex for a reason. Blocking and reporting that kind of people is the best course of action.

Got It

What are you? A fifth grader? If you want to get together with someone, be upfront about it and just say it. Stop sending silly emojis as if you were both 12. Anyway, it's obvious whoever is on the receiving end of those texts has lost all interest (we can't blame them, really).

New Year

Some people take their New Year resolutions very seriously. It's good to set new standards for ourselves and let go of things and people that have hurt us in the past. Remember: our exes are exes for a reason.

Sorry, I Forgot

You know how the saying goes: you shouldn't kiss and tell. But come on, you can't forget who you have hooked up with and then send them a message asking where you know them from! Have some manners, come on!

Date Mike

Ok, this person gets extra points for their awesome choice of meme (come on, who doesn't love The Office?) However, the person they're texting is neither impressed nor interested. Better luck next time.

That's Your Pickup Line?

Wow, that certainly is what we all want to hear when someone's coming onto us, right? That we are the last person on their list, the ones they go to when everyone else has said no? This kind of people's just not worth the effort.

Duck Duck Duck

Some people take rejection better than others. This is clearly not the case. Next time they better calm down, sober up and think it twice before being so disrespectful.

Mind Your Grammar

Is there anything more upsetting than having your ex win an argument? Yes, of course! Having your ex win an argument by correcting your spelling and grammar!


Ok, no need to be so cruel! We feel for whoever was on the receiving end of that message. Being told by someone that you care for that they never loved, you really sucks.

The Stuff Nightmares Are Made Of

Some relationships are like a handmade heaven. Others are like dreams come true. Others are like nightmares you never wake up from because your ex is constantly sending you texts and they can't understand you're through.

Can't Refuse That

When everything else fails, you can always try and bribe your ex with a free meal. Come on, who can resist some chicken nuggets? Maybe someone that doesn't want to have anything to do with the person they've stopped dating for a reason.

Not This One

Well, at least they agree on something, and that's not always common. Let's hope they deleted their number and never texted again, because it looks like the recipient wanted nothing to do with their ex.

Come On Baby Light My Fire

We can't help but wonder what this person would do to someone they actually hate. However, violence or wishing harm on someone is never the answer, no matter how badly they have hurt you.

Boom! Roasted!

If you are seeing someone, don't go around sending this kind of text to other people. It's tacky. It's unfair. It's disrespect. It's time to grow up and spot messing around.

Clever Comeback

Sometimes your ex hates you so much they wouldn't get back with you even if you were the last two people on this planet. Do you really want to text them and risking finding out this is what they think of you? You are better off not knowing.

New Phone Who Dis

Is there something worse than opening up like this and having the person you miss and love so much reply that they have no idea who you are? This must have hurt big time.

Hulu Password

This is the reason why you must never share your streaming platforms passwords with your significant other. It all gets uncomfortable when you break up and they send you a message asking for the new one.

Compassion Is The Thief Of Joy

Did they really think this pickup line would go well? Didn't it occur to them that there are better things people enjoy being compared to? No wonder they're not getting any nearer to getting back with their ex.

What About You?

Something tells us this person's goal for this year and all the years to come is to never again have to read a text like this one.

Best Present Ever

Who says you only want to text your ex because you're dying to get back together? Some people just want to let them know how much they're enjoying not dating them anymore. If you don't have nice stuff to say, sometimes is better if you say nothing at all.


Come on guys, where does it say that you have to let your ex know you're moving on? Sending a text like this one will only make you look pathetic and they will give them the satisfaction of knowing you are, in fact, far from moving on.

You Can't Always Get What You Want

Oh, how we dread this kind of text (both sending them and getting them). It's better to cut your losses and accept you're never getting some of your stuff back. Walk away now and start forgetting, it'll do you good.

Happy Weekversary

If your ex has moved on and they're seeing someone new, let them be happy. Don't bother them with texts every other week asking if they've already broken up with their new significant other. It's a horrible thing to do. Wish them well and go find some happiness yourself.

Good Times

It's pretty clear these two people are never seeing each other again, not after one of them made this huge mistake. Sometimes it's better to just keep quiet instead of asking these questions — you're bound to get answers you won't like so much every now and then.

Just Checking

Hatred is bad for the soul. We believe it's better to just let go and move on, find new people and new places where you're happy. If your ex asks if you still hate them and the answer is yes, it's better to delete the text without replying. Save your time and energy for those that are worthy of you.

Not Interested

If you ever get a text like that, do yourself a favour and delete that number. They're not interested. They've moved onto other things. Do the same. You'll be a lot happier.


Let's make one thing clear: revenge is never a good thing to crave. It only poisons you. It eats at you. Use that energy to achieve good things and attract more good energy. Think happy thoughts and find the next big adventure awaiting you. But don't waste your time getting back at your ex. They're not worth it, and you're so much better than that.