Hilarious And Perfectly Timed Animal Pictures

Animals are pretty funny, to begin with, and that is a fact, is something we all know: they make the funniest faces and facial expressions in the most unusual situations without even noticing it. If you are able to witness one of those hilarious moments yourself, you are a very lucky person.

And if you haven't got the chance, there are some amazing people in this world who are always camera ready to capture the fun. We want to share with you fifty times where timing brought a lot of fun to regular animal pictures that we can't stop laughing about.





What would you think if you stood out of your house on a regular everyday morning to find your pets and a deer sleeping there like it's no big deal? Apparently living in the wilderness is not so comfortable.



If this duck's plan was to act like he was not guilty of walking all over the fresh cement on the driveway, we have bad news: he was caught in the act and the footprints only point to one suspect.



Turkeys don't drive or have jobs to get to on time, so this might explain a little why animals sometimes seem to not care at all about our human lives. He doesn't have a boss to report to, why would he care?



If you had a long night out in the town or you are just feeling a little under the weather, is always good to know that you can rely on your pets to stand by you: maybe not stand on you, but by you.



Don't you hate those people who always try to take advantage of others? The ones who seem to do as little effort as possible regardless someone else is doing it for them? Well, humans are not the only ones with this issue.



If you had an idea in mind of what a badass looks like, this may come as a shock and you'll never think of a human doing it: look at this goat walking through the alligators like it's no big deal.



If you ever thought on a seal sitting comfortably in the cabin of a boat, the first thing that probably popped into your head was the idea of the singer and not the real animal. Well, it could happen.



Racoons are known for not caring at all what others might think of their actions: it doesn't matter if it's going through your garbage can or sitting in a chair like they have been expecting you for hours.

Fearless cat


When there is some protection between you and danger it's much easier to be risky, but this cat's attitude just tells us that he doesn't mind standing up to a dog or a few dozens of them.



If there is anything funnier than pictures of kids who just act like stores were their homes, it's cats doing whatever they feel like. If you wanted proof of how comfortable these cushions are, he is ready to assist you.



The main difference between cats and dogs is that usually cats really don't care about anything or anyone's personal space: this dog apparently felt a little intimidated when his space was taken.



There is nothing like being able to enjoy getting caught in the rain: if you had any doubts whether this adorable dog shared this feeling, it's pretty easy to know the answer.



This seagull had plenty of space to stand anywhere he wanted on the beach but apparently, nothing is remotely as comfortable as standing still on top of another seagull's head.

I wonder who did it


The thing with dogs is that if they leave traces after doing something that they were not supposed to do, they are not able to blame anyone else. Like this pie dough, for example.

Table ready


Many people love the fact that cats don't need to get bathed since they are perfectly capable of cleaning themselves anywhere. Unfortunately, anywhere can also include the dinner table.



If a raccoon decides to visit your home, there is not much you can do about it: they seem incredibly comfortable with their decisions and those cute faces are too hard to say no to.



Husky dogs always look so happy and carefree that this picture shouldn't come as a surprise for any of us: they lost the sled somewhere along the way and kept going by themselves.

Making a point


If you put a sign in your home warning your guests about the habits of your cat, beware: they will have no problem proving your point and acting like you described them. At least you warned them.

Mother Goose


We know that in cities it can be difficult for animals to feel comfortable: when this goose came across a small pond of water after the rain, he decided to make it its new home.



We can't stop laughing about this dog who for absolutely no reason decides to sit on top of people, other animals or basically anywhere that he is not supposed to. His face is hilarious.



Some cats just have facial expressions that we will never be able to imitate: we have no idea why this cat is being so self-controlled with mice all over his face, but his expression is totally priceless.

Don’t go


If your cat does not want to be left alone at home while you go to work, he will have no shame in letting you know and doing whatever it takes for you to never leave him behind.



This capybara not only looks adorable laying there carefree but also shows how much tolerance and cohabitating can be in nature: all of these turtles and birds agree with him, apparently.



There are many animals you wouldn't expect to find inside your bedroom unless you are Harry Potter, and owls are one of them. However, how surprised he looks to be caught is hilarious.



If you have ever heard the expression "Crazy as a goat" and didn't understand where it came from, this picture will probably bring some light to it: goats will do whatever they want, whenever they want.

Don’t care


This cat lives in a subway station in Tokyo and it's basically the definition of not caring at all: he sleeps wherever he feels like regardless of being in the middle of the way for people walking.



If you thought that a goose lying in the streets was inconsiderate, guess what: this whole family decided to stop traffic and enjoy some quality time together in the middle of the road.



Bears can be scary but also they can be very surprising: you probably would never expect to find a huge bear in your backyard and to be honest, we wouldn't know how to react to this situation.

Not moving


Snow shoveling might be exhausting but not when you are a dog: in fact if you decide you are comfortable enough lying in the freezing weather nobody will be able to do anything about it.

My spot


We are pretty sure that these beds were not bought to be used like this, but we have to admit that this dog using the cat's bed as a pillow is one of the cutest things we have ever seen.



We wouldn't expect to see these two animals together, and even less in this particular situation. Why cats seem to live in a different reality than the rest of us? We kind of envy them, though.

I’ve been expecting you


I can't get over the pose and the face this dog is serving: look how confident he looks sitting in the chair and judging you for coming home way too late at night.



We all know that having a puppy means having tons of situations that we will not be able to handle, but this seems like a bit too much: wasn't there any other place for him to do this?



This moose decided to go inside a store and help himself with some flowers that he apparently thought that were delicious. How could you stop a moose? It's a lost cause, let him eat whatever he wants.

Litter box


Doing some work around the house might be very rewarding but also challenging if you have a cat who has decided to sleep on top of you while you work. Not so simple after all.



Being a squirrel can be exhausting and sometimes you just need to take a break, relax and take a little nap when you are tired: to bad for those who wish they could open the front door.



Another example of how cats could not care less about your feelings, effort or personal space: this one decided to help his human by lying in the middle of a puzzle she was putting together.

Mow the loan


We simply can't understand how some people seem to have so much patience with animals who refuse to move: in this case, the grass will remain greener where the dog is because he is not going anywhere.



We sure hope this cat is using enough sunscreen if he is going to be sunbathing in such a relaxed way. Wouldn't you like to trade lifestyles with him? I sure wouldn't mind doing it.

Avocado thief


This squirrel is hilarious and kind of a hipster: instead of trying to get nuts like the rest of the squirrels, he managed to steal a huge avocado. Maybe he needs it for his new diet, who knows.

You knew it would happen


Leaving rolls of toilet paper near a dog is like leaving a glass of wine next to an alcoholic: you know what's going to happen. Look how cute he looks even with the mess he made.

Happy meal


This adorable corgi was pictured in the perfect moment when he was using a happy meal box and sunglasses. We would say this is cruel but he actually looks very pleased.



Is there anything in this world more adorable than a corgi dog that is enjoying a day at the beach? Look how relaxed and happy he looks. We are so glad someone took this picture in time.



If you wish to enjoy a quiet night at home with a glass of wine after a long day at work we have some bad news: your dog had a stressful day too and he wishes to play ball. Now.

I’m comfortable, aren’t you?


I can't understand why dogs choose to sit anywhere when they have plenty of space to use but there is something we know for sure: this human probably loves him too much to allow this.

Fresh cement


This is a mystery that we will never be able to solve: someone, we don't want to point fingers, decided to walk over the fresh cement instead of moving three inches to the side. Who could have done it?

Ice cold


Why would you enjoy being under a roof with the heat on when you can stand on a table outside in the middle of a snowstorm? We will never understand our pets, never ever.



Wouldn't you love to enjoy some personal space when you are in the bathroom? Well, having pets is a lot like having small children: not gonna happen, there is no privacy.

Eat me


Dogs usually play a lot like these two but thanks to that someone who was able to picture this moment perfectly: if we didn't know for sure that the cat is fine, we would be very worried about this.



If you hear some noise in the kitchen and wonder if someone broke in, relax: it may be a kangaroo who decided to step in and chill inside your kitchen for no reason.