Hilarious Neighbours That You Wish Lived Next To You

Neighbors can be either a curse or a blessing: you can hate them and wish they moved out every day of your life or be happy because you have nice, generous people making the community a better place for all. The best ones though are those who have a good sense of humor and know exactly what to do to keep the area fun and friendly.

We wish these people lived next to us: maybe we won't be able to count on them when we need a cup of sugar lent but at least we can be certain that we would never feel bored with them next to us.



Pregnant cat


This person had just adopted a cat when the next door neighbor's cat got her pregnant, so instead of abandoning their grandchildren, they sent out their first child support fee.



This looks like a frame for the movie Edward Scissorhands, but it's only the magical landscape you can achieve if your neighbor forgets to turn off the sprinklers in the middle of winter.



This little kid had just moved into the neighborhood and thought that a good way to break the ice was to pay a visit and ask for a banana. Then he left like nothing happened.

Police pranks


If you are a policeman and you have to park your police patrol in front of your house, you might come across some funny neighbors like this that will bring all stereotypes to pranks.



It's inevitable to compare your life and your home to someone else's, especially if that person lives next to you. In this case, we can see who was the absolute winner of the balcony game.



It must really suck to find out that your neighbors have been able to see you in the bathroom for god knows how long, but it is also good to know that they are considered.

You can do it, cat


If you are tired of having your neighbors litter in your backyard, some creative warnings might just do the trick: we don't want the cat to have such a bad habit, don't we?

Watermelon meeting


For some reason neither us or the person who took this picture will be ever able to explain, this neighbor seems to be having a very good group talk with his watermelons.



There is always someone who manages to fix things around the house in a very unique way: this is the type of person you will always want to have on your side.

He spoke his mind


Not all neighbor relationships are friendly but confrontation might be hard since you are forced to live next to them, so this creative message is a healthy way of expression.



I'm not sure if this is either the most passive-aggressive response to a sign we have ever seen or if it shows some amazing innocence. We hope is the second one, for sure.

This dog


If you own a dog you know that there is no way that you will ever be able to buy toilet paper without getting it torn like confetti, but you never saw your neighbor dog coming for it.



This elderly couple not only helps to keep the neighborhood interesting but also cute as hell: every morning they walk their parrots as if they were their dogs. So cute.

Trash Panda


It's not an actual human neighbor, but this raccoon sure knows how to make his presence show in the neighborhood: where some people see the roof, he sees a nap spot.



When you are a kid, your neighbors are great to play with and make new friends. When you grow up, you might just end up finding yourself freezing snowballs to get revenge later.



We can't say that this person didn't find a very creative and interesting way of recycling an old microwave: this new mailbox gives the whole block a new attitude and style.



We will never know what this person was thinking and I think that nobody will ever have the nerve to ask, but someone decided to decorate his backyard this way.



Someone decided to fix the crack in the garbage can with a piece of duct tape, but another neighbor interpreted that this was a new way of personalizing them and added a number.



Whenever a neighbor needs help, what most of us do is try to lend a hand and see if we can assist them in any way. This could be considered a way of assistance, right?

Making a movie


We never know for sure what happens behind closed doors in our neighbor's homes but this car sure can give us a clue on which kind of movie they will be filming there.



This dog lives next door but apparently, his home is not big enough or doesn't have enough entertainment for him, so he decided to climb the fence and see what was going on next door.



We love when people get creative to decorate their homes and gardens, so this scarecrow definitely had to make the list: it makes the block look like no other and it's great.



Some people have really innocent spirits or they don't seem to care about anything at all: this palm tree looks like something quite different to a palm tree, don't you think?

Hot spot


We love it when neighborhoods bring people together and they mingle: apparently, this couple is looking for a different kind of bond and they decided to say it with wifi.



Neighbors sometimes can be quite helpful when you are on vacation and you need someone to water your plants and take care of your pets but of course, instructions are required.



For some reason we will not be able to explain, someone woke up to this on his block and saw this pokemon styled vehicle. What do you think they use it for?

Hey Bob


Apparently, Bob was insisting a lot about this guy painting his fence and he should be glad because they did. Probably this was not what Bob was expecting in the first place.



If you want to scare your neighbors and prevent them from getting nosy, this idea might inspire you: a scary doll next to the window that makes it look like it's a haunted house.



Some neighbors are not as friendly as others and there is always someone that kids in the neighborhood are scared of: this burst out balls may give you a clue on who it us.

Kitten and rabbits


Some people think that different types of species can't coexist and live together but this picture proves them wrong...or right, we really can't tell if this is joy or a complete massacre.

Pirate Ship


Talking about creative decorations, we can't ignore whoever decided to make his balcony into a pirate ship and we really hope that there are kids involved. Otherwise, it's just creepy.

Holy cow


You have to admit that this sign and the multiple cows around it really took some work and someone put some thought into this. I think it's very cute and funny, don't you?

What's this?


I have no idea what this is or why is it there, but according to the person who took this picture this has been in the same position for weeks. It's pretty weird.

Christmas cookies


This is one of the things I guess we all appreciate the most in neighbors: a good sense of humor like this message on a plate that was filled with Christmas cookies.

Keep it safe


This whole interaction between two neighbors is giving me life: when you think that there is nothing funnier than the first note, you read the response and it's even better.



Some people can't seem to find things exciting enough and feel the need to add a little something to them, like this guy who decided to turn his truck into a pineapple.

That's weird


We love birthday celebrations like everybody else does, but this show of appreciation might be a little too invasive for the people who live nearby. Have a happy 40th birthday, anyway.



There is nothing like feeling welcomed when you visit someone and they wait for you with opened arms, right? Well, this might not be the case but this mat is really funny.



I can't decide which of these is weirder: this deer statue in the middle of the yard or the alpaca that is trying desperately to dry hump it. Maybe it's the combination of both.



Living next to people makes you see them at their best and worst and we have all been in that situation where you've had a bit too much to drink but this has gone too far.

Fall and winter


This is a coincidence but it doesn't make it any less special or beautiful: somehow this got divided into seasons creating this gorgeous moment. There is something good about not shoveling your snow.

Adjusted decorations


We all know those people who can't seem to take off their holiday decorations on time, but we love how this family adds elements to make them current all year long.



Apparently raising a child is harder than he had imagined and when they go to college is not always a sad occasion for parents: they decided to have fun and warn their neighbors about it.

Dr. Who


This might be a little weird to explain and in fact, we can't find any explanation for this: someone put this in the middle of their backyard. Fandom can go too far sometimes.



Well, there are weirder things to put in your backyard than a phone box apparently and a good example is this giant Godzilla statue. Very classy and ideal for a summer home.



Security can be very expensive and of course, not everyone is able to afford it and they still want to feel protected and safe: this cardboard of the Rock could work, no one will mess with him.



This neighbor turns really bright lights at night, that end up bouncing on their neighbor's home, so they decided to make them bounce back by adding some mirrors to the windows.



Even though some people are always ready to help their neighbors, some people just had it with requests, Girl Scouts, Jehovah's witnesses and overall humans. The answer is no, by the way.



There is nothing like waking up in the morning, pouring yourself a hot cup of coffee and looking out your window to find your neighbor's dog sitting on the bench and thinking about the future.

Canadian complain


Everyone complains: we can't help it. But there are ways to do it and nothing can compare to the Canadian way: the one that is so pleasant and kind that it will make you feel guilty forever.