Hilarious People Who Took Posing To A Whole New Level

Some people take their holiday pictures very seriously and are driven to create long-lasting memories that stand out from any other person who has ever visited the same spot. Is not only about the pose itself but also about working with whatever you have handy, like statues and sculptures and make them a fundamental part of the story the picture is meant to tell. Some of them might seem a bit obvious, some of them we could have never imagined in that particular way but all of them have something in common: they are extremely funny. See it yourself.





There is nothing cuter than kids and bunnies together, but we would never have expected them to be so funny too. This will make one embarrassing picture when this kid grows up.



I don't even understand why this statue of an angel was set in this particular pose that looks as if it's about to punch someone, but this pose is absolutely perfect for it.

Last day


Nothing can bring more joy and excitement than your last day at a job you hated for years, but having the chance to celebrate with a statue is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Bills, bills, bills


Slipping a little money into someone's hand to bribe them might not be the most ethical thing to do, but it can be a great time saver from time to time. Unless you are bribing a statue.

In line


This amazing picture is great because we really doubt that this kid is old enough to take directions, but she seems as if she is a perfect part of the whole bronze gang.



Shaving in certain spots can be really tricky and even dangerous when you are not flexible enough, so all we can feel for this statue is respect. Considering she is made of bronze, this seems great.

Single ladies


You probably have seen this picture a million times, but it never gets old: the famous single lady pose from the Beyonce dance routine and this statue are a match made in heaven.



Statues can be decorative and fun, and sometimes they can be really mean, like this one who seems to be slapping a guy walking down the street. That posing game is on.



Watching the Founding fathers take a selfie with a cell phone might be hard to imagine, but thanks to the creativity of the person who staged this funny picture, it's real.



This picture is hilarious and not only the pose but the facial expression on the guy who seems to be robbing the bag are amazing. People get really creative around statues.



Nobody would have ever imagined such a story being told over these two statues, but we have to admit that the palm of the hand on that girl's face is simply hilarious.

It’s mine!


Have you ever fought over something with a statue? Me neither, but we have to admit that this guy made it look like one exciting activity to put on your bucket list.



This bear statue would have never looked nearly as dramatic as it does in this picture thanks to the guy who decided to climb over it and lay down as if he was dying on his arms.



Albert Einstein was one of the world's most brilliant minds but unfortunately, he didn't live to see the advances in technology in our everyday lives. Not until now, at least.



This statue is very inappropriate, but judging for the girl's facial expression this seems like a consented action. Every couple did this at one point in their relationship, so why wouldn't they?



These statues of working man suddenly turned into a mob gang beating up some poor guy who owed them. The pose of this guy is absolutely terrific, he really nailed this.



This picture is funny, but it's also one of the most adorable things you will see today: look how shy and happy this little girl looks kissing the statue. It's so cute and funny.



We all hate asking for directions, especially when you are in a closed space like a museum, but it can happen. Luckily there is always someone or something ready to help.



We are not sure what emotion the artist who made this statue was trying to achieve, but this is the perfect pose for a couple's fight. Her face is everything.



Spiderman has fought against some of the worst villains but we never imagined him being cornered and choked by a statue. Apparently, he has a bad day like the rest of us.



In this case, there is no person posing with the statue, but someone took in the work to build a snowman to interact with it and even included some weapons for its defense.



This pose is amazing and hilarious because of how unexpected it is: we would have never imagined this happening but luckily this guy was creative enough to pull this off.



Let's start off by admitting this: a giant statue of a pigeon can be creepy as hell, but if you add a funny man being attacked by it the fear can be more manageable.



This cute line of kids on their way to kindergarten is cute and this guy decided to join them. Adaptation to new groups can be tough, especially if they are not humans.

So good


You know what is better than one person posing with a statue? Three people giving it all to create such a hilarious scene. And a little dangerous, too if you think about it.



You know those people who always want to show you something on their phones, even if you are not interested at all? This picture might be a good solution for that.



These kids playing seems like a great work of art, but it gets so much better with the humans posing and playing along with it. So cute and so funny.



I have no idea how this woman was able to climb so high to create this picture, but the whole pose and facial expression are absolutely hilarious, don't you agree?

Martial arts


Again, I have no idea how these people can climb so carefree on top of statues to create these type of poses, but this is amazing. A real martial art scene.



If you ever get lonely and concerned about not finding that special someone to fill up your life, don't worry: a statue might just give you the romance you are looking for.



This statue of a cop writing a ticket wouldn't be funny at all if it weren't for the whole scene and story these guys created around it. I love their body language, they nailed this.



This picture of a kid being held and attacked by a statue seems funny, but don't you think it is at least a little dangerous to pull this off? How did he even got there?



Some people love gossiping and they can't help doing it with anyone they cross paths with, but having to tell a secret to a statue really shows an obsession, sir.

High five


Ronald McDonald was created to be a friendly character for kids when they go to eat, but this pose makes it seem more evil than funny. This is why so many people hate clowns.



I don't know the story behind the statue, but this really looks a bit terrifying, don't you think? I would have it imagines it eating my foot too. So creepy.



Western movie men were always butchy and manly, but if Brokeback mountain has taught us anything is that we never know what goes behind closed doors on people's lives.



I really love this picture because it was taken from a perfect perspective and also, with perfect timing that makes it so hilarious. Amazing job and a really funny picture.

Nose pick


Parents always tell their kids that they should never pick their noses, but they never said anything about a statue doing it for them. Maybe that's a way to bend the rules.



The statue of Liberty is one of New York's most famous attractions and it's impossible to visit the city and not take a picture of her. This one is so creative and funny that beats out the rest.



President Obama had a statue made that reflects his laid back and chill spirit, so it seems only natural to give him a six pack to enjoy a day on the outside.



No matter what age you are, we all get a little wild when we travel abroad, so this woman had no problem grabbing the statue with a sassy smile on her face.



I have no idea why this statue exists if it's not for people taking pictures like this. Seriously, isn't the whole thing way too creepy and scary to be only decorative?



Playing catch is one of the simplest and more entertaining activities to do and all you need is someone to play with and a ball or in this case, a dolphin made of bronze.



I love this picture and I'm sure that this is one of the funniest ways someone has ever posed with a statue: this guy just nailed the exact position and facial expression.



This girl decided that she was too lazy or tired to hike on her own, and found a much more comfortable way to travel: hanging by the backpack of this statue.

Pull my hair


Statues can look really mean and cruel when people find the right pose for them, like this girl who seems to be grabbed by her hair by the bully statue.



You don't always have to climb to get a great pose with a statue: sometimes the funniest things can happen when you just have creativity and a good use of perspective.

High fiving


If someone made this statue of a soldier they should have known that probably everybody that takes a picture with it is going to try to high five it. I know I would too.

Sucker kick


This statue is supposed to look like a swimmer, but with this mean girl kicking it from behind it just looks alike a scene from a martial arts movie. She is winning the fight, of course.



Running away from bulls in real life might be one of the most dangerous things that you could ever do, but if you have statues of them, you can turn this into one funny picture.